15 Shelter Designs That Could Help Save Lives

– [Narrator] Taking the time
to remember those in need regardless of circumstance is something everyone benefits from. With the holidays on the horizon, it becomes even more
imperative that we do so. This is Reacher, and in
keeping with that mindset, we’re bringing you 15 shelter options that can help save lives. – [Announcer] Number 15. – [Narrator] This first entry
on our list is a modular shelter called Life Link. Each section has room for two people while zippered flaps allow
for anywhere from three to six units to be connected. There’s also a clear plastic
cover that can be attached over the top, to serve as a roof. – [Announcer] Number 14. – [Narrator] The Humanihut
shelter system is a rapidly deployable, fully integrated solution for short term accommodations. Designed to be shipped flat,
it can be deployed onsite in minutes using any
suitable lifting device. Each hut is an insulated
ridged wall folding structure offering several configurations, which allow it to be used
in a variety of settings and applications. Features include a full
bathroom, electricity, heating and room to
sleep up to six people. Multiple huts can be connected
to accommodate full families, forming a temporary housing
system which includes a kitchen, bathroom and living room. There are also customizable
huts, which can be outfitted for standard utilities, bathing facilities and communal areas. – [Announcer] Number 13. – [Narrator] This entry
resembles a standard tent, but its simple design
masks the true nature of this extreme weather shelter. The Weather Hyde has a weighted framework wrapped in a triple layer
skin, consisting of a nylon polyester and fiber reinforced mylar. Each one has a peak height of five feet with a floor space
measuring 29 square feet, providing room to sleep up to five people. Removable doors at each
end, along with windows and skylights provide natural
air flow and lighting. The reversible skin can be
used in both warm and cold climates, allowing it to reflect
or absorb heat as needed. The company is planning
a larger modular version named the Weather Hyde Plus,
to be released in 2019. – [Announcer] Number 12. – [Narrator] This cube shaped
shelter aptly named Life Cube, unfolds to create a raised
hard surface platform measuring 144 square feet. An insulated canopy forms
the walls and ceiling, providing a space large enough
to sleep up to eight people. Each cube has off-grid capabilities, and can withstand winds
up to 55 miles per hour, as well as heavy snow. The cube can even be
air-dropped where needed, allowing it to be used in
even the most remote areas. – [Announcer] Number 11. – [Narrator] The Better
Shelter is a modular structure intended for use in moderate climates. Each one measures 188 square
feet with an adaptable layout that allows the structure
to be resized as needed while damaged components can
be changed out individually. When fully assembled, it
provides room to house up to five people. The shelter can also
be fully recycled once it has reached its expected
lifespan of three years. If you haven’t already, be
sure and hit that subscribe button and click that bell
icon to stay up to date on all of our latest videos. – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Narrator] This entry is an
example of a community project taking hold in major cities nationwide. This one, located in Olympia, Washington, is called Quixote Village. Built upon a pervious tent city, it consists of 30 tiny homes
measuring just 144 square feet. Each one provides all the necessities, including a small kitchen, a bathroom, and sleeping accommodations. Most of these types of projects
are intended as a short term living option, while
providing residents the help needed to get back on their feet. Current communities can be
found in cities such as Dallas, Detroit, Nashville and Kansas City. – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Narrator] This shelter
from Duffy London, can be put together in less
than an hour using only a screwdriver. Each two person cabin includes
all the necessary materials shipped as a flat pack unit that can fit inside a standard cargo van. The shelter can also be retrofitted into a mobile unit if needed. – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Narrator] These wall
mounted pods are composed of lightweight materials
selected to compliment the color scheme of the
existing host building. Intended as temporary
shelters, the low cost design provides a warm, dry
environment that includes a sleeping platform along with
a fold-down table and seat. Access is via a stowaway ladder and hatch in the floor of the pod. It’s currently only in the concept stages, with future plans that include
a standalone structure. – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Narrator] Italian based
ZO-Loft Architecture and Design created this prototype as both
a tent and portable storage. Composed of completely recycled
and recyclable materials the structure of the wheelie
is a round aluminum frame surrounded by two rubber wheels with an expandable tent on each side. The size allows it to fit
through a standard doorway while also providing
shelter for two people at its extended length of 11 feet. Multiple configurations
allow for it to be used upright, half open, or even
connected to other units. – [Announcer] Number six. – [Narrator] The Edar is
another design that functions as a mobile unit when
not in use as a shelter. The four wheel design
is reminiscent of a car, offering lockable storage
areas, and handles for steering. There’s also a locking break
to keep the unit from moving once in place. When utilized as a shelter,
the sides fold down to provide a sleeping area with a removable
mattress and a weatherproof canvas cover, offering
protection from the elements whilst small mesh windows on each end provide light and ventilation. Founded in 2007, the company’s
everyone deserves a roof concept, currently provides
these units nationwide. – [Announcer] Number five. – [Narrator] This
shipping container shelter provides a mass-produced
unit that is easy to relocate with an approximate floor
space of 149 square feet. A parasol roof protects it from the heat, while inside are insulated plywood walls, that have fold-down platforms for beds, and a fold-down table. – [Announcer] Number four. – [Narrator] This temporary
shelter named Tentative, is composed of a molded
fiberglass roof and floor, held in place by an aluminum framework, surrounded by a weather-resistant fabric. The structure measures 86 square feet, offering space for a family of four. When not in use, each one
collapses into a one foot high shell, allowing easy
transport and storage. – [Announcer] Number three. – [Narrator] Located
in Marseilles, France, A-Kamp47 consists of 23
pods, each of which are fixed to a framework attached
to a concrete wall. This design creates a sheltered
walkway between the wall and the pods, which are
composed of an insulated lining and a polyester mesh, sheathed
in a camouflage pattern. Each one contains thermal blankets, a small storage space,
and room for two people. The whole thing, which only
took 12 hours to set up, is classified as a public space, offering temporary shelter
for anyone in need. – [Announcer] Number two. – [Narrator] The C-Max
Housing System was created to offer immediate
shelter for those in need. The lightweight design allows
for it to be shipped flat or stacked, with an 11 minute
setup time, once on site. Each one comes housed
in a box-like structure, with a weatherproof cover
that folds down on each side to create a space able
to sleep up to 10 people. Inside, are a folding table and chairs, as well as survival kits
that include a sleeping bag, mosquito net and a water
purification system. There are also units designed specifically as bathroom and showering facilities. Although they can’t be connected, the units can be set up in close proximity to provide a temporary community setting. Before we reveal our number one pick, we wanted to mention a few
that we thought were worth an honorable mention. First up is the Backpack Bed. The user wears it like a
normal backpack during the day. When bedding down for the
night, it unrolls to reveal a single person tent,
which can also be used in a lean to style. The Collapsible Cot is our
next one, offering a cardboard honeycomb design with plywood end caps and a foam mattress. Surprisingly, it can
hold up to 235 pounds. Next is the Empower Coat. This water resistant jacket
transforms into a sleeping bag, allowing the owner a
warm, protective cover from the elements. The insulation is composed of
31 recycled plastic bottles per coat, adding to the number
of high fives it deserves. Finally, we have a project
titled, Homeless Haven, utilizing regular benches
which can transform into temporary shelters at night. Each one expands upward
in an accordion style, creating a space that provides
protection from the elements. – [Announcer] Number one. – [Narrator] This entry
takes the number one spot, not just because of its design, but because of the sheer
size of the project. The skyscraper-like design
is a steel structure, with a secure outer
covering, meant to minimize the building’s footprint, while maximizing the vertical usage. Compact units with open floor
plans are made to be installed on site as needed. Communal areas for laundry,
showering and kitchen facilities are located on various levels as well. Unlike makeshift tent cities,
the hotel allows building in areas where space is limited. The overall design aids in
promoting social interactions as well as raising public awareness. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button, to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (gentle music)


