11 Must See Functional Furniture Innovations and Designs

– [Glenn] Smart,
transforming and space saving all describe the uses of furniture today. Sleek styles and practical uses make for interesting and fun designs. This is Glenn and today we are going to bring you room altering concepts and useful furniture you might want in your home or apartment. (upbeat electronic music) This video is brought to you by Ulikit selling modern L-shaped computer desks for the home or office. This desk provides plenty of surface space for home and office work or
gaming related activities. A textured surface helps to prevent items from slipping off your desk and can act as a mouse pad for you computer. With the special discount
code in the description below you can get 50% off your
total price on Amazon. – [Woman] Number 10. – [Glenn] Flexible
layouts with movable walls which you can slide open or move however you want sounds cool. Mostly seen in studio
apartments and efficiencies, this concept is very
real and not as popularly used as often as it could be. The movable wall will slide out across the floor to reveal a
bed and when the wall is pushed in you have
a desk or TV wall unit and plenty of floor
space for a living area. The whole thing is powered
by a simple wall outlet and can be moved at the touch of a button. – [Woman] Number nine. – [Glenn] Ivation makes this
air mattress with a frame that will self inflate
in under two minutes and can be folded up and wheeled away for easy mobility and storage. Great item for extra
company or can even be taken with you on your next camping trip. 48 circular coils provide a
soft and comfortable sleep. The easy bed inflates to
the bed height of 22 inches and has a length of 77 inches
and width of 40 inches. Weight capacity of this
mattress is 300 pounds with a bed weight of 49 pounds. You can get one of these
for the price of about $240. – [Woman] Number nine. – [Glenn] This Coupe sofa
will transform into a bunk bed in just a few seconds, while
saving you space and time. Perfect for a country home
or a student dorm room, this could even be a good fit for hotels. The sofa measures seven
feet, two inches long, by three feet, two inches high, by two feet, four inches deep, with a seat height of
one foot, six inches. The bunk bed has a mattress height of four feet, four inches, with an arm height of
five feet, two inches. This has a two year factory warranty and comes in wide variety of colors. – [Woman] Number eight. – [Glenn] Everblock
Systems use giant oversized building blocks for building
all types of objects form walls to chairs
and anything in between. Easy to assemble and take apart these can fun for the whole family. Everblock offers rentals and
sales as well as installation and design services and will consult with you on large or complex projects. These come in four different sizes parts from full sized 12 inch
block to a three inch, one quarter sized block. These modules easily connect
for stability and durability and give you the ability to
create nearly any size object. Optional extras include a desk top unit, shelving units, doorway
lentils, a stabilizing foot and reinforcement pins. You will need to check with
the manufacturer for pricing. – [Woman] Number seven. – [Glenn] A perfect system
for the do-it-yourselfer this kit from Expand Furniture will turn your apartment into a New York style loft. The micro loft system
turns the space above you into the perfect office space
or comfy little getaway. This modular system can be
made to fit into your space with easy length, height
and width adjustments. Length can be between
seven feet, four inches, to 13 feet, seven inches
and the width adjusts between 6 feet, seven inches
and 11 feet, 10 inches. While the height adjusts
between five feet, eight inches and nine feet, three inches. You can buy this in a complete
package that can be added onto later or you can build
your own custom system. – [Woman] Number six. – [Glenn] Made for a
small apartment or a room for your young teen this four
in one bed, bookcase, wardrobe and nightstand is just the
thing for that tight space. This comes with an easy
lift mattress mechanism and is made from laminated
white particle board for a heavy duty construction. The bed is almost three
feet off the ground and comes with side shelves, a hidden storage area
underneath and includes drawers, open space for larger items
and plenty of cubby holes. This has a width of five feet, five inches and a length of six feet, seven inches, and has a cost of around $1,000. – [Woman] Number five. – [Glenn] The Pia Pop-Up
Kitchen with an integrated sink, faucet and cook top looks
like a living room cabinet with a TV that hangs on a wall mount. The doors open to an
angle of 90 to 120 degrees with the kitchen coming in three pieces that are easily assembled
in less than an hour. The base arrangement includes
an integrated refrigerator, dishwasher, a waste disposable cabinet and a base cabinet with shelf and drawer. While the upper cabinets
include LED lighting, an open shelf for a
microwave, electrical sockets and a hood with plenty
of doors for storage. You will have to contact the manufacturer for costs on this one. – [Woman] Number four. – [Glenn] Turning your
small one bedroom apartment into a comfortable dinning
area for eight people is easy with the BOSASpace
Exponential Living System. The kitchen island will expand out to seat four to eight people. After dinner you can tuck
away your dinner table into the kitchen island and
slide over your television to reveal a three person
sofa while doubling the size of your living room. The sofa can also be used as an extra bed and you have extra storage
and a hidden ironing board for doing your laundry. – [Woman] Number three. – [Glenn] A perfect
environment to float away anxiety, stress, pain and
more, the Zen Float Tank for your home is just
what you need to relax after that long grueling day at work. Built with safety in
mind and designed to last the float tank is made with
thick double layer vinyl that is welded not seamed
to ensure no leaks or tears. Easy to move and ship this
is customizable, convenient and affordable. While inside the tent you
will float in 10 inches of heated salt water giving
you a sense of total peace while you experience the dark
quite and weightlessness. Benefits include relaxation,
reducing depression, muscle rehabilitation and pain
relief, success visualization and increased memory, problem
solving and creativity. You can get one these for
the low cost of $1,940. – [Woman] Number two. – [Glenn] A great concept
the Kure family dinning table has yet to be revealed
however the Turkish designer felt that the concept needs to be revived and deals with the theme in
his special dinner furniture. Dubbed as Kure it is
designed like a flower that opens to a full
fledged dinning table. The pod like form accommodates
six dinning chairs with sphere lighting raising
from the center of the table and a base that glows with blue light. The sphere seems to
occupy almost equal room when closed or in use. Shaped as a sphere when
closed it can occupy any corner of the house. – [Woman] Number one. – [Glenn] No space, no problem. The Bluemo design bed with a TV PC combo is a multi functional piece of furniture perfect for that small bedroom. Make the most out of your space both in the folded daytime or in the unfolded nighttime position. When opened at nighttime
the bed frame and headboard do not move away from the
wall making for a more solid and fixed frame. Electronically operated
this bed comes with a mirror that double as an audio visual set up. Select versions are fitted
with a pull out platform with an LCD TV and speakers
and an integrated PC that can be controlled
with the included keyboard or you can use one of your own. – Hey guys, this a Cassie. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit the bell notification
next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music) – [Glenn] This video is
brought to you by Ulikit selling modern L-shaped computer desks for the home or office. This desk provides plenty of surface space for home and office work or
gaming related activities. A textured surface helps to prevent items from slipping off your desk and can act as a mouse
pad for your computer. With the special discount
code in the description below you can get 50% off your
total price on Amazon. (upbeat music)


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