$100 GOLD GUCCI PEN vs $0 BALLPOINT PEN: Which Is Worth The Money?

Hey guys, it’s Rae here. Wa-cha! Hey guys, it’s Rae here. Welcome back to my channel! So if you’re new here, hi, my name is Rae Dizzle, and I buy a lot of really expensive art supplies. Like we’re talking DUMB expensive art supplies. You might remember the super expensive crayons, the super expensive watercolor, the ridiculously overpriced colored pencils, and so on and so forth. I’ll leave a playlist somewhere. And now ladies and gentlemen, I believe that we have reached the PEAK of bougieness. After this video goes up, there is no surpassing this level of ridiculous, of bougie, of extra. There is nothing more ridiculously overpriced than what we are getting today. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We are reviewing a $100 GOLD-PLATED Gucci pen. Guys, I am not kidding you, as soon as I saw this pen I knew it was about to go down! You know how sometimes eBay has the “place a bid” and people can bid for it and they also have the option to buy it now for like, the most expensive price? As soon as I saw this pen, I was like no, we’re buying this. This is mine, I now own this, I am ready for it. So according to the eBay pictures that I saw, let me get it… According to the seller: this is gold plated, it’s new, it’s authentic, it’s Gucci and it’s a pen. And just by looking at all the pictures I very much think it is a Gucci pen, I do think it’s more vintage though because there is some wear and tear on the box and the reason why I don’t think it’s a fake is because Gucci pens are not really in high demand. Like their t-shirts, their clothes, their handbags, a two second search: boom, you found the fake. Those are the items that are in high demand, those are the things that you can use to flex on people, you know what I’m saying? Like, you can’t really flex on people with a pen. You know what I’m saying, like, “Oh hey, look at my pen.” You know, that’s just not cool. And as of now in 2017- 18, I forgot the year. I don’t know, don’t ask. They currently do not sell any pens whatsoever. But in the previous decades they did sell pens in their Gucci store and of course, to compare to all this bougieness we’re going to be comparing this vintage gold-plated Gucci pen, and compare it to whatever random pen that I have lying around and we’re gonna see, is there some miracle ink inside this Gucci pen? Do the inks perform the exact same? Is it all about the casing? I don’t know. That’s what we’re gonna find out today. So, guys, with, out – Oh, you know what I forgot? If you want to follow my social links, my Instagram, and also subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or second channel. And now, without further ado, uh, let’s begin. *Exhales* Okay, Rae, deep breaths, deep breaths. Deep breaths. I’m so excited right now. I need to calm down. So as of right now, this package has not been opened, I’m not gonna flip it around because obviously it has like my name and the guy’s name who sent it, but it’s never been opened. So as of right now, I have no idea what it looks like. I don’t know if it looks exactly like the pictures, I don’t know if it looks better than the pictures. But we’re about to find out. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how well this guy wrapped this package? There is so much tape all over this. Oh my god. You know what would really suck? If I was getting ready to cut and then I accidentally stabbed through the box, that would be terrible. Oh, but I just – I did cut through something. Oh god, what is this? Okay, it’s nothing. Okay. Thank God. Okay, moment of truth. You $100 Gucci pen! OMG! *laughs* It says Gucci on it! Oh, yeah, look at that. I mean, Gucci now baby, we Gucci now! So nothing on the bottom, nothing up top. Like I saw in the pictures, there’s a little bit of wear and tear where it says Gucci which – ah! – I wish it was like perfect mint condition, but that’s all right. Ooh, we have some tags on here. I guess this is the store where it’s from or where it was originally located and this is basically the authentication number. I think maybe this actually might be the authentication number or whatever it’s called. I’m not bougie enough to know. Cause whenever you buy Gucci it usually has like “authenticity” tags to make sure that it’s legit and not some ripoff, and I think that’s maybe what this tag is. Ah, it’s – oh my god, here it is. Oh, it is so beautiful! Look at that Gucci detail. Oh my god. It’s so beautiful. It’s so pretty. I don’t want to touch it. I just want to leave it in its case where it belongs. I mean, compare it to something like Dollar Tree, I mean this, the craftsmanship, the beauty, it’s so much better. Oh my gawd. I’m not really too sure how to take it out. I guess just pull on it – Oh my God, look, there’s even little clips that clip it to the box, like how extra is that? That’s so ridiculous. We’ll just put that back where it belongs… Gucci packaging. I just want to say, this is my one and only Gucci item that I own so I feel like