✍ FIRST IMPRESSION, SWATCHES, REVIEW + DEMO’S || Typo Watercolour Pencils ✍ (Megs Creations)

Hey guys, i’m Meg and you are watching Megs
Creations. I’m going to be doing a first impressions video on some new art supplies that I got
quite a few weeks back. As some of you may know i’m currently in New Zealand and one
of my favourite shops here in New Zealand and I believe they also have this shop in
Australia, and they recently branched over to the UK as well, is a shop called Typo.
Now, the way that I would describe Typo is very on trend, trendy and just in with what
is currently popular. It’s a shop that just sells things such as stationary, they sell
headphones, laptops covers, cushions, interior decorations, lightbulbs and just so much awesome
stuff. And they recently opened up a massive store here in Wellington and as soon as I
saw that they were opening this store I knew I had to drag my sister out and we had to
go and investigate. One thing amongst a whole bunch of other things that caught my eye was
a little art section they had at the back of the store. They sold things like watercolours,
colour pencils, paper, sketchbooks and a whole bunch of stuff. As soon as I saw that, I knew
that I wanted to pick one thing out, I wanted to give it a try and do a video on it. The
thing that I decided to pick out was a pack of watercolour pencils. But, before we get
into all the details of the pencils, here’s how the video is going to be broken down.
First i’m going to show you guys the pencils and give you guys all the details about it.
We’re then going to go into 2 demo’s on me using the pencils for the first time. Then
after that i’m going to go through some pro’s and con’s about the pencils. And then after
that we’re going to do a Meg’s Head Review where I review the said art materials in Meg
Heads. And that is going to be the video! So as I mentioned I picked up the watercolour
pencils from Typo and this is what they look like. So the thing that really attracted me
to these pencils, i’m not going to lie, is the packaging. It’s got this really lovely
wash watercolour background that goes from pink to blue and a really cool design here
where it gives you a little sneak peek at the colours that you can find inside. And
then if you turn it on its side you have this watercolour pencils design here, and it’s
kind of the same pattern up here and on the bottom as well. And then on the back you just
have details of the watercolour pencils. Then on the side, something that I really love
is that you have a little flap here and you can open that and it has got a little magnet
inside so it does open and close. You open the and inside you have the watercolour pencils.
So inside the pack of watercolour pencils you get 12 colours. You have white, yellow,
a kind of peachy skin-tone colour, light pink, a darker pink, I would say a deep red pink,
a purple, a blue, a kind of turquoise-y green blue kind of colour, a green, a brown and
a grey. First impressions on this, I love the packaging. I really like how everything
looks, again packaging to me is something that instantly draws me to a product so I
appreciate the packaging on this. I do like the colour range though I think that they
maybe could have picked a few less pinks and added in like a dark green and a black, that
kind of thing, maybe an orange. But overall I really like how it looks. Now for this pack
of colour pencils you are looking at $14.99 which is in New Zealand Dollars, in US dollars
that’s $12.99 and then in pounds that is £7.00. So i’ll let you guys know afterwards whether
or not I think that the price is worth the product. We’re gonna get into some colour
swatches, i’m going to show you guys what the colours look like without water (so just
dry), and then i’m going to show you what the colours look like with water. So with
any kind of watercolour pencil there are a few ways that you can use them. But i’m just
going to put this out there and say that i’m not a pro at watercolour and i’m not a pro
at watercolour pencils. I hardly ever use them so this was kind of a real test for me
as well to see how well I could use them. But just from my knowledge there are 3 main
ways that you can really use watercolour pencils. You could obviously use them like a standard
colour pencil where you just use it dry, so you don’t add any water. The second thing
is where you colour the pencil and then you add water on top of that to turn it into a
watercolour. And then the third thing is you could either directly dip the tip of the pencil
into some water and use that. That will probably give you a really intense pigmented colour.
Or you could use you paintbrush and just paint on top of the little tip of the pencil and
then paint onto the paper. So those are the 3 main ways that I know how to use watercolour
pencils, but if any of you out there are watercolour professionals or you just really know how
to use water colour pencils and want to give some other ways of using them, please feel
free to leave those in the comments down below. So now we’re going to get into the demo part
of the video. I have prepared 2 different demo’s for your, the first is a watercolour
painting of some watermelon, and then the second one is a watercolour painting of a
unicorn. So sit back, I hope you guys enjoy the demo and i’ll see you afterwards! I really
hope that you guys enjoyed those demo’s. I have to say that filming those 2 pieces of
