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hi! hi *maw* you keep pushing this off! today I’m doing a little bit- of a sketchbook tour, of course all the products I talk about is gonna be linked below in case you want to purchase it. pumkin no! pumkin! NO I thought that it would be a good idea for pumkin to join us because I always have so much fun when I film with a furry buddy of mine but um anyway I wanted to make a
casual sketchbook walkthrough for those who saw all three of those travel vlogs, you would definitely recognize things and I thought that I would kind of
explain some of them as well just because, I went there hoping to fill up
the whole thing but I only filled up this much so I have this much left that’s blank, but actually my mom wanted to go to Europe next month, so I thought well I go with her I’ll try to finish it back up. some of these I do want more detail so in the future when I update them I can show you again. so the first page I always kind of leave it blank because I like to do the first
page of last when I finish the sketchbook. this spread is while I was on the plane . does that bird have to- birds !? am i right ? I remember I had a middle seat and I was kind of just staring or people watching and there was this really cute little boy, so I just wrote a poem off the top of my head and… I said, I sit besides- *backpack falls* I sit besides a little boy and his father, he reads to his son, bedtime stories in Italian a beautiful little boy sleeps soundly what an untouched beautiful boy at peace. it occurred to me one day this boy will grow into a man, living a beautiful life, worlds apart from mine. really no objective behind that kind of sounds almost creepy but that’s just kinda what I wrote. and then I watched this guy eat
his curry and then ask for another one and this says ‘the man infront has
already finished his entree- he is on his second curry. I cannot stop from watching
him stir his rice’ here we all are, gathered so closely in a place where everyone is rushing to get back. to get away, to get someplace that somehow, we’ve forgotten about each other. we see each other we feel each other but we think nothing. and then this is a stream of consciousness little spread that occurred was when the cabin was dark I just wanted to eat my bag of pretzels after I’ve already opened it and I couldn’t find it- desire… for a pretzel and…question mark is basically asking where the hell is my bag of pretzels? empty lap…nothing- I don’t know where went right? these are broken pretzels because It somehow fell on the floor and I crushed it so I felt sad and then I
found the bag and it was empty so that was just my stream of thought. so this page is quite ugly but, it’s definitely a work in progress on the top left here it says, automatic drawing in dim light. and then this is kind of what
I wrote before, in another sketchbook I had just where the line goes I follow and automatic drawing can be a reference to the 1920 surrealism movement-
especially the artist andre masson I believe. drawing without thinking, and
your muscles and your instinct just kind of makes something, and you’re not really
quite intending to do anything with it so… then I made a poem 1 a.m. I don’t know what’s worse, spilling my drink on the aisle floor or not having any juice left. this is when i had orange juice- as i turnt the page, my plastic cup and its contents headed for the floor. there was a splash. an audible one. just as I bent over, out when the cabin light. perfect. I look, and see, then around me, off, away, asleep… no witnesses. perfect. poem in dim light. but no juice:-( this is the view from that cafe and back then I only had I think
like two or three mochas, I said I can count all the mochas I’ve ever had in one hand cuz we always went on a coffee break in the beginning of the day so I
got a mocha every day on this trip so it is cute. this is that Monument, a quick sketch of it and I hope to put some detail in the future so that’s the Walter Scott one I don’t quite like this color as I thought
I would but I kind of just was studying the hills it was when I was sitting on
top of Calton Hill and I was looking at Arthur’s Seat in that direction and I just liked the mark making variations I found with like a different line weight so this is
kind of just a rough sketch of that and then in the next one, this you might recognize from when I went to the pub and I was listening to Scottish trad
music for the first time live and these are all the darling people I met the next day when we went up to Arthur’s Seat with neil, this was the hill that I sketched as I was just sitting there listening, and I thought what was cool is
that you can actually flip it both ways because it’s so ambiguous that I just really like dot and line variations it was just like a fun exercise. June 19th and as for the quote on top of here it was actually pasted on the wall of
the pub that I was in so I just wrote it down cus I really liked it. so this was also Arthur’s seat and just Neil, a quick line drawing of that then you might recognize this, it says Circus lane an impression- I think I drew this in about 15
seconds because I just sat there and had a quick rough sketch because we were just going from place to place to place visiting different locations while I was filming with Contiki everything that I did on this project it is thoroughly explained in the description in case you are confused then that evening we visited Sandy bells,
and as you might have seen in the vlog this is kilo the dog. I was trying to sketch him but he kept moving and sitting back down on the right side here, just some of my random thoughts. ‘second day in Scotland’ quite a few mochas… wow, the wind. it was freaking strong there’s circus lane again. and just random little things that you can read here. I also decided to just draw little cartoons of myself for no particular reason and then a quick watercolor of kilo. June 20th, says card handwriting this morning we
