2019 Wellness by Design awards – RJM Construction

RJM construction is a general contractor based
in Golden Valley, Minnesota. We were founded in 1981 and we currently have
over 170 staff members. You know, for years contractors in general,
ourselves included, focused mainly on building buildings. And over the last several years we’ve realized,
we’re not just building buildings but we are really building strong people. So, the wellness program here at RJM Construction
started in 2018 in response to an employee survey that we sent out. Through that survey we found that there was
a need to create more engagement amongst our employees. So, we came up with creating a committee on
employee engagement and wellness. The committee is comprised of about seven team
members, each from different department. So, we have different perspectives. Members of our committee serve as champions
and pick out a topic from one of the four wellbeing categories. Those champions then coordinate that monthly
activity, whether it is a Lunch and Learn or putting the communication out on our team
site, email. Getting the employees engaged. We focus on four areas of wellness. The four areas are mental wellbeing, physical
wellbeing, social and financial. And within those four areas we have different
things that we do that kind of support each of the areas. Some of the things that are under the mental
wellbeing are the flexible work schedule and giving employees paid time off to accommodate
their work/life balance. We have a quiet room and a mother’s room. We also have stress management training, professional
development training as well. For physical wellbeing, we have a workout
room on site. We have standing desks. We have a bike rack and we also have fresh
fruit that can help with that physical wellbeing. We’ve also partnered with the YMCA corporate
wellness program. So, employees receive a discount for going
to a YMCA facility. RJM has incorporated a sit less initiative. We also have on-sit flu shot clinics and we
are a tobacco free building. As part of RJM’s financial wellbeing, employees
who participate in the retirement plan receive an employer match to their 401k. We’ve also brought in a 401k advisor and they
meet with employees about twice a year to review their accounts and look at their goals
and get them to where they want to be for retirement. Another thing we offer are our financial Lunch
and Learn workshops. And for social wellbeing, we do a lot of team
building events, company lunches, volunteer events. We do paid volunteer time. We want to deliver and excellent client experience
and we realize that it depends…it really all focuses on building a strong and healthy
team first. And have a strong and healthy team will certainly
encourage that positive client experience. A strong and healthy staff results in a strong
and healthy project.

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