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Come on kids! It’s your art class now. Take out your drawing books and colors Mam? Yes Monica? My father bought me these colors from France These are the Sennelier oil Pastels mam would you like to know the price? Ath hazar – eight thousand rupees Teacher: Come everybody, take out your colors, we’re going to draw an apple today. Sameera, do you know? My father always says that an artsist should always use expensive art materials Only then his artwork comes out well. My father says that a true artist can make great art even with 10 rupees (14 cents) 10 rupees? Do you know that one single color from this set costs above 100 rupees ($1.4). Alright, here take this 10 rupee note Make some good art with this. We’ll all watch. Hello Friends! My name is Sameera. Welcome to my channel In today’s video we’ll play a challenge Where I’ll be making art with only the supplies that I can buy with 10 rupees (14 cents) Many years back I used to paint with cheap colors But that’s many years ago when artist-grade products weren’t so easily available in the markets Nowadays we can buy such things online but it wasn’t so back then So let’s go to the stationery shop and see if we can buy colors under 10 rupees I have no idea. My plan B is that if we can’t find any other colors then I’ll try to make art with black, red and blue ball pens that cost 3 rupees So, let’s go to the stationery shop So right now we’re in the stationery shop, here we have wax crayons These cost 40rs These color pencils come in a cute packaging and they cost 10rs So we have only 2 options now One is these color pencils and one is these tempera colors that come in 6 shades The 12 shades tempera colors cost 20rs These watercolors were there since my childhood and they costed 10rs back then Now they cost 25rs. Now we’ve come back to our studio. So you’ve seen what all is available in the stationery shop Most of the colors are easily available for 20-40rs Oil pastels were 20rs, that’s where I started this channel from It was difficult to buy colors for 10 rupees We had only 2 options So I have bought these tempera colors. they come in 6 color set. As far as I remember, we had similar colors under the name rangeela colors in our childhood. Now where do we get the paper and brush from? Freinds, the brush was 20rs and we can’t afford that much amount for this challenge So, I’ve decided to use my fingers instead. as in finger painting So we are playing 2 challenges today, one being the 10 rs art challenge and the other being finger painting challenge So let’s look into our art materials now I have these colors Now we need paper to paint in There are many papers at home But we need paper for free So I have 3 options for it Let me show you So one is this advertisement flyer that I got from newspaper This advertisement flyer I received it on the street Some person gave it to me Third option is this paper that I requested in a xerox shop There are many such waste papers in a xerox shop So now we have 3 papers I think I’ll use this paper. It is printed but I’m assuming that the colors are opaque So the print won’t be seen when I use these colors But if the print is seen, then I might use this paper instead For the mixing palette, I’ll be using a kitchen plate So let’s start the challenge Please wish me all the best by giving a thumbs up to this video let’s get started Let’s start the coloring I always sketch before painting But we do not have that option today as pencil is out of our budget So I applied the paints directly on paper I did most of the mixing on the palette but I had to blend a little on the paper as well This was a very difficult task as our paper is very thin If we apply too much pressure on this paper, it might tear So I had to be careful Today I’m painting a beach scenery I wanted the sky to be a little lighter So I blended it on the paper itself At first I thought of just painting the boat and beach But I felt that the painting was bare So I added some coconut trees on the side Painting the coconut trees was very challenging because the leaves cannot be painted with fingers So I had to use a toothpick that I got it for free from a restaurant With the help of a toothpick, I painted every single leaf of a coconut tree Honestly. it didn’t make much difference in the painting but it did give a slight texture due to which the trees look realistic I painted the clouds in the sky so that our scenery is complete. And we are done with the painting! So what do you think about this challenge? Here’s the painting that we’ve done As you can see This paper is very delicate because the paper is very thin as it’s a flyer I think the painting has come out well as I painted it with my fingers Also I stole the toothpick from a restaurant I mean I didn’t exactly steal but I did pick a couple of them once So this painting is only done with 10 rupees Also, one more thing These paints are very thick Mixing them was difficult And these paints aren’t that bright They become a little muddy when mixed But they’ve worked well for their price So Tell me in the comments what you think about this challenge Do share this video to people like Monica who think that expensive paints are needed to make good art Tell me in the comments what other challenges you’d want to watch If you like this video then please hit like and subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell right beside it so that whenever I make a new video you’ll be notified immediately that saminspire has made a new video I’ll meet you very soon Until then, Bye! 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