3D Drawing : How to Draw a 3D Floating Ball Sketch | Trick Art on Hand

How to Draw a 3D Floating Ball Sketch on Hand This is a 3d trick drawing tutorial Things You Need… Black Pencils, Cotton Bud, Color Sketch Pens, White Acrylic Colors, Brush & Black Marker Take your palm and draw the outline of the ball using sketch pen. Start adding the details using different colors and shadings as shown here. Use a white acrylic paint to highlight the ball like this. Use an ear bud to spread the paint. Now use a black pen to give more detailing and shading. Again take the ear bud and spread the color for highlighting and shading. Take a black pencil and fill the circle as shown here to uplift the texture Use white acrylic color for shiny highlights and mix the colors with cotton bud. Highlight the white acrylic color with a blue sketch and alternatively repeat the process till you get the perfect shade Merge and blend the colors with cotton bud to make a realistic shadow Now highlight the outer portion of the ball with an orange sketch as shown here. Spread and blend the acrylic color and use black pen shadings on the ball for a realistic look. Give more shadings to the shadow for visual effects. Wow!! Your realistic 3D Floating Ball sketch is now ready. Thanks for watching!



    Está genial!!!! 🙂 muy lindo gracias por compartirlo.

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    Wow , Its amazing trick art. Thanks for step by step tutorial. even kids can draw this.

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    It looks Awesome as always!!!

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    I like your each and every craft

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    amazing I like it good

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    hii !! very nice art !! i have subscribed to your channel and even your crafts helped me a lot !! Thank you so much !!.. And a small question.. How to remove this from our hand !??

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