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  • david leavitt

    really nice and quick…could be used for any number of things. Fantastic.

  • Up2 Me

    I unfortunately do not see shelters that can save life’s but more the accommodations of the future with less and less people being able to afford anything.

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  • Joeziah Babb

    whats funny is that these designs are made by people who themselves would never live in them.

    They are then marketed as low cost options.

    Governments and large non profits pay outlandish prices for the temporary shelters.

    The inventors become wealthy of a relatively small contract and go on to live in a nice large home.

    I remember when the tiny home fad started, the idea was low cost. Now there are tiny homes being marketed at more than the construction cost of a 1300 square foot home.

    I swear people in high income coastal cities have zero idea what its like to live in middle America where the average income is less than 20k per year (household income mind you)

  • Mishi Hernandez

    They all look haphazard to me. Cramped spaces with multiple occupants = rise of infectious diseases, lowered immune function, not even going to begin on the mental health of the people who are forced to live in such close proximity stacked up on top of one another. Reminds me of puppy mills

  • Daniel Mc Dowell

    These are garbage ideas from people who go home every night to safe surroundings. Facilities provided must be monitored to prevent theft, insure sanitary conditions, and promote welfare of recipients. Water and food stuffs provided by trained personnel. This we can place tents anywhere attitude is nonsense.

