10 Drawing Tips for Digital Artists That Will Make You Better at Art

Hello there. And thanks for joining me.
I’m Corel Painter Master, Aaron Rutten And in this video, I’m going to share ten
tips to help you draw better Tip number one is drawing with your elbow No, I don’t mean holding the pen with your elbow and trying to draw like this I mean, rather than drawing with your
fingers or your wrist, keep your fingers and your wrist
completely locked and draw using your elbow as the center of rotation That will make sure that your lines are
nice and curved and smooth and everything like that Tip number two is to draw faster strokes because sometimes when you’re drawing if you move your hand to slowly, the line
will come out wobbly because there’s more time for your hand to move but if you draw your strokes faster, quicker you’re going to get nice smooth curves
and straight lines much easier Tip number three is draw more
spontaneous gestures For example, when you’re drawing hair,
just follow a general direction but just kind of go for it don’t draw one hair,
then the next hair, and the next hair and so on Be spontaneous about it You’ll notice a lot of life drawing and figure drawing sketches are
very loose and spontaneous Tip number four is draw segmented lines You don’t have to draw a single solid line when you’re outlining something you
can break it up into individual little segments One little piece at a time That makes it a lot easier to draw
sometimes Tip number five is to draw from different angles and rotate your page because that makes it a lot easier to
get certain angles when you’re drawing Tip number six is to flip your canvas Flipping your canvas both horizontally and vertically makes it really easy to see
areas where you made mistakes and it helps keep everything even and
in proportion It can also be really helpful to freshen
up your image because after you’ve been working with something a really long
time, you sometimes get kind of
sick of looking at it And flipping it kind of
makes it look fresh Tip number seven is study primitive
shapes Primitive shapes make up
every single object that you can draw My head is a sphere,
my neck is a cylinder, my torso is a cylinder, my arms are cylinders,
my fingers are cylinders and once you know how to draw and shade
all of those primitive shapes, it makes it really easy to draw and shade
anything Tip number eight is draw iterative
sketches Make a sketch and then create a new layer on top of that and create
another sketch make another layer
on top of that with another sketch And with each sketch,
your drawing is going to get more and more refined Tip number nine is to draw often You cannot draw often enough If you want to get really good at drawing, you have to
do it all the time Imagine a bodybuilder, they work out
all the time and they get all buff and pump up their muscles “Look at my muscles
they are so huge” They don’t work out once a month, they work out every single day And your imagination and your hand-eye coordination and all of your drawing
skills work the same way They are a muscle and you have to exercise them often to make them stronger The last tip is number 10 and that’s
drawing a variety of different objects Get out of your comfort zone and if you
always draw faces, try drawing animals If you always draw animals, try drawing buildings Experiment with different genres You can make abstract art or you can make surrealism or still-life or
impressionism Get a lot of variety because all of that experience is going to help you If I’m drawing something that I’ve never drawn before, it makes it a lot easier to know how to
draw certain subjects For example, if somebody asked
me to draw zebra and I’ve never drawn one before, but I have drawn a horse, I could take a lot of that information
from learning how to draw a horse and apply it to drawing a zebra Maybe it’s not something as close as a
zebra, maybe somebody’s asking me to draw
a dog or something, I’d still have an
idea how to draw fur and how to draw four-legged animal and so on So all of that experience really helps when you’re learning how to draw different kinds of
things So there you go Those are ten tips to
help you draw better If you found this information helpful, take a quick second
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teach you how to become a better artist Thanks for watching and I’ll see you
next time!


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    If you wanna get good at something, you gotta do it often! But don't overdo it, and don't make the mistake of not setting up a plan.

    From my experience, if you do something more than 6-8 hours a day, you suffer diminishing returns of the learning potential, and also risk burning yourself out for the subsequent day.

    I found that when I was in school, studying 6-8 hours a day was a lot more effective than 11 hours a day, because you can really keep your focus in those 6-8 hours, while your brain will start performing worse after that, meaning your learning and retention will suffer, and the additional work & lack of R&R means that you might lack energy & motivation the next day.

    At the end of my semester, I found that Consistency & being systematic in your approach is more important than hard work, though you'll still need all three.

    Be Consistent. Be systematic. And work hard.

    A good plan is only great if you execute it.
    Being systematic makes you efficient but the result will be mediocre if you don't spend the time & effort.
    And hard work without a plan or system will lead to mediocre results & a miserable time.

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