Свадебный маникюр ? Короткие ногти ? Омбре ? Обзор аэрографа

Today in the video is a wedding manicure. Airbrush gel polish and nail design using 3D paste. Hi dear viewers! Welcome to my channel! Today I will perform a wedding manicure. I will also do gel polish airbrushing, and in the end I will definitely show you in detail how I wash my airbrush pen. So, let’s get to work! I remove the previous coating of nails with a carbide cutter. For this, cutters “corn” or “truncated cone” are suitable. You can take with a red, blue or green notch. To whom it is convenient. I use a «corn» cutter with a blue notch. Now I grind the surface of the nail and shape it. Next, I perform a combined manicure. Now prepare the nail plate for coating. I grind the nail, degrease it and cover it with a primer. As a basis, I use the camouflage base “You posh” No.20. I cover the nail in one layer with alignment. Usually, before working with an airbrush, I covered with a special tool the skin around the nails. Since my client’s skin is very dry, I decided to apply cuticle oil before applying “liquid skin”. I liked this option. The only drawback was that it was difficult to apply “liquid skin” after the oil, as “liquid skin” rolled down. But everything turned out to be possible. Today I will work with the new “Tagore” airbrush. I connect the handle to the compressor and prepare the spray liquid. I use gel polish remover and white gel polish. Mix well and get started. At the first spray on the nail, I noticed that the airbrush pen “spits.” That is – it is sprayed not with fine particles, but large. It turns out not ombre, but like snow. This is because the spray liquid is too thick and pigmented. Therefore, I erase everything from the nails. I add some more gel polish remover to the paint tank and continue to work. I used to use another white gel polish, which is less pigmented. And this «Milano» gel polish is needed much less in order to beautifully spray on the nail. First I spray the first layer and dry in a lamp. Then the second layer. I finally dry in a lamp and cover the nails with a top in two layers. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell! So you will be aware of my new videos. Now I clean the “liquid skin”. In principle, she cleaned well. I am satisfied. Perhaps cuticle oil helped with this. Now it remains to complete the design on the nails of the ring fingers. I paint flowers with white gel paint. I blur the middle of the flower with the top. Now, after drying, I stir the top with a pearl powder. I paint over the flower and send the nail back to the lamp. Now, using 3D paste, I want to create volume. With an orange stick, I spread the paste on the petals and dry it in the lamp. This paste is very cool and somewhat reminiscent of plasticine. I would say that this paste is very easy to work with. Now I add rhinestones and beads to the middle of the flower. In the end, I cover everything with the top. In some places, paint remains on the side rollers. It can be easily removed with the “flame” cutter. Now it remains to look at the result. I liked that the pearl powder gently shimmers in the flowers. And the 3D paste was not superfluous in this design. Light volume and relief also looks gentle. Now, as I promised, showing how I wash my airbrush. Everything is very simple. I wash it several times with gel polish remover. In order to mix the liquid well in the paint container, I turn on the airbrush and clamp the nozzle with my finger. With the help of bubbles, everything is washed well. I do this several times until the white gel polish is completely washed. My new airbrush compressor has a backlight and three modes of operation: Light, Medium and High. I hope that my experience was useful to you. Thank you all for watching! From me – this video. And from you – a subscription, a bell and liking. I wish everybody a good day and see you soon!

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