Как покрасить / How to paint: Arkhan The Black [Legions of Nagash]

Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of “How to paint” And today I will show you how I painted Arkhan the Black from Legions of Nagash from Age of Sigmar. Starting with black primer Then with an airbrush I paint the base layer with Vallejo Game Air Earth As a small introduction to video I can say that this project was an incredible experience for me because I learned a lot of new painting methods by simply forcing myself to do something new wasn’t expecting this from myself, realy Then I do zenithal highlight of brighter collor I paint the new color from the top of the miniature but I do it somewhat selectively and with specific angles Third layer is Bonewhite – strictly from the top of a miniature This way I create a shadow on the bottom parts of the miniature and highlights on the top of the miniature Now a little debateable moment: I decided to use a wash that wasn’t properly diluted with an airbrush Turns out “yes, you can use wash with an airbrush” but as you can see we are back at square 1 “base color charred brown” xD but now I do a more precise highlight with bonewhite and it turned out to be allright Now we go to the “to-be-green parts of the miniature. I basecoat them with black. And again maybe I should not have done that because now we need to build up the highlights from the black Now I needed to apply lot’s of green layers to make skulls more vibrant What I should have done instead is simply apply greens to bonewthite color without basecoating it black As you can see, I am using Goblin Green and applying it to black parts. I am not worried about green color getting on the parts that should not be green because I am going to fix it with a brush later Mixing Deadflesh and Goblin green one to one and using it as first highlight It is worth mentioning, that whole process of painting green was found by me on Lester Bursley’s channel He has a guide where he pain’ts Mortis Engine, in which he used Fluo.Green to get a really vibrant green colors Now I add Bonewhite as another highlight to green skulls. Sounds stupid, but trust me 🙂 Now another thing that I didn’t know is that you can use Inks with an airbrush and they work like filters And now you see me applying Fluo.green Of course the mini doesn’t start to glow in the darkness, it simply starts to look really vibrant For ghosts and etc – it is perfect. Still it will look better if we add a shadow with a Black Green Ink The airbrush part of the “green” is done. No let’s do an edge highlight In future I am planning to have separate camera for my wet palette so you can see how I am mixing colors. With a side of the brush we paint edges of miniature Now we go back to the bone parts to make them look like bones Here I try to do layering starting with Charred brown and then Bonewhite as a top higlight. Now I am trying to blend these colors with some glazes. Again, more layers=better transition of colors. Would not say that it looks great, but actually this is my first time using this method and for me, for games – I think it looks good. This miniature turned to be my training exercise for anything I could think so I am little surprised that it looked good in the end xD Now there is a time gap of 2 moths…… As you can see, I have a new family member that looooooves miniatures as much as I do but wants to play with them rather then paint them! Now as soon as I start painting he rushes to my table and wants to “help” me. At least now it sure isn’t boring 🙂 The cat is called Tyoma, short from Timon Back to painting: trying to……. ……… paint Now for the first time ever you see me using a “loaded brush” method of blending colors. I am going to have a separate video about many methods of color blending and smooth transitions without airbrush, just need a bit of practise. Basic idea is to soak the brush in diluted base color (charred brown here) and with the tip of the brush you take a really small amount of highlight color (bonewhite) After that when you start to paint, colors start to mix inside your brush and you get smooth blend. There is certainly room to improve my skills but still, pretty easy technic. Still I am definitely going to use this tech in my future projects and would like to improve my skills so it would look much better. Now I am doing edge highlights on bones of Arkhan’s mount with bonewhite color Anyone who thinks that airbrush is quick and easy “spray paint here and there aaaaaand it’s done!” and there is no need in a brush afterwards is strongly mistaken. Ofcourse you can do that, but it would be a “soulless” miniature. You should use every available instrument that you have to get the best results. Onto the armor: I have decided to use Imperial blue color as base – really really dark blue color, almost purple. Also as you can see I am using paints for airbrush with a simple brush and they work just fine Now you are going to see my first attempts on using wet blending with a combination of loaded brush tech You can leave a comment bellow if you think it looks good. At first I didn’t like how the effect looked on the miniature but after some work – I liked it. Now you can see a simple example of a wet blending tech The idea is to apply a color, and while it is still wet on the surface of a miniature you add another color and start blending them together. This way we get a transition of a color Many people say, that they use either a loaded brush, or wet blending, or feathering or glazes but in my opinion again you should combine them to get the best results. in the future I am planning to do separate videos on all of those technics The transition of color wasn’t really clean and I was a little lazy to redo the whole thing over. So please don’t follow this part of my example xD Now onto the Arkhan himself. As you can see I magnetized him so you can take him of his mount. Otherwise the mini is really big for transportation. I airbrushed the base color Imperial Blue then I did some highlights with Ultramarine blue and some could say “why, you can do much brighter highlight” but