【ibisPaint】How to paint Metal

If subtitles overlap, please tap the maximize button. This time I will explain how to paint a metallic like. Let’s start by coloring this gold ornament! First, I’ll change the color for line drawing. Open the layer window. Select a line drawing layer. Once selected, turn on “Alpha Lock”. Once Alpha Lock is on, you can conveniently change the color of the line drawing partially with a brush! It is better to select a darker color than the primer color. Only the painted part’s color has changed! Next, I will apply shadows to the whole! Open the layer window. Select a metal primer layer. Add a new layer above. I added a layer. Select its layer and turn on “Clipping”. When clipping is turned on, it prevents any part from sticking out when you paint something over the primer! Open blend mode. Select “Multiply”. I recommend this mode for painting a shadow, since the area you painted will become dark. Open the Color window and make a light brown color. Return to the canvas screen and fill the entire shadow. Erase the shadows with the eraser. Be aware that light is coming from the top right. As such, erase the upper right part with the eraser tool. The reflected light will make it look even more three-dimensional! Switch from the brush tool to the eraser tool. Open the Brush window after switching. Change the brush shape to “Pencil (Graphite)”. I often use pencil (graphite) to color in! If you want an anime-like painting, you can also use “Dip Pen (Hard)”! Next, I will shape the shadow with an airbrush eraser tool. Open the brush window while the eraser tool is selected. Change the brush shape to “Airbrush (Normal)”. Apply the eraser in the direction opposite to the direction of the light. Next, duplicate the shadow layer. Open the layer window. Tap “Duplicate Layer” from “Add Special Layer”. It has been successfully duplicated! Next, shape the duplicated shadow with an eraser. Leaving some shadow near the highlight makes it look glossy! Next, add thick or thin lines as needed. Keep the layer, and start adding lines. It looks somewhat metallic if you add lines! Next, add highlights! It suddenly looks glossy! If the surface where the light hits is wide, it will have large highlights as shown. However, if the surface is bent, the lighted area also becomes thinner and concentrated. If you change the shape of the highlight or shadow depending on the shape of the subject, you will be able to paint with a deeper three-dimensional effect! Open the layer window. Add a new layer above the shadow layer. Once added, select that layer and turn on clipping. Open the blend mode and select “Add”. With “Add” mode, the painted part becomes bright. I recommend when expressing light! Since it has an elliptical shape, try to paint the highlight and shadow in elliptical shapes as well. If it looks a glossy, you can paint it in other shapes! Then, put dark shadows along the shadows and highlights! If you just want to add standard shadows, you should paint starting with darker colors, gradually using lighter colors. However, when creating a metallic surface, you could add dark shadows near the highlights. Let’s paint in an irregular pattern. Open the layer window. Add a “Multiply” layer in the same way and turn on clipping. Add fine shadows to emphasize both the shadows and highlights. Next, create a black and white gradient. Open the Layers window. Add a new layer above and turn clipping on. Select black and select the “Airbrush (Normal)”” as the brush shape. Apply black all over, and paint with white afterwards. Next, change the blending mode for the black and white gradation. Open the layer window and change the blend mode to “Overlay”. If the color is too dark, you can lower the layer opacity to make the color lighter. By adding gradation, it will look more glossy! Other metal parts are painted in the same way. Paint shadow for the entire picture. Shape the highlights with an eraser. Change the shape of the shadow depending on the subject! Shape with the airbrush eraser tool. Duplicate the shadow, and make the second shadow with the eraser tool. Paint dark shadows along the shadows and highlights. Add the highlights. I will add shine with an airbrush to finish! Open the layer window and add an “Add” layer on top. Make a bright color. Paint with the “Airbrush (Normal)” for shines. Adding shines will further boost the metallic look! Just like before, add an “Add” layer on top, and change the brush shape to “Glitter 4”. Sprinkle the glitter near the gold ornament. Finished! !

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