3 EASY TIPS for Drawing GREAT Sketches

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I’m brushes and bunnies and in this video I’ll be giving you some of my
easiest and simplest tricks that you can apply to your sketches to give that
extra pop or that extra contrast when it comes to art sketching is one of my
favorite things to do above anything else I appreciate it I think it’s
beautiful way of doing or creating art so over the years I have developed my
own style and I have also have developed these sort of go-to techniques or
methods to make that style come to life in a way so how to create deeper values
how to blend the pencil or the graphite pencils there’s a lot of things that I
have learned over the years so I want to cover those things in this video
starting with the materials some kind of blending techniques how I do my own
thing and also how I establish value with the graphite pencils and colored
pencils before we get started I just want to let you guys know that I do have
an Instagram Facebook accounts if you want to give a follow there I do post my
art and some Instagram stories sometimes of bunnies and travels and things that
I’m up to so if you want to give a photo you can go ahead there so let’s get
started with covering the materials having a great set of graphite pencils
can make a world’s difference between a simple HB sketch to a sketch that has a
great range of values and death my go-to said is the favorite castile 9000 art
set that includes 12 graphite pencils that range from a light 2h to a hard 8b
this is one of my absolute favorite products just because of its high
quality and durability I never really have issues with the LED breaking and
also the pencil itself draws onto the papers super super smooth I also think
that for 12 pencils you do get a great price for it at least in Germany it’s
about 12 euros for the box maybe outside of the German market it might be a
little bit more expensive but 12 euros for 12 pencils I mean how can you go
wrong with that additional materials include what you see here I have a
tissue or paper towel for blending I also use a tortilla or a blending stump
for blending which I’ll be talking about in a few minutes the next things I do
use our erasers I have a kneadable eraser just for general erasing of a
large surface and something that’s a little bit more defined more thinner is
my stapler eraser I wish I actually had one that was smaller which I’ll probably
be buying very soon but this does help for detail work when you’re drawing with
graphite and finally I do have my colored pencils for that extra detail or
contrast I do now mix between prismacolor and faber castell
polychromos they do have a difference and I’ll be doing a separate review
video on the difference between these two products but I do use this for extra
contrast in my work there are many ways to blend with a
tissue a blending stump a brush with the gradient or even with your finger I
won’t be talking about every method but I’ll only be talking about the methods
that I use every time I sketch my favorite blending technique is with the
tortilla or the blending stump which is what you see me use right now in the
video this is essentially a rolled-up piece of paper that has a pointy end I
guess that’s the simplest way to describe it
this tool is commonly used when blending drawings that have to do with charcoal
or graphite pencil it is one of the most effective blending waves I find anyways
you can also get a tortilla in different sizes from ranging from very thick to
kind of medium sized width which is what I’m using now to something that’s a lot
thinner and pointy err for finer detail I really like this tool just because it
gives that right amount of blending I don’t have to work too hard for it and
also I don’t typically blend crazy amounts of paper or drawings i I don’t
tend to draw very realistic I have kind of an illustrative style so this is a
perfect blending technique for some of the key areas that I want to blend for
example around the eyes around the nose the mouth maybe the hair and this
basically covers everything I need to do with blending another blending method
that I use has to do with the way you draw with the graphite pencils by
creating a simple gradient with a different value so you can create a
smooth transition between light to dark this is the method I typically use when
sketching in hair or backgrounds in this example I have a base of H and then I
gradually sketch a to be on top and also a 3b using tissue or paper towel is another
method that I seldom use this is super practical when you have a larger area
surface that you want to blend perhaps a background or around the edges of a
subject to get the blur effect overall in terms of blending methods I tend to
stick to the first two with the blending stump and the gradient effect if you’re struggling with creating a
great sketch try working with a wide range of values by incorporating
highlights mid-tones and shadows into your work you will quickly see a huge
difference in contrast in the case of my work as it is not realism you will not
see such a wide range in values I tend to stick primarily to two h HB 2b 4b and
8b although the first four values are closer and range the eighth beast sticks
out like a sore thumb but that’s the point with my style I’d like to use the
darkest value for certain elements such as the eyes or to frame the face in
certain cases not even the 8b is dark enough so what you’re seeing me do right
now in the video I am actually using a colored pencil to sort of highlight
these key areas around the face to darken them and really make them stand
out using a colored pencil is a great way to further enhance the darkest area
of your sketch and as a bonus it also sort of eliminates the shine that you
get with graphite pencils so let’s put part 1 2 & 3 all together
in the speed drawing video of this quick little sketch that I did in my
sketchbook essentially what I attend to start off with is always with my
lightest pencil this could range from 2 H to H B whatever I feel like using I
will use it but it’s going to be the lightest value ever as I progress with
the drawing I basically you know built the phase or built with the subject and
as I progress I start to add more values as I go along
I tend to work around the eyes first so I’ll start to add a 2 B or 3 B it’s
still going to be quite light in terms of the value range but I do tend to
start already building up some of this contrast as I go along
I’m adding contrast I’m blending it I’m using the gradient method I’m using my
blending stump to blend and I just keep adding layer on top of layer around the
certain elements that I want to emphasize my style is very specific and
illustrative and the way that I tend to use a darker value such as 6b or 8b to
emphasize the face or areas around the face or key features such as the eyes
and lips I really like this angular perspective and I like to draw thicker
lines in certain areas and I find it really beautiful when I use a darker
tone for this so this is more or less kind of the thinking behind why I use
these certain values for certain areas on a subject there will be a point in
the drawing when I will switch to colored pencils and this will then be to
highlight certain areas sometimes I use colored sometimes I stick to your
grayscale and or indigo blue or even black but I tend to use the darkest
pencil crayons around the eyes the nose the lips the face and the hair and again
this is just a highlight and really kind of extract that that contrast that I
want one of the things that tends to happen with graphite is that it’s quite
shiny one put against the light so having a kind of mapped colored pencil
on top of it will eliminate the shine and it will just bring that contrast to
another level once I’m happy with the result with the contrast and kind of the
highlighted elements I then go back and kind of fix some things add details for
facial details or skin details I tend to work with the lighter pencil maybe 2h or
in F even and I will add imperfections to the skin and also rework some of the
contrasting elements such as the blending or the gradients additional
things that I may do is either whip out my colored pencils and maybe draw one
color just to give a little bit more life to the character for example here
I’m using pink in the sketch or I then switch to my eraser and I just kind of
highlight certain areas especially around the eyes and this is why I would
recommend getting a eraser that’s a little bit thinner the tip is point here
and you’ll be able to get really into the
nitty-gritty details of your sketch and highlight certain areas very very
beautifully so yeah that’s about everything I hope you did enjoy this
video I hope you learned something please let me know down below in the
video comments if you have any additional things that you do to make
your sketch stand out or to make your sketch really pop with vibrancy and with
life I’d love to hear your techniques so do comment down below that being said I
will then see you in next week’s video I hope you have a wonderful weekend and
yeah I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world we’ll see each other
very soon bye


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