I decided to do another technic I never used before which is ROUGHLY some could call NMM (non metallic metal) For those who don’t know – NMM is when you create an illusion of metallic paint without actually using metallics. If you take a look at the ancient paintings of people wearing armor you can definitely say “yep, that is one shiny armor” But at that time there was no such thing as metallic paints. This effect was achieved with painting highlights of almost white paint in places where light would hit real metal armor. If you placed the highlights on the armor correctly, you get an illusion of real light reflecting from armor of the miniature But again, first try, didn’t expect much, liked the result I got. For gold I used simple metallic Glorious Gold Simple explanation of how to do NMM: you apply base color, then you do extreme highlights of close-to-white paint and start to apply glazes of base color to get that effect. I understand that for those who never heard of it all this stuff is overwhelming and might scare some people of, but just to give you the idea that it can be done by anyone is pretty significant. First of all – don’t be afraid of the miniature. At the very least you can always start over. Back to the Arkhan: you could have seen me painting his “cape” (if you can call it a cape) with an airbrush. Also, I forgot to apply wash to the gold so now I am using Reikland Fleshshade GLOSS from Citadel “GLOSS” part is pretty important if you are washing metallics because it will not dim the shine of gold Again I am beeing lazy. What I should have done is at least do a drybrush with brighter gold color after the wash is dry, but for some reason I decided not to. For some reason I am somewhat passive-aggressive to this miniature: I am trying to do some new hard technics and at the same time do not give much attention to basic stuff. But… At least I am learning, so it is ok, I guess As you can see I mixed colors to get this turquoise color to edge highlight the cape Now onto the black parts. You could have noticed that some parts turned black – unfortunately I lost some parts of the recording But basically I painted back his boots, staff and his saddle. After that I drybrushed them with grey colors Also I painted the smoke from his staff – really easy, spraypainted grey on top of black and then another highlight with lighter grey. Bones on the face and arms of Arkhan were painted first with Charred brown and then I mixed it with bonewhite and applied 2 more highlight layers This proves the fact, that you don’t actually have to have all of the paints – you simply can mix needed tones from what you already have. Last highlight is with clear bonewhite Also try not to forget, that if the detail is too small, there is no need in lots and lots of layers because on the table you wont see them anyway. But for painting competitions – is a whole other story. 3 colors up is all you need for basic tabletop standard. Some people (at least in Russia are painting their armies in ONLY 3 colors so please don’t do that, try to spend some more time on your miniatures, please. I also painted his sword with leatherbrown and the handle will be covered in gold Again, I was being lazy, please don’t do that. Also you don’t have to use wash on every single detail. If you have left some of the darker base color in the recesses it already works as a shadow. Howewher you can always apply glaze to show more shadow. Also I painted the claws black and then drybrushed them with grey My cat has become impatient with how many hours I spent on this mini and started to give me the signals to finish mini up already and go to the next project. Almost done. Now to the base Or at least I will try to paint the base after my cat will stop to steal my brushes. The base is pretty simple. First – airbrush with black My favorite part is painting bases with an airbrush – always a joy. Also tried to do some shine on the base from ghosts Now a simple drybrush first with dark grey and then with lighter grey. Brush should be pretty strong to apply drybrush more then 5 times total. Lighter drybrush with Ultuan grey Looks pretty good And it is DONE. I liked how the mini turned out to be. There are some rough transitions – but still, I am proud of myself Leave a comment if you liked it and if you want me to add subtitles to future videos as well.


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    А вот и новый гайд! Буду очень признателен, если вы покажете это видео своим друзьям и знакомым, которые интересуются нашим с вами хобби))

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    Очень классно и живо, буду ждать ещё видео по техникам, о которых ты рассказал в видео

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    Спасибо за видео)
    Здорово пробовать новые техники. Я стараюсь в каждом проекте попробовать что-то новое, пусть даже какую-нибудь мелочь.

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    Отличное видео, Жду отдельные гайды по техника))))

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    Спасибо, Рик! Видео оочень познавательное! Жду новые гайды. По моему скромному мнению, ты лучший русскоязычный наставник по покрасу миниатюр!

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    Только увидел – сразу лайк

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    Даёшь драйбращ кошачьим хвостом 🙂

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    Thank you so much for the subtitles, its always good to see tutorials from people as good as yourself.

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    Спасибо за видио) лучший русскоязычный канал про пакрас вахи ))))

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    Шикарная работа. Умение работать с аэрографом повышает уровень окраски в разы.

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    Nice vid!
    I made a video about how i painted the Dread Abyssal of Arkhan?

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    Увидел Котика не смог удержаться, ЛАЙКНУЛ И ПОДПИСАЛСЯ….


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