2dktv de Hiperreal (çok gerçekçi) heykel konuşuyoruz

The look in their eyes, gestures, their hair, accessories and costume effect everything, so we have to plan everything as a whole. We use a lot of documentary stuff and make a lot of historical research. Human face is asymmetric most of the time, which empowers the natural look. This is what I really try to create. I mean, a slight asymmetry in the eyes, or some deformation of the nose adds a lot of reality to the statue. We have cooperated with almost 25 museums after we started with the Arceological Museum of Hatay with a Troglodyte statue, which took 2 months to complete. As of today we have completed 20 museum projects and new projects keep coming. 15-20 years ago we used to work with beewax instead of silicons. But I have to tell, silicon is much more suitable than the beewax. Because silicon is way more long-lasting and also much more durable against heat changes. We sometimes use real materials to add more reality, such as real snow, real ice or real earth. Nothing else can give the real feeling better than the real thing itself. It’s not only the statue that we have to design to complete a project, but also the backplan of the display, costume, haircut and everything else are considered and planned as a whole


  • DSO Trwise

    Neden beğeniden mahrum bırakıyorsunuz çalışmalarınızı ?

  • Uğur

    Adriana Lima şişme bebeği yapsa zengin olurdu sdasdasda


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