3 Ways to Make Your Own Stickers!

Hi everyone, I am so excited to show you how
I made these stickers because I have to be honest and say that I love stickers, almost
as much as I love notebooks! I remember when I was younger, I would gently
peel stickers from my tests or anywhere there was a sticker I wanted to keep and add them
to my dollar store sticker book, even if they had bits of paper stuck to the back or were
ripped or bent in any way, I kept them and I still have them today. So for this video, I am gonna walk you through
3 ways that you can make your very own stickers from your drawings and show you how to use
them in your journal! I have the links to all of the products that
are used in the description, and again want to thank you for supporting my work, if you
purchase through them because they are affiliate links. The first technique is also a journal idea
for the year. And it uses removable white contact paper,
gold Decocolor paint marker, black oil based Sharpie paint marker, and packing tape. As I was planning out the year, I wanted to
create something in my journal that allowed me to move things around. Because as you know, plans do not always work
out. And before, I was using pencil and just erasing
as I went along, but I wanted to change things up so, I came up with this map idea! You can use any map you want depending on
where you are and where you want to go. To start, I printed out my map to the size
of my full spread and then scribbled all of the back side. This then turns the image into a transfer. And all you have to do is, with some pressure,
but not too much, trace over your map, exactly where you want it in your journal. I would definitely recommend a softer lead,
so the higher number “Bs.” I go over a little bit of the different types
of leads in my supplies video if you want to reference that, I’ll link down below
for you. Once everything is transferred, I’ll go
back in with my pencil, fill in the missing details, then ink the entire spread with my
micron and gelly roll gold, adding in a keys section on the lower right and next to that,
any specifics I want to add, such as dates and exact locations. Now onto the stickers, cut a small piece of
removable contact paper and draw whatever symbols you want to use for your map. I know there are removable labels out there,
but I am not familiar with them, so definitely read those reviews and I think you can also
get away with using the sticky part of post-its. For my symbols, I am using stars for places I am going, hearts for places I want to go, and then little shop icons for any art and craft fairs I might
want to do. I want to do some shows this year and really
build a collection of products for that, plus I think it’ll be really fun to meet people
who love my work. I am also adding in planes to add more interest,
but these are looking a little too cartoonish for me, but its not bad enough to redo. Let them dry and then cover them up with packing
tape, making sure that each icon you want to use is completely covered with a single
piece of tape. This makes the sticker durable and protects
the paint from scratching off. And then it’s time to cut. I made a few extras in case I want to add
any more to my map later. And now the fun part, putting your stickers
where they need to go! The cool thing is, you really can’t mess
this up because they are removable and you can change your plans as you go through the year. I then added a little kraft envelope to hold
the extras, underneath the key section, to complete the spread. You can also fill in the places you’ve been
and add anything else to make this map work for you! The second technique you’ve probably seen
before, using packing tape and water. I am including this because I wanted to show
you how I turn my sketches into digital files to print, and because I was so curious what
else I could transfer onto the packing tape, other than laser print outs and magazine pages,
so I did a little test to share with you! I have a page in my sketchbook already that
I think would look perfect as stickers, so I am going to place my camera on my horizontal
beam, position the page to fill the shot, add a little more lighting, and then snap
as a RAW file. Import that into my computer and open it in
Camera RAW to adjust the contrast and all of that to cleanup my lines. Once that is done, I import it into photoshop,
move it into a new document I set up in the szie I want, and then clean out the white
of the background. Now, it’s time to print them out. If you bought any of my setups, you can definitely
turn them into stickers using this method, I added some things onto the print out to
show you what it’ll look like! Since, we already know that the laser images
are going to transfer, I was more curious about pens that would also transfer. This way, you can actually draw something
on a piece of paper and turn it into clear sticker without a laser printer. And you can mess up however many times you
want, until you get it right, then turn that one into the sticker. I have 6 markers and pens to try. I did try using a plain sharpie before, but
I realized that only water resistant ink that stays on the surface of the paper, will transfer
onto the tape. First is the silver gelly roll, then the black
gelly roll, gold gelly roll, the decocolor white opaque paint marker, gold decocolor
paint marker, and the black sharpie oil based paint marker. I then added some gold onto the florals and
