2015 Rethink Recycling Sculpture Contest

On Friday November 13th, the Maryland Department
of the Environment celebrated America Recycles Day by hosting the 14th annual Rethink Recycling
sculpture contest. More than sixty high school students from 22 High Schools across Maryland
created sculptures made of recycled and reusable materials. Sculptures were judged based on
creativity, use of materials, and workmanship. Congratulations to the winning students. What a wealth of talent the state has, and it’s concentrated right here in Montgomery Park this afternoon. I want to thank the students
in particular to turn the message of recycling and sustainability into beauty and works of art I’m John Lewis, Assistant Director of the
American Visionary Art Museum, and this is actually a great example of visionary art.
These students seeing possibility, seeing artwork, seeing wondrous things in materials
that we all see every day and take for granted. It’s really remarkable what these students
have done, and I would hope and encourage them to keep working on this kind of thing.
This kind of behavior should be encouraged.

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