اصنع بنفسك ديكور حائط رائع بالشريط اللاصق بأقل تكلفهDIY new wall design

peace and blessings be upon you! welcome to a new wall design tutorial! today’s tutorial is going to be an easy one for everybody. I’ll use a 1 cm tape to make it. this is the tape we’ll use. this is the area I’ll use to demonstrate how to create the design from the upper corner of the wall, add the tape! connect to the opposite corner of the wall do the same at this corner! this an X shape I’ve made! now, from this line, place the ruler with a 90 degrees angle to the tape! don’t tilt it! measure exactly 30cm and add markings! do the same at the other side! 30cm and make a marking. after making the markings on both sides, connect the with tape! repeat the same steps allover the wall! after completely adding all the lines to the entire wall, now, use the same 1cm tape, at the points where the lines meet stretch your tape, and repeat the same steps again! after adding this horizontal lines, the next step is to leave one horizontal line intact; that contains 1 2 3 4 shapes, and add markings at this area! place your ruler this way from the horizontal line! also aligned to this side and measure exactly 10cm! and make a marking! do the same on the other side right here and make 10cm marking! do the same inhere ! repeat the same steps! now grab the 1cm we’re using, and connect the markings this way! after adding the tape , use a cutter and remove the extras! after finishing this line as you can see, leave this line with all the cells, and add markings at this line repeat the same steps as inhere! after adding all the lines as you can see, we have one last step we’ll paint our wall with a darker color! this is a light green color, I’ll paint with a darker green color, so that it has a nice contrast this is the color I’ll use, these are all matte water based acrylic paints! you can use a satin paint or even an oil paint let’s apply the paint at the wall! this is the final result of our design as you can see! a nice modern design that you can create at home. if you like the idea, like the video, share with friends, and subscribe to the channel! see you in another tutorial, peace and blessings be upon you!

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