10 SKETCHING TIPS and TRICKS for beginners

Hey, what’s up! I’d like to talk to you about how to improve your sketching techniques when drawing digital but also when drawing using traditional tools. I’ll give you 10 easy tips to improve your sketching techniques Tip number 1 My first tip is to sketch daily Sketching daily will greatly improve your skills over time even if you only spend 10 minutes a day, it’ll help! Keep a sketch pad close at hand to sketch whenever you have some spare time Don’t worry about the end result, just enjoy practicing your sketching skills this way. Tip number 2 The next tip is to set a time limit when sketching Make some 10 minute sketches for example. or 1 minute, 2 minute, whatever you like! Setting a time limit for yourself forces you to focus on the simple shapes and to not go into too much detail. Tip number 3 The third tip is to start out with simple shapes. Try to see the basic shapes of the subject you’re drawing, simplify the subject in your mind. Maybe you see a circle or square? Forget about all the details you’re seeing and only focus on the overall shapes. Tip number 4 My next step is to sketch various subjects Don’t just sketch what you’re used to sketch, but also try to sketch some subjects that you normally wouldn’t draw. I sketched a horse for instance! Something I haven’t done in ages. It’s really refreshing to sketch something you don’t sketch normally Tip number 5 Layers can come in very handy when drawing digital When sketching, you can build up your sketch through multiple layers Starting out with a rough sketch on the first layer and then refining the sketch on a second layer. If you want to refine the sketch even more, you could even go for a third layer. Tip number 6 My next tip is to make a sketch from a sketch You can use your first sketch to make a new sketch, without looking at the initial reference Sketching like this will free your mind, you can exaggerate some parts of your initial sketch for instance and free yourself from the initial reference photo you used. Tip number 7 A way to make measurements in your sketches is to extend lines Check your reference and see where lines would end if you would extend them For instance, where does the line of the neck end if you would extend it? Or the line of the arm? You can check the proportions in your sketch this way. Tip number 8 There are different ways of sketching. You can use lines to make your sketch or you can use a big brush and ‘sketch in’ big shapes of colors to make a first rough sketch of your subject Try out different ways of sketching to see what works best for you Tip number 9 My next tip is to experiment with brushes and pencils, try out different tools to see how it works for you Procreate has many brushes to experiment with for instance, maybe some of the brushes will surprise you with their effect. Tip number 10 My final tip is to draw from life Just grab random stuff and sketch! It’s a great way to do your daily sketches and a great way to exercise your skills! Have sketching with these 10 tips to improve your sketching techniques! I hope you found these tips helpful, be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it. I really appreciate it if you do I really appreciate it if you do


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