back into my illustration of the bear and bunny using the gelly roll and the gold decocolor. Let all of that completely dry and then cover
them up with packing tape. Make sure to scale your images to fit into
the packing tape and to lay them out in a way that makes it easy to tape. I didn’t do any of that, but I am going
to make this work. Really press the tape down to the images to
make sure that every single centimeter is solid. And then cut them out with or without a border,
that’s up to you. Once they are all cut, place them in water
for about 3-5 minutes, it doesn’t need to be a specific temperature. You definitely want the paper to roll right
off when you rub it. After all of the paper is rubbed off, place
them sticky side down on wax paper and then pat them dry with a paper towel. It does look a little funny after the water
is absorbed into the wax paper, but now they are ready to use and really easy to peel off. So it looks like all of the paint markers
and pen transferred, but the black gelly roll turned translucent and the gold gelly roll
smudged a little bit. You can use any of these to draw
an original doodle and turn it into a sticker or add some metallics to a laser print, like
I did here. The gold gelly roll shine is so much better
than the gold decocolor. For the third and final technique you’ll
need full label sheets of your choice, digitize your drawings just like we did for the second
technique, and anything you want to draw or color with, but nothing that can bleed through
the paper. For the digitized drawings, setup the page
and then print them out on the label paper. Now you can cut them out leaving a little
bit of border if you want and this part does not need to be perfect, you’re not a machine
so it’s okay to have uneven edges. And that’s pretty much done. For hand drawn original stickers, sketch on
the paper side, using a pencil like you would normally draw. I want to add to the printed stickers to create
a collection so I am drawing mountains, the same moon as in my new year journal ideas
video, and a bunny holding a star up to the sky. Notice that my sketch lines are pretty messy,
which is exactly how I need them to be, in order for me to find the shape that I like best. I still cannot draw a perfect circle in one
take, so if you find yourself sketching multiples lines like me, you are on the right path. I’ll go into more detail in my drawing tutorials,
so if you have any specific requests on what you want to learn how to draw, comment down below! Just remember that you are all very capable
of creating beautiful things. After I have my sketches done, then it’s
time to ink using my 03 Micron pen. This one is dying on me but I don’t want
to waste a drop, so I’ll use it until it runs out. And then once that is done, I’ll go in and
erase some lines and add in the gold with my gelly roll. Let that dry for a minute or two and then
we’re ready to cut! I went back in to some of the printed florals
and added in gold to tie it back into the entire sticker collection. They look fantastic together, I would highly
recommend this as a gift idea, nothing is more special than an original sticker set. So pack it up in a cellophane bag or any bag
you want and it’s the perfect thing. If you ever ordered something physical from
my shop, this is also the way I make my stickers for my packaging to add a personal touch. But instead of using white matte label paper,
I use a clear gloss label paper and my laser printer. And finally, the moment I’ve been waiting
for, I want to introduce you to my very first sticker sheet, now available in my shop! The cutie pie fox parading with the branch
and leaves will definitely be greeting you when you receive the package! As I show you how these DIY stickers look
on a journal page, I have to tell you that I had this video idea on my list for a while
and then I watched Jenny from jenny journals talk about how she makes her stickers for
her shop and thanks to her wonderful world, I wanted to share my illustrations as stickers too! So thank you Jenny for inspiring me to try
something new! She is just so sweet and her journaling videos
are beautiful, she definitely has a unique style. I am all about sharing the love and supporting
others, so definitely give her a lot of love, she has grown her world so much within the
past year and I am so excited to see where her journey takes her. I have the link to her video below and the
link to these floral studies stickers in my shop! I will definitely be adding more stickers
into my shop, so follow me on instagram to be the first for updates and you’ll see
them floating around in my videos as well. Okay, so I have to admit to you, this video was one of the hardest ones I had to organize, it doesn’t seem that way, but I am so thankful to have you all here because it kept me going. I didn’t want to create just another DIY
sticker video, I actually wanted to give you ideas and to show you how to build on top
of the basic techniques, whether that is in the actual sticker technique, how it is used,
or the content you use to make a basic sticker, so I really hope that this video inspired you, even just a little bit. Thank you so much for all the love and support,
and I hope you all have a wonderful, meaningful day and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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