– I feel so awkward. – Why? I don’t know. Hello – oh my god!! *laughs* Okay, we’ll do it on the camera – You do it. You do it. *Both laughing* Okay, one, two, three… Hello there! Welcome back to my channel. Welcome back to — an eraser! Um… What are you doing? I don’t actually do that. Hello there! Look who I’m with! Hi, how are you guys? My name is Rae and – Everyone knows you, sorry carry on. -Ain’t nobody know me! -Everyone knows you! -Yeah, but they’re here for you. I’m like taking over. I’m like hey guys, it’s Rae here! Like, everyone knows you, like everyone has asked for this collab. Since like, the beginning of time. Yes. Yes, I agree. Every single time somebody asked me to collab it’s either with you or Jazza. So today me and Rae are going to be going into Michaels, gonna do a three minute challenge in Michaels to get as many art supplies as we can. I’m doing this on my channel and on Rae’s channel, she’s gonna be doing the three minute challenge as well, um, just to see what we can grab in three minutes and that’s pretty much it. I’m gonna be a flustered mess and that’s about it. Yeah, so I hope you enjoy the video. *Both laughing* *Chloe laughing* Okay, I’m in the same aisle that Rae was in so it makes it fair because the art supplies are right behind us, right there. I’m good, oh maybe I should do it on my watch, I’ll do it on my watch, make it easy. Where’s Siri? Siri, help me. I don’t know how to use this watch. – (Rae) I believe in you.
– Set timer for three minutes. Okay, three minutes – Oh, it’s started! It started at 2:58, that’s not fair! Maybe I should just get something like that, oh no, maybe I – no, okay. Oh god, I need a canvas as well! Wood panel like that. (Rae): You’re going super fast! No, that’s smart. I should have gone fast, I was like a turtle. *Laughs* Okay. Oh god. (Rae): Oh, that’s a lot of time. This is so stressy, I can see why it’s like – like that for you. Oh God I know what I’m doing, let’s go this way. That’ll do. I haven’t even got any paint yet, I should probably hurry up. (Rae): Yeah, that’s like number one, dude. Um, there’s that… no. (Rae): My little legs can’t keep up! I’m sorry! Okay, that’ll do I guess. I don’t know what Reeves does but – that’s that. I have… 45 seconds left! I’m running out of time, 20 seconds. *loud chattering in background* I can’t find – okay, let me calm down, I can’t find anything. I swear they have the basic stuff right? It’s not just all professional? Uhhhh, I’m gonna run out of time, four seconds, okay. (Rae): Yeah, just grab somethin’ and go, dude! Varnish, okay. I need Gesso, but I can’t find it. Dammit! I just saw it. (Rae): Time, time, time. And I just saw the Gesso and I was just about to grab it and I didn’t. – (Rae): You did good. – It was okay. I think I can make something with that. I didn’t get any Gesso which is probably a good thing because normally Gesso is white and I didn’t want to have a white background so – So yeah, that – that’s that. (Rae): That is that. That’s everything, I think that I have found everything that I need and yeah, I’m gonna have to try and make art with this now so wish me luck. Make sure you go check out Rae’s challenge cause her’s was more fun than mine. Thank you Chloe for having me on your channel. Thank you for having me on yours! – We’re like besties now. – Yeah, yeah. Okay, bye guys, bye! Bye! I don’t think we’re in focus but bye! Hello from the future. We are now at my desk at home, it’s almost two months later since that last clip and it is an absolute miracle because I have not lost any of these art supplies. So the first thing that I bought were these paints by Reeves, I’ve never heard of them before and honestly the only reason I picked them up was because I needed a set of paints. I had about a minute remaining and I thought, I’m gonna be stuck painting with air at this point and they were the only set of paints that I could see. I got the set of paintbrushes as well, which was really really nice. They were like ten dollars or less than that, I believe which is great. Got a nice selection there. Not really any detail brushes or really big brushes, but I can work with it! I then got the set of General’s pencils which had an eraser and a sharpener so I can sketch out the – the sketch. I got these wood panels as well, which I was a bit overly excited to use, so I actually did open them and then paint something on it the other day. Oops, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I was excited and I love them. I LOVE them. They are so good to paint on. This piece, by the way, is for sale on my website if you want it, and lastly I found some Gesso, not Gesso, nope, nope. Sorry. It’s varnish. I spent a minute looking for Gesso, couldn’t find it. I called it, I called it – No, Jess-o! Wait what? It’s Jess-o, not Gesso, Jess-o. I keep, I’ve always called Gesso and it’s wrong. Sorry, found some varnish. Let’s move on. And now comes the fun part, the – the idea behind this one was really idyllic in my head, I thought it was, “ah this is gonna be, this is a great idea! This is gonna look great. I want this farmhouse and some hydrangeas and like a little white picket fence” and about an hour into it I realized that I hated it. I hated the colors, I hated the paint. The paint was not applying well to this wood at all because wood like, really soaks up the paint and this in particular paint needed to be layered up about 65 times to get any form of coverage on this wood. So yeah, I took it, threw it to the ground and started over. Will I go back to it one day? Probably not. So then I decided I needed to go back to the drawing board, quite literally the drawing board and I decided of all things to paint a mushroom, please don’t ask me why I thought of this, ummm… I just wanted to make something similar to what I’d made previously on the wooden panel that I liked so much and I thought, okay I’m going to make a really cool series of paintings like a fantasy star thing. So I’m gonna draw a MUSHROOM. So yeah, I drew a mushroom, a little mushroom house to be fair, it had like little curtains and a door for whatever Smurf lived inside and yeah, it looked, it was okay. It was good in my head okay, it was good in my head. Um, yeah, the paintbrushes were probably one of my least favorite