#08.Making Emoticon/Kakaotok/Line/ photoshop tutorial/움직이는 이모티콘 쉽게 만들기/카카오톡 라인/ 프레임 gif

1.open file/size 320*270 /2.Prepare three images with layers. 2.copy body layer 2.Transform/Flip Horizontal Erase the scarf /draw it again on the right Check layers by clicking on the eye 1.creat Timeline 2. select 0.1sec / creat a new frame-click icon Create a new frame to match the motion Press play icon to confirm the action. Click frame no.2 and click head layer move the head Click frame no.4 and click head layer/Move the head Select frames and drag frames to the icon play the video save as Gif file/file>save as for web>select gif>click save

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