$49 Colorit vs. +$80 Faber-Castell Colored Pencils (& Channel Update)

Before we get to the video I just want to
quickly jump in and to give you guys an introduction to a new YouTube channel
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artist struggles so I’m going to be talking about that as well as using this
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let’s get back to the art Hi everyone welcome back to my channel today we’re
going to be doing a fun comparison videos we’re going to be comparing two
different sets of colored pencils we do have here the color it pencils from the
company color it and we also have the faber castell polychromos so I’ll be
doing a comparison video and I have sketched out two drawings here just
really quickly outlined it with fine liner and we will be coloring one with
the colorant colored pencils and then we will be coloring one with the faber
castell polychromos so if we quickly just talk about both products we will
start with the color it colored pencils you can order these online it is $49.99
u.s. dollars on their website and it comes in a hard case which is really
really cool actually it’s a beautiful hard case
and there are 72 colored pencils within the case itself it also comes with a
pencil sharpener which I don’t have here it’s somewhere in my junk my mess of
products here but it does come with a sharpener which is really cool and handy
but you can see there’s a lot of really cool colors so we’ve got like the
grayscale colors we actually even got like a goldish and a I think is very
silver I think there’s a silver and a gold and we have all the greens and the
Browns and the purples and the blues and of course the Reds pinks and the
beige-ish beige-ish that’s not even a word but like these orange yellow colors
as well which is really cool it’s a really nice set and I’m really liking
the color the colors that come within the set itself so I’m really excited to
test it out on the actual paper now if we compare so like originally with this
video I wanted to do a comparison video in terms of price wise so this is $49.99
for a set of 72 colored pencils now for the faber castell I don’t have a
set of 72 I don’t believe a set of 72 actually exists I think you
can get a set of 60 or a set of 120 if I’m not mistaken I have here a set of 24
which is actually the very first sets that I ever bought from faber castell
but you can see here that I store all of them in this charge because it’s much
easier to oh and there’s colors inside I don’t even know that well yeah I saw
everything in a jar just because it’s much easier to use
however warning guys warning yesterday I the jar was on the edge of my table and
my husband accidentally knocked them over so they all fell on the ground and
they broke which is not going to be fun when I have to do this video and they’re
pretty resilient in terms of the quality so I’m hoping that the lead inside is
not fully broken we will see in a minute when we draw these sketches but I really
hope they’re okay but nevertheless I do also have a very big box of Faber
Castell which also includes a full set of polychromos so for a set of I
have a set of 24 but I want to compare it versus the 72 set of colored
pencils from colorit so for a set of 60 faber castell you can get it for
approximately 81 dollars so US dollars these are prices I’m finding on Amazon I
actually don’t know what the actual price is this will depend on your art
store and then if you want to go for a like higher value for a set of 120 of
the polychromos this will cost approximately 160 US dollars and again
these are just prices I find on Amazon so let’s do it compare the video let’s
see the set of 72 colorit so 50 US dollars versus I don’t even know what
the value of this anymore but like versus $80 or versus a hundred
approximately a hundred dollars I would say um let’s get started so I like to
first start off by saying that I’m not a pro in coloring a drawing in full pencil
crayon I usually have a mixed-media thing happening either with marker and
or watercolor so drawing something fully in in pencil cryaon was a challenge in
itself for myself on the left hand side you will see that I’m drawing with
colorit colored pencils and on the right I am drawing with the polychromos
overall I think I kind of don’t want to have this as a product review I just
want to show that the products themselves you do not need the most
expensive products at all times to start off with and also just to do art in general
so the cheaper brands can also work really really nicely however there are
some differences which you will see later on as the video progresses one of
these differences is actually the color pigmentation so you’ll notice with the
faber castell polychromos there is a lot more richness in terms of
the color especially with the shadows and just the depth of the color range
and this I think I would say that this is because faber castell polychromos
are oil-based while the colorit colored pencils are actually wax based now with
the wax core the wax pencils these are the most popular
pencils that you can buy out there especially for the cheaper variety of
colored pencils a lot of the brands that are cheaper that you maybe buy it for
your children at school these are wax based and the waxes are
really good to start off with they’re really great beginners pencils not not
only because they are cheap and easy to find but also just because they are also
good quality you can find a lot of good quality wax based pencils out there now
I think that the only thing that I struggle with wax base is that you
cannot really layer as much as you can with the oil core now what I mean by
that is that when you start to apply a layer after layer with a wax colored
pencil you will get something called a wax bloom which is much more visible in
the darker areas when you’re shadowing or shading in an area on your paper you
might get an accumulation of wax which is known as wax bloom now there are
things that you can really prevent to kind of remove the wax bloom there are
certain sprays that you can use where you can basically spray down the paper
and then add another layer of colored pencil on top with kind of like avoiding
the wax bloom scenario and generally speaking I got this sort of wax bloom
build-up happening with the left-hand side of the drawing and I was really not
able to get any of my colors darker or apply a darker shade because it just
wasn’t going on now if we compare this to the more expensive polychromos which
are oil based you do not get this wax bloom it’s very easy to blend the colors
and to keep applying layers I’ve never really had the issue where I just wasn’t
able to get the color or the shade dark enough I was always able to make it
happen with the faber castell polychromos another thing that I noticed
was actually the quality of both products now I again I don’t want to do
an actual review of this but I guess I’m going in that direction and you
basically get what you pay for in a way where if you go for the cheaper brands
you have to realize that certain things will just not be as high-quality as the
more expensive stuff and that’s just the way the world goes but there are times
that you will find a product that is nice for the price now in terms of the
product that I was using for the cheaper brand the color it pencils crayons or
the colored pencils I had a lot of problems with the lead breaking this
could have been associated to the fact that the package was shipped over from
the US so it could have been tumbling here and there around the world when it
was being shipped to Germany but I did have a lot of issues with the lead
breaking and I had to constantly sharpen I used the sharpener from the sharpener
that was provided within the actual set and also my own a faber castell
sharpener and I still was not happening like it just wasn’t working like I had
to continue to continuously sharpen and the lead would keep breaking is that I had
to sharpen more and it was a little bit bothersome but again this could be
associated to the fact that the product was shipped halfway across the world now
compared to the more expensive polychromos I have used these for years
and I’ve never had issues apart for one pencil that you guys might remember in
one of my live streams where it just kept breaking apart from that I I never
had issues with the lead inside breaking I never have issues with sharpening
usually I need a couple like rounds of the sharpener and it will be pencil
sharp while the wax-based colored pencils I just couldn’t get a
sharp enough point at sometimes so there’s a little bit of a difference but
if you’re beginning this might not be so bad but if we are using it for something
like a pet portrait you’re working on something professional for a friend for
a customer you want a pencil that you can rely on which is why you would
typically buy more expensive polychromos at the end of the day I just want to
make the point that you do not need the most expensive art supplies to start off
with you can get the cheaper brands they will work fine and is just for the
purpose of learning if you guys want to get into more professional things you
can do that at the time but granted it is quite expensive especially with
polychromos but it’s definitely worth it because I love them so much that being
said I do think that the left hand side drawing
turned out much better just because of the actual I don’t know like
although the faber castell was much more like vivid the colors are bright the
drawing actually didn’t turn out as great as I wanted to I don’t like the
way the face turned out somehow and something went wrong along the way and I
do prefer the colorant version which is kind of interesting even though the
colors are just not as popping not as bright it did turn out much better as
always thank you guys so much for watching give this a big thumbs up and
don’t forget to subscribe as well as don’t forget to subscribe to my new
channel below which you will see on here in the screen and below the video
description have a nice day guys and thanks once more bye


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