artwork, I really, really enjoyed them. Especially the unicorn one because i’d always wanted
to try using tape and painting over it and then having the satisfaction of peeling the
tape off and having those crisp white lines. I feel so good that I can finally say and
see that i’ve done that. But, we’re going to get on to the pro’s and the con’s now.
First i’m going to start with the cons. Now one thing that I found, especially when I
was doing the swatches, when I was even just using these colours to lay down a layer of
the pencil before I added the paint, the lead is really, really crumbly and it breaks very
easily, and it’s also very, very bendy. I had to sharpen each pencil at least 2-3 times
cause the tip of the pencil kept breaking or crumbling off and that was a little bit
annoying. With that in mind, you wouldn’t, or I don’t think you’d be able to do a lot
of detailed work so I think if you’re just doing like, really basic washes or you’re
doing like big areas where there’s not a lot of concentrated detail, you don’t want fine
point of colour or anything like that, then I think the’d be ok to use. But if you are
into the finer details and things I wouldn’t suggest it. That was one of the main things
that I really didn’t like about these. Again the second thing that I would say is just
the colour variation in the pack. You have 12 watercolours and you have quite a few pinks
in there. I would swap that out for an orange and a dark green and then a black as well
because you have the grey but I feel like a black is something you need in a basic set
so that would be my second con. Yeah, I think those are my only 2 main gripes? Is that the
word? Gripes with this pack of pencils. But we’re gonna go on to the pro’s now. So, the
main pro for me is the colour payoff and the pigmentation of these pencils. The yellow,
the yellow pencil is bright, it’s so bright. And I love that because sometimes yellow can
be a bit wishy washy and it can be a little bit like, really light, but this one is vibrant
and saturated and I love that. And just in general the colour payoff of most of these
colours is really, really good and the pigmentation is really good. They blended out really well.
I could build on top of them really well. So if you guys saw in the watermelon piece
I put down some colour, then went over with some water with my paintbrush, let that dry,
then I went on top of it with another layer of watercolour, used some more water on that,
let that dry, went over with a third layer and I didn’t find that it kind of crumbled
or it went patchy or anything like that. So they lay on top of each other really well.
They dry really quickly and the actual experience of painting with them was really enjoyable
for me. Now we’re on to the part of the video where I do a Meg Head Review where basically
I review the art supply in Meg Heads. 5/5 Meg Heads being totally rad and awesome whereas
0/5 Meg Heads would be something that I definitely wouldn’t recommend. For these watercolour
pencils from Typo, I would give them a 3/5. Now i’m giving them a 3/5 purely because of
the crumbliness of the lead and the amount of times I had to sharpen them. But again,
the pigmentation and the colour payoff and actually painting with these was a really,
really enjoyable experience. And initiially when I first started using them, I was like
I don’t think these are worth the money. Like $15 for this? I’m not sure. But after using
them I definitely think they are worth the price. Again, £7.00 for a pack of 12 colours
of watercolour pencils I think is a really decent price. I will definitely, definitely
be using these again. So that’s the video guys! I really hope that you enjoyed it. If
you did, I would love it if you gave this video a big thumbs up. If any of you have
used these watercolour pencils from Typo and have any thoughts and comments or feedback
on them I would love to hears those in the comments down below. If you have any suggestions
for any other art supplies that you would like me to do a first impressions on if you’d
just like me to try out, I would also love to hear your feedback in the comments down
below as well. And as always guys, stay positive, stay creative, have an absolutely wonderful
day, and i’ll see you soon for another video. Bye!


  • Odília Monteiro

    Hello Meg! Do you know if there is any store in Portugal? 😆

  • yopyopo

    I can't see washi tape & not think of you. Watermelon look good enough to eat & I don't like watermelon. The unicorn was fabulous. Definitely going to try & check out a Typo store when i'm in London next.

  • Verity Harcombe

    Hey Typo has made a 36 pack and I'm pretty sure they have HEAPS of orange.

  • Tenmir Destruction

    What is the second song you used?

  • Star Cakes

    Hey, I just bought these typo colours today, (i'm in Australia) and i haven't used them yet. Thanks for the tips and art you created and presented!

  • Girly Gamer

    when i bought them i could not think of a design u were so helpful

  • Katypila

    I have the bigger set from typo. It was a gift from my BF Xxxooo. I thought they were a little cheap feeling because of the crumbly and constant sharpening. The pigment is high. Yellow .. Wow.. I have not really used them for a complete drawing .i am also inexperienced in water colour and watercolor pencils but that was my first impression.


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