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    Thus they have Certainly Disbelieved who Say, "God is Three [the Trinity]" or "God is the Messiah, Jesus"

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    John 20:17, Gospel
    [Indeed, He is] my God, and your God.
    Luke 4:8, Gospel
    [So] you will worship the Lord your God, and Him only will you serve.  [This is a straight path.]"
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    Mark 12:29, Gospel
    [For Jesus himself said,] "The first of all the commandments [is], 'Hear, O Israel; the Lord our God is one Lord.'"
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    Because when they knew God, they glorified [Him] not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.  Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like a corruptible man, and birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
    Romans 1:25, Gospel
    [And thus they] changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever.  Amen.

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  • Carol Hall

    Wow! Shared. Good to hear your voice again Reacher (assuming it's a new video). The trick is to get local government to invest money and space to help the homeless.

  • deezynar

    This whole way of thinking is romantic but not nearly as beneficial as it may appear to be. Emergency situations are different from typical "homeless" conditions in the developed world. Less developed areas are usually that way because their governments are corrupt and inept. When they suffer a natural disaster, their resources are unable to care for the masses in need because the nation's wealth has already been siphoned to the leaders and their families. That means that other countries get the burden of caring for the people. As for homelessness in developed nations, that has much less to do with economics than with personal life choices. Most homeless people are drug and/or alcohol abusers and can't hold a job. They don't need shelter as much as they need to get straight. Providing them with shelter while not dealing with their substance problems just brings them closer to death. Then there are men who choose to live on the road rather than pay most of their earnings to alimony and / or child support payments. These are usually situations where the guy was providing for his family but after the divorce, the ex wife got a settlement that was far more than what he was paying when they were together. And remember, she may have been the one who sought the divorce, and her motive may have been to actually hurt him financially. Talk to divorced men, this happens. His response may be to quit his job and disappear in order to disappoint her power over him.

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  • Maddy K

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  • Random Person

    Seems to me like the ideal temporary shelter material would be corregated card board. It can be coated with spray on waterproofing or a tarp across the roof. It could be rested above the ground on waterproof platforms like plastic pallets if needed. The user could even coat the inside walls with a mylar emergency blanket for insulation. And when you're done simply bury it somewhere and it will decompose. I bet I could build a card board shelter that lasts 2 years, which is then compostable.

  • Karen Vickers

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    I also like the jacket that becomes a sleeping bag. I kind of want to have one myself.

  • Kandi Wolfe

    First things first….KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU that recognized then took a positive step by creating these very unique, functional and cozy homes for those in need!! I wish nobody needed them, but, alas so many do and it is a growing situation that far too many have tried to ignore or criminalize when compassion and action were most needed. Maybe now, with these great looking, functional, cost-effective homes, more cities and neighborhoods will take another look at getting our homeless friends into a weathee-resistant comfy place like one of these. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Peace to All of Us!!;)

  • patrick holcomb

    80% of these ideas are based on the designers idealistic reaction by homeless to graciously appreciate this style of living.
    In reality, unfortunately for tenants in communal style living conditions, not all are so tolerant… and proposals, though based in good intention are not reality based.
    those that have one style of living conditions want more and typically take more.
    Cost defines living conditions within the general public, need, strength, and power defines people that don't have.
    It's a little bit like dr. Seuss, "the have & and have nots" how many people actually understand the lesson behind that story?!
    Sanitation for transients into a community, health issues with tenants involved, communicable diseases, etc, etc, etc.
    it's an excellent idea, provided everyone has the same goal…including those that are looking to survive only, not just be grateful for the inventions and the wonderful middle to upper class handouts. they don't look for the upgrade in living conditions, they have no motivation now to improve themselves, just better handouts.
    start by if you do this, then you get this. If you do better, then you get better. not sessile prison-like treatment.
    you can actually see improvement in self motivation and empowerment if a person is given a goal.
    It is an "if this = get that". it may be harsh and basic, but it's better than "those doing will support your lazy ass, here's a hand-out for your lack of contribution so you have no reason to improve your situation."

  • Jade O 'Hara

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  • Tony Owen

    cannot use shelters for the homeless as councils and local governments prefer to attempt to rid their communities of homeless people by trying to move them on, issue fines or arrest them. What is needed is for these local governments to allocate waste land to erect homeless shelters with permanent address in order for these people to get back on their feet.


