1096 3D printers running at the SAME TIME – Guinness World Record

Can I get a confirmation that every steward has their allocation of fifty or less printers. And you can see your printers. Is there anybody not sure? Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Two minutes! Five seconds! Stewards discount any that have not started. That’s five minutes. Thank you very much. Thank you. Well, good afternoon ladies and gentleman. Absolutely delighted to be here. To come and adjudicate the most 3D printers
operating simultaneously. The current record stands at 159 and it was set in 2014, in USA by Airwolf 3D. Ok. And so with the total of One thousand and ninety-six, Josef Prusa you have set a new Guinness World Records title. For most 3D printers operating simultaneously. The record was surpassed nearly sevenfold! … entry into Guinness World Records … he’s at the forefront of the technology at the moment. Over 1100 printers creating these hexagons What were the four failures? So, one didn’t finish. And I think two stewards forgot, forgot the print here. And one actually took more than he should from other steward. So that’s three from the process and one fail. So I’m very happy. That’s a very good statistic, that one.

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