10 Amazing Accessories For Your DJI Phantom 4 (Pro / Advanced)

hey guys what’s up with me again tom from TDD tech time welcome to this new episode about the DJI phantom 4 series today I’m going to show you the 10 most awesome accessories that every phantom 4 pilot should be only by the way it doesn’t matter if you’re using a phantom for a phantom 4 pro or a phantom 4 advanced they fit all phantom 4 models let’s get this party started don’t forget subscribe and don’t forget to leave a thumb up stay tuned fly safe [Music] we’ll get started with the basic accessories before we talk about the fancier gadget get yourselves a fast microSD card you will see how much better the drill performs when you’re for example taking photos in burst mode or creating long exposure shots using a fast microSD next to that you almost eliminate the chance of having faulty 4k or high frame rate video footage finally you will save a lot of time when copying the files to the computer I recently tested and compared the speeds and durability of 10 micro SD cards and there are two clear winners either purchase SanDisk Extreme Pro it is the best of the best cards or alternatively buy the cheaper toshiba xperia pro cards that surprisingly made it to the second place only slightly behind the xanthus but noticeably cheaper visit Tom’s tech times are calm slash micro sd if you want to check out our competitors watch the test videos and buy one of the cards second in line is another basic tool Alania for the remote control up it doesn’t sound spectacular at all but it really is helpful especially if you’re emptying a couple of batteries and have to carry the RC for a longer time the recommended lanyard consists out of a comfortable and cautions neck strap and a durable carbine for attaching it to the remote controller next to that you can easily attach for example a pilot ID to the next strap it is not a necessity of course but you won’t believe how great its impact on people is they somehow take it as proof that you’re flying legally and that you know what you’re doing and of course you should be flying legals not only pretend to the next gadget is a clear must-have and nothing but that if you want to take breath taking photos or record stunning videos you need to invest some dollars into nd filters they basically function in sunglasses for your lens allowing less light to enter that again leads to a lower shutter speed which finally means that the image is not over sharpened but contains a good-looking amount of motion blur because every filmmaker uses and D filters and they enrich the look of every product that aims to look cinematic but there are plenty cheap and faulty and D filters for drones on the market that are either too heavy and ruin the gimbal or that affect the colors or are not 100% clear those will ruin the look of your footage since years I trust polar pro when it comes to drone filters they are not the cheapest but they are pretty good and they are the number one until famous filter brands like tiffen or B&W for example enter the drone filters raise the multi-coated filters are available for almost all DJI drones you can study the basics watch a comparison video and find a graphic that explains when to use which ND filter because of course they are available in different strengths again at some tech time.com flesh and deep as intelligent flight batteries are expensive and we all know that they need to be stored correctly in order to function well for a long time it therefore is important to know that storing them both fully charged or completely empty harms them badly they should be stored at a power level of approximately 30 to 50 percent you can enable the self discharging function within the DJI go forever but it takes really long until the battery has reached the desired power level as well as it does waste the energy which in times of climate change and raising power prices isn’t smart at all DJI therefor sell the tiny USB connector that can be attached to the Phantom’s batteries simply turn the battery on as you usually would plug in a smartphone cable and power you’re hungry mobile device for free and enjoy long lasting and safe intelligent life batteries talking about batteries the multiple batteries charger is a blessing never again get up at night just to change the batteries you can basically insert three batteries attach the power cable and the device charges them peacefully one after another simple effective and again a must-have another must-have that every drone pilot really needs is a car charger and this one made by DJI just does the job just fine you basically plug the one end into the cigarette lighter I don’t know what it’s actually named in the United States and the other end goes right into maybe let me just stop for a second otherwise I’m getting pulled over the other end goes into the battery and immediately the battery starts to charge and you can of course attach for example the multiple batteries charger instead of only charging one battery you can of course with the other ending charger remote controller as well it is that simple and it’s really effective and if you are living in such a car like I am and you really need to get one of these car chargers have you ever had problems using a smartphone or tablet in bright daylight oh my in doing so many shootings of mine already only seeing a reflection or due to the dark max brightness nothing at all really is not helpful let me present you two solution you can either by DJ eyes brand-new crystal sky monitor it is available in two different sizes and two different brightness setups I am owning the 7 inch monitor with a display brightness of 1000 s it is a lot brighter than my iPad Mini for iPad or iPhone and it is not even the brightest the 2000s version is even twice as bright as the monitor shown it is insane if you’re interested in the monitor feel free to watch the review of mine you find the link in the description below the video if you are working on a limited budget though you need to check out and find a good working Sun hood I can’t aplenty and never really found a well working one they always had some big disadvantages to them the only one that I really liked is made by Hoodman it is not the cheapest unfortunately but it does the job well I use it in 20 countries and it accompanied me faithfully have you ever heard of a product named in our box it’s a really cool device that was crouch founded on Kickstarter I recently received the unit and tested at myself first things first it’s basically a data backup device super rugged and ready for the outdoors specifically designed for drone pilots GoPro enthusiasts and even professional photographers after shooting some videos or taking photos basically insert the microSD card into one of the inbuilt readers and the NAR box saves the files to its internal SSD remember SSDs are a lot safer than normal HDD and the cool thing is that you won’t need a computer but a smart phone only to control the knob off and next to that it can do so much more than only saving files it has a tiny computer installed to it as well you can connect it to your smart phone and start editing areas and true 4k with a dedicated app it is awesome for on-the-go high-res editing even though it of course does not replays a proper editing computer but it can handle even raw photo files one downside when heavily editing footage within our box gets pretty hot but the types that it is a fantastic device that lets you edit and share your work on the go but even more importantly it backs up your files and does not require a computer one final product for all phantom 4 enthusiasts out there you need to check out DJ eyes goggles using them as so much fun you really feel like sitting inside your drones cockpit it is an amazing experience the goggles have sensors installed to them you can make the drone or a camera follow your head position for example and you can easily play with all menus through the integrated touch pad at the side the goggles get quite heavy after an hour but still they are cool especially when wanting to impress friends and family all product links can be found on some tech time.com slash gadgets together with a few more accessories even that drone pilot should be aware of they should know that they are existing and maybe you find even more awesome accessories for yourself and for flying Jones thanks for watching this video of mine don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and to share the video stay tuned slices


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  • James M.

    Tom . . . can you use a 32 or 64gb SD Card in a Phan. 4 Pro ? What's the max ? Good Video. THX.

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    Where did you get that ID? is that only available in US or Germany 2?

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    0:47 why there is ”Adolf“ on the micro sd card?

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    Vielen dank! Great stuff, Tom.

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    Voice is so annoying

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    @tomstechtime Hi, please I need one information and little help if you know – does Crystalsky monitor have output via HDMI output 1080 50i ? Thanks in advance. Regard Sasa

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    Where can I get an ID card made?

  • Mr Hippie

    I own several sd cards its bullcrap to invest in faster cards.

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    Your missing the wet suit

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    That neck strap ID is sweet! I need to design something like that.


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