    Wow, Thank you, I don't do Camping, and Thanks God I have a house, and I would like to buy 4 of them, the Jacket, etc.
    This great products can't be the solution for homeless, because of the prices and the City permits and regulations.
    You have my like, and a new subscriber. ?????

  • Jesse

    Need a homeless division of our cities to drive out custom busses with multiple pod sleepers on this sides of them (kinda like a animal control truck). After morning we can drive these busses back to their respectable locations and there's zero footprint for sleepers in our cities. (edit idea – we could even have a on-site driver each night that can provide medical / overdose watch ) More jobs!!

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    As a former potential FEMA employee, which never went through before the hurricans started and all the major flooding, there are at least 5 models FOR SURE that COULD HAVE made a MAJOR difference for the homelessness experienced by good American families during these disasters. Heartless states who have a zero budget for the homeless like mine, could also benefit from the 'Community' options here while fighting the uphill battle of getting state budgets more humane…. I like the kind they homeless can tow behind their bikes. Now to make their bikes electric AND solar for their lack of budget and severely challenged health issues they many times suffer from without remedy…. I am touched beyond measure that you took the time for awareness. Thank you and God bless your work in this arena. May His favor overshadow you and our challenged communities.

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    Thanks for compiling this list. Homelessness, disaster relief, and crisis response have very diverse problems and consequently, solutions.
    I would love to see @shelterpacks (on insta) or www. shelterpacks.com added to this list. It’s a backpack that becomes a tent in an instant. Can be used outdoors, or indoors in lieu of cots. Available commercially and to relief agencies. It’s a four season, portable, temporary shelter that lets you carry your belongings with you, and move as you need to. It provides privacy, mobility, and dignity in crisis situations. And fun for recreation.

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  • WMA

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  • Mephistopheles

    I just wish more community leaders were educated and open minded enough to use any of these options. I live in Las Vegas Nevada and our homeless community is growing out of control and the solution they have come up with is once a week the police select a sector of the city to round everyone up and cart them all off to jail. Often having not broken any jail worthy laws. It's pitiful ?

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    Third, get them a job waiting tables for $ 1.36 per hour, with tips making up the difference to the federal minimum wage!

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  • Skinny B

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  • mike John

    Having compassion and feeling sorry for others are two different things. One, feeds the negative by fueling negativity being clung to and or a sense of helplessness. The other provides solutions be it advise, offers of employment etc. If you start simply providing for the homeless and word gets around thanks to social media you can end up with hundreds if not thousands relocating to your area because many, simply take advantage of others kindness and ruin it for those sincerely desiring to find a way to make it in this world where greed takes many forms and there will always be losers. Some have the sense they are entitled to everything and are just takers who give nothing … "Got a cigar bro?" You give out a pack and when your out and they have them, screw you. Be cautious, consider if you are creating dependence before acting.

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    No mention of san Fran or la. Weak. Fun vid till then. Dallas and detroit haven't made the news for homelessness ever. Stupid sillygoose.

  • mike John

    These have disaster emergency potential or use in 3rd world countries or emergency aid to a country in disaster but as use for homeless housing, solve the problems of why they are homeless. Tents and boxes on the streets are to be complained about but lets have tax dollars buy … little shelters. Just address the problems to begin with. A lot of people should be on disability with rent assistance and some cities outlaw homelessness so they get taken to jail which in my city is said to cost 67.00 a day. Which is cheaper? Have homeless on the streets of America and cry that we should be helping everyone in other countries while we ignore a problem here? Build more shelters and you draw in more to your city … instead of creating dependance make real solutions where they can be provided for and contribute in some capacity if possible. It amazes me that mentally challenged get a disability check and assistance and are to be included in society in jobs which someone usually is required to monitor them with which again costs even moree for them to do a job a homeless person could do that may be getting no form of assistance while the mentally challenged gets a check and could stay home.

  • Dee Fraijo

    These are great ideas. Humanitarian…were moving in a good direction. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • Mildrid J

    Go, Humana Hut!

  • 1freethinkr

    Brilliant ideas all! It would be awesome to see some, if not all of these innovative ideas used by companies as well as private individuals and groups to help others in need wherever they're needed. The recent tragedy in the Bahamas would be a great place to start but there's a very long list of equally deserving places that could benefit from such brilliant and compassionate creativity as well. EXCELLENT video!

  • Sol Surfer

    Winter is coming and The Bush is gonna be getting Cold soon ? They All Looks Awesome ?


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