I’m officially a YouTuber because for some reason all the YouTubers have Gucci, now I do too so I’m a YouTuber. The first thing I noticed is that this pen is actually really heavy compared to a bulky *beep* compared to one of my favorite white pens, which I use for highlights all the time. This pen is so heavy! Oh my god. And also, it’s so thin! Maybe it’s not thinner, maybe that’s just my imagination, but it feels so th- oh wrong one. It feels so thin. Ugh, this pen is everything. This is by far the most beautiful pen I have ever seen in my life. Even that little thing is gold-plated, like how ridiculous is that? I wonder if you can take it apart. Maybe not. Maybe you can’t take it apart. I don’t know, I tried. Oh yeah, you can t- oh my god, even this thing is gold! Really? Really? Wow, that’s crazy. Oh god, I might have broken it. Oh god! It’s not going back in, I might have broken it. Okay, so that is great and everything. It’s a beautiful pen, I like everything about it except for the price. In comparison to all the bougieness, and uh, this is the competition of what we’re dealing with. The only thing I’m worried about is that the ink in this one will be, because it’s vintage I’m scared the ink is gonna be dried up. And this one is obviously brand new, never been used, so that’s the only thing I’m really worried about. And as far as claims go, it’s smooth, easy glide system, glides on easy and… and the quality comes in writing. So basically it’s just a basic black pen. Like, this pen is nice and everything but it ain’t Gucci. You know what I’m saying? Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang. Okay, so let me zoom you guys in for the very first test which will be the scribble test. So basically, I’m just gonna scribble a line and we’re gonna see if we can tell a difference right off the bat. And plus we’re gonna see if this even works at all. I’m so nervous to use this. I am so freakin nervous! I’m scared I’m gonna break it or it’s not gonna work or like, I don’t know, something really dramatic is gonna happen. Okay. *Background music* Oh no. Oh no! Oh no! My greatest fear has happened! *beep* Okay. So as I thought, the ink is 100% dry in this so I’m gonna have to rewed it, do some extractions and I’m gonna try my best to save it! Okay, so I tried soaking it a little bit and we did get some color, like there was a LITTLE bit in there so it might just be dried out, we CAN wet it just a little bit to get things going. I read that if you put it in water, let it soak for about, I don’t know, a few minutes, it should loosen everything on the bottom up. So I will be back with an update. Okay, so it’s been about, I don’t know, maybe about 15 minutes and it’s been soaking. And in theory this should write now. Oh my god. Really? Really? Okay, obviously that did not work. So there’s one more hack that I saw where you get a lighter and you briefly light it up for a little bit and in theory it should melt all the ink so it could write smooth again. We’re gonna try that, see if it works. Oh no, this is turning black. Oh my gosh. *Sims music* Wow, okay! It got too hot and it explode – it had exploded everywhere! *Gasps* It’s working! Oh my gosh guys, it’s working, it’s working, it’s working! *Gasps* Oh my gosh! Okay, great. I’m gonna go clean up, I’m gonna clean up this mess a little bit. And that took so much ink out of it, but that’s okay because now it’s working, we can continue this video on! Okay, so we are finally able to do the tests without any more further interruptions because gosh, that was super annoying. I’ll be testing out four things and after those four things I’m going to do a very quick sketch. Top row will be ze Gucci and the bottom row will be just a basic pick. So starting off I’m going to do the line test and basically, the point of this test is just to see how well the ink distributes because sometimes you press way too hard on a pen and all the ink comes out. This is to see the consistency of that, which – there is NO difference, oh my god. They are both equally mediocre. What is this? Honestly, what is this? So I think I’m gonna give them both zero points. Next test, I’m gonna test out the opacity of this beautiful pen. Can you focus please? Okay, whatever. And I’m just gonna fill in a completely opaque little area just to see how well the ink works and while I’m here, I can do this smear test. Oh, ooh, that was good. There’s almost no smearing. Okay, great. Good for you Gucci, good for you. Next step will be the opacity on this pen, which is the big pen. Oh, yeah, this one 100% billion wins. The smearing is a lot more, but I mean the opacity, very nice. The opacity on this one’s bad, but the smearing is minimal and the opacity on this one is good, but the smearing is kind of a lot so instead of just giving one point to each we’re still gonna keep it equal, add zero. On the last test I’m gonna try to work it weird angles here, see how well it works, which is not very much. And the point of this test is just to see how well, again the print pen, distributes