【ibisPaint】Japanese Brush Like Painting

If subtitles overlap, please press the maximize button. Select top layer,
import Japanese Paper material in “Material Pattern (Color)”. Open tool selection window,
make gray scale with filter. Open layer window,
set to “Overlay” blend mode. Decrease layer opacity,
add a new layer,
brush up. Open brush window,
select G Pen (Bleed),
turn “Force Face” on,
draw! Select “Flat Brush (Real)” in brush window,
Draw hair. If you draw in detail in the “G pen (bleeding)”,
you can express the hoarse! With “Splash” brush,
you can express the sputtering! Open layer window,
turn alpha lock of current layer on,
paint background.
Draw the pattern with the eraser.
That’s good. Hide other layers,
draw goldfishes. Draw the outline roughly,
the body is painted with a watercolor brush.
Leave the tummy part. The tail fin and the dorsal are drawn with “Flat Brush (Real)”. Open layer window,
Duplicate a goldfish layer,
put it some places. Draw the aquatic plants,
I used “G Pen (Bleed)” brush. Sign your name. Completed!

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