left at 8 in the morning for Inverness… what is that? something… four-hour car journey… by… bumpy! isn’t that ironic? this is when I was in the car and we were on the road trip so I wanted to draw the landscape as we move through it so it’s a quick very gestural way and I love that because it would bump here and there, it was actually a mark making device almost… just the squiggle and kind of just for me it integrates-
one the movement of being in the car and then seeing this landscape and this is the mark that derived from it. Martin Bennett, ‘black bird’- that’s the song that was playing when I was drawing this. then this was in the lobby of the loch ness
lodge. I painted just a random guest that was
sitting right by me and I mean we chatted a little bit but I never asked for his name. I also showed him what I did of him. so this is just like a rough watercolour on this right side- I didn’t have time because I had to leave and film something then this page was actually done afterwards, I was looking at a photograph I took, and playing with my gouache paint so I did some abstract strokes and then went back and did some lines over that. so that’s just a rough painting of the Scottish Highlands, not necessarily done yet. we bumped into the ‘highland cows’ -the Highland shaggy cows, so this was just a very quick under 1
minute gesture sketch of them because they kept walking away so it’s not great especially over here, this is not very accurate of their muscles but, this is while we were sitting in portree and that was actually where David grew up and we visited there and he was just telling us about when he was five and just running around there so it was so lovely to visit in just an amazing place to sit for a little bit and sketch before we had to go. and this was one of the last
days, I believe it was kind of just a collage spread- it was much more intentional instead of just documenting what was in front of me so here I have
some more of the highlands… in the vlog and also in the Contiki project, this is when I was walking at the end of that dock, so I sat on that dock and I drew the water which is represented by these lines. and then down here some lines that was… I believe reminiscent of the rolling clouds. this is the Eilean Donan castle- sorry if I’m pronouncing it wrong. so I think these were just a combination of
the last couple of days that we spent there, it says June 20th this one to finish up this is the last few sketches I did in Glasgow so this was Glasgow University, sitting in the courtyard. It was seen in the vlog and then later we went to that cafe and they had a little bouquet right on the counter so I just did a line drawing of that. and then on the day that we left, I had Ginny and Hayden just write some things I can remember them by- just kind
of like how Neil signed his name earlier in that spread so that I can just have
their handwriting and remember them because I really enjoyed the trip and I
really enjoyed their company and talking to them because… at first I’m just a nervous person to be around new people but being on this trip really changed me
in that way. hey hey hey hey. oh there it- *sigh* okay. my heart. no. *maw* no. as I was saying, I had so much fun. um i had so much fun with
Ginny and Hayden and also Emma and David and will that we met on this trip, even though I only spent a few days with them, it was just a really good time and it was also the first time I was completely around new people that didn’t share my
background or culture, but never have I been more appreciative of that because I just took so much away and it really changed my perspective on how I view
what is normal or what is standard in my life because you come to realize that
when you meet people around the world that something that super normal to you is unheard of or nothing to somebody else, so it kind of just makes me a more open-minded person I think when I meet people I kind of take a little piece of them with me even though my path might only cross momentarily with theirs so I think the way that I perceive meeting people in general has really really changed and I just come home differently every time you travel and never have travel been more enriching that way because it’s no longer just about going somewhere just to see the place taking a picture and leaving. it was really about living while you’re there feeling something, and just being moved. and this time, just being there in the pub with the live music, talking to David and other young
people who will tell me about their childhood and what matters so much to them, in a way I can live vicariously through that and I can share my stories as well so if you haven’t seen the vlogs, everything is linked below and also the articles I wrote for Contiki, it is on the six-two platform, linked below- I just kind of expand on what I was talking about in this video, and also in the vlogs- I just reflect on it and also the video that they produced is what I was filming with them as I was exploring the country, and it was edited by Hayden- also the photos that you’ve seen are also by Hayden Dib, so
definitely check out his Instagram. thank you so much again for watching this,
being here, and also making it possible for me to have an amazing opportunity
like this to learn and also to share and really just to grow because this experience was so meaningful. Pumkin and I had such a good time today, so thank you for joining us and I will see you very soon. have a wonderful rest of your day or your night. bye! love you !! he’s annoyed. he just wants to sleep! now he wants my camera strap


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