ink and see how well the rollerball works which uh, this one is hella, hella better. One point to Gryffindor! Again, I would like to remind everybody I bought this pen for $100. Can you imagine how much this pen originally cost? Because now I believe it’s Versace or something like that, they have pens for three, four, five hundred dollars. So imagine with inflation, this pen was probably that exact amount back in its heyday. And welcome to the very last test which is the line/drawing test. Now usually when I do these series, I do these big elaborate drawings that take several hours to do and I condense them. But this time I’m not gonna do that, I’m just gonna be testing out a quick sketch and I just want to get the idea of how both of these pens work. The left side will be, of course the Gucci, and the right side will be just a random pen that I had around the house that happened to be blue. Because I really want to compare the two inks and the two colors. *Piano music* In some unrelated Gucci news, I – the reason why I have this sketch kind of ready to go, I mean, it’s not anywhere near perfect, it’s just like a little sketch, is because I am planning to do all of Inktober, and if you don’t know what Inktober is, it’s basically a prompt list of artists to follow for the whole month of Inktober, and the medium you use is ink, so I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I am going to be doing a pinup theme all month, or at least try to. So this is just the concept drawing, if you want to see the full-on first day of Inktober, be sure to check out my Instagram. It’ll be every single day in October so I’m excited. *Music continues* Okay, that took me about a total of… ten minutes to do. So before I cut to my final thoughts, I want you guys to look at this drawing up close and I want to ask you the question, if somebody told you one side cost $100 and the other side costs less than ten cents, which one would you be able to tell? What would you say? What would you think? What would you DO if somebody told you this was a from a $100 pen? I honestly would say, what’s, what’s the difference? So with that being said, I think I’m ready to share my final thoughts because dude, I have so much to say about this little tiny pen. Good morning! So it’s been about 24 hours since I’ve used the pen, I did that drawing, I did the sketch; after I finished editing and filming I had written my name a few times in a book just to really make sure that I wasn’t missing anything on such a grand scale. And now that I’ve had some time to think about it and think about, is this pen worth it? This pen is a total RIPOFF! But you all knew that. The only practical way I could see anybody using this is if you’re one, beyond super rich and you’re making a big business deal in like Japan or something, selling your multi-million dollar company and you’re about to sign the contract, or two, if you’re Jeffree Star. And like, what honest to God need would you have this for? Like maybe for like a college graduation you would give somebody this, but I mean even then they would probably much rather have the money, because they’re probably in hella student debt, you know what I’m saying? Maybe if you’re like a pen connoisseur and you like to collect pens, then maybe then I could see why you would want this pen, but I mean, other than that, the packaging, A+. The presentation, A+. But honestly, let’s just say what this is: this is just a novelty thing that the average every-single-day human being would never get a real use out of. So honestly, if I had to pick between one of these and just keep buying refills versus just using whatever random pen I have lying around the house and then use that for refills, I mean, it’s obvious. I’m very much gonna pick the BIC. So I’m gonna add this to the most ridiculous art supplies that I own. It’s ridiculous, it’s bougie, it’s by far the most expensive thing. It’s fun to own a Gucci pen, every time I sign a contract for the rest of my life, it’s going down. In the end, this is very much not worth the money. The quality was not that great. I mean, even the casing itself had some deterioration on it, which I mean, that’s a huge huge huge dock for what I paid. I’m sure I could have got it for less if I would have placed a bid, but honestly… trash. It’s not really. It’s actually a lot of money for a stupid pen. So anyway guys, if you like this video, I always feel so awkward saying this but if you like this, you know, ehh… *laughs* And if you want to see more videos where I waste my money, hit that subscribe button! And to see all of my videos where I buy really ridiculous art supplies, I will leave a playlist down below. And yeah with that being said, I will see you next video. Bye! Oh, look who’s coming to join us? Hold on guys. The video is not over. Come here, *beckons dog* cute doggy alert! Cute doggy alert! We’ll go to the park in a second, I just had to film this intro. Love you! Okay, bye! *laughs* *End music*


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