things because the little fibers and the hairs kept coming out so every hour I’d look down, every now and again I’d look down and there’d be like a little one-inch hair just plopped on the paint that I’d have to like pick out and then it would even, it was a pain. But yeah, you know, it’s definitely worth paying a little bit more for some paintbrushes but I didn’t have time to pick up some decent ones, unfortunately. Yeah, so this, that’s a bit about my painting, my supplies. I thought I would talk a little bit more about how cool Rae is and YouTube in general because a lot of you seem to want me to make more proper slow down painting videos and then talk about things that are happening in my life or happening in general. So I met Rae in August, I think it was of 2017. She sent me a message over on Instagram and she was like, hey, let’s be friends! You know, I’ve, I do similar content to you and basically from then we hit it off. We did a collab, like at a distance and ever since we became like proper friends, it’s been so nice. I can’t even tell you how nice it is because okay. I was – I moved to the US when I was around nine years old and I was home-schooled, I begged my mom to homeschool me because I – everything was taught differently when I came over here to what I was used to in the UK, so I was home-schooled from the age of like 10 or 11 through to high school, basically. Um, so I was always at home then and now I work from home as well. Even did my university course all online for four years. So I am at home 99% of the time which is fine with me because I love being at home, I love just being cozy and safe and happy and all that stuff, but because of that I don’t go out to work, I don’t have work colleagues, I don’t have the sort of people to talk to or socialize too much with, so YouTube for me has been so incredible, like I have friends at a distance like long-distance friends, of course, and obviously all my YouTube friends are all unfortunately long-distance, too but it was so nice back in March for all five of, like five of my friends, to all of us to meet up and like really just talk about YouTube and all that kind of stuff in general and Rae actually came a couple days early so that we could film this and spend a couple days earlier together and it was so nice because we’ve been friends for such a long time and she’s such a support and such a kind person and she’s always helping me if ever I have problems, like we always like discuss things and joke about things if we’re having trouble with like YouTube or things in general and it’s just really nice to have someone there that understands I guess, because YouTube, it’s kind of difficult, like YouTube careers is something that are so new. It’s one of the newest like industries if you want to call it that, out there, like a lot of people don’t understand. I have a family member that actually said “oh, well, I didn’t know in my day if I could have done YouTube, I would have earned money and done it.” It’s like yeah, it’s unfortunately not quite that easy, and it’s not, YouTube’s not simple to get into and it’s sort of something that we’ve all been kind of, I don’t wanna say thrust into, but it, we… none of us expected to make a career out of it because we did it just because we enjoyed it and because we loved it. Um, and yeah, Rae has just been such a light for me, especially in regards to not understanding what being self-employed was like, what I’ve never, you know, what, what even is that? I went from working in like, in Ulta part-time to being like self-employed full time as a YouTuber, like that’s not the kind of thing you can ever prepare for or ever go into and apply for, it’s just something that happens and you’re like “what just happened to my life”, so it’s nice to have people that understand and Rae has just always been there for me and helped me, whether it’s with taxes or rude comments, she’s just been such a light and I’m so grateful for her and she’s such an incredibly talented artist as well so if you don’t follow her make sure you do and leave a comment on her video saying that you were sent by me. So Rae, thank you so much for doing this collab with me. I really really enjoyed it, it was so much fun seeing you and I’m gonna be seeing Rae another couple times this year, which is gonna be so much fun! But yeah, I really enjoyed sitting down doing this even if it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to fully, I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed the challenge as well because I was at least able to choose supplies that I wanted even if it was in a rush, and uh, yeah, this is how it turned out. I know this isn’t like the funniest, most entertaining video in the world but I love how you asked me to sort of sit down and just talk every now and again. Because I act silly, I kind of you know do silly things, I do these hack videos that everyone asks me for, but I – It’s hard to know what everyone wants because some people want sit down, talking videos; other people want like action, silly, being stupid, you know that type of thing. So do let me know in the comments what it is that you’d think that you like to see from me because I’d really appreciate hearing more from you about that and yeah, this is how it turned out. I, again it’s not exactly what I wanted, but I’m happy enough with it. It’s a little mushroom. I don’t know what the name of this piece is yet, but yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing because Rae showed me what she painted, what she drew and it was incredible and it was really sweet what she made and here’s me painting a mushroom. Ah ha! So, yeah, that’s what it looks like, thank you so much for watching. I really hope that you enjoyed this video, if you’d like to see more videos like this in the future do let me know in the comments down below and I will definitely consider doing that and yes, thank you so incredibly much for watching, I hope that you enjoyed the video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. Go check out Rae, I’ve not said it enough. Go check out Rae, there’s a link in the description. Okay, take care of yourselves, and I will see you in the next video. Bye! *Music*

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