5 TIPS and TRICKS for DRAWING HAIR | Digital art in Photoshop and Procreate

Hey what’s up!? Let’s talk about drawing hair In this video I’d like to give you 5 tips when drawing hair in digital art software like Photoshop or Procreate Some of the tips will also apply to other digital art software or traditional media. Tip number 1 When drawing hair, try not to focus on details and individual hairs but think about the big shapes First focus on the overall shape of the hairstyle, next you can sketch in the big strands of hair Once you have made a pretty detailed sketch of these strands, you can start painting in the base colors of the hair Try to not think about individual hairs until the very last part of the painting process Getting the overall shape of the hairstyle and the strands right is what’ll make the hair look realistic Tip number 2 My next tip is to use hair brushes Hair brushes in digital art software like Photoshop and Procreate can be very useful You can use these brushes to add hair texture to the hairstyle you’re painting You do need a solid base though, so keep thinking about tip number 1 and get those big shapes and strands down. Tip number 3 This tip is all about color variation Hair isn’t just one color with different values, but you can find a lot of color variation in hair. You can pick colors that lie close together in the color wheel or you can add an overlay layer to your painting to add some color variation or to warm up or cool down some colors in the hairstyle you’re painting. Tip number 4 A great tool to add to the realism of hair is the blur tool You can apply a slight blur to layers of hair texture you have laid down using hair brushes or you can apply a blur to the overall hairstyle Blurring the edges of the hair will give a photo like effect to your painting and add to the realism. Tip number 5 My final tip is to think about how much detail is actually needed in your hair painting or drawing. Do you need to show each individual hair? No The brain of your viewer will fill in gaps and painting a whole lot of detail really isn’t necessary Leaving out detail can actually add to the realism in your painting. Have fun painting hair in Photoshop or Procreate! Or any program or medium you prefer of course. I hope you found my tips useful, if you did and if you liked this video don’t forget to give a thumbs up, I really appreciate it! Thank you so much for your support, I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for watching and I will see you next time, for the next digital art tutorial!


  • Art lord art channel

    Very good tips

  • Gina 101 Creative Moods

    Thank you Flo… I love painting hair but I still need a LOT of practice … I hope someday I’ll be as good as you at art … Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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    Very nice tips

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    Thanks for these tips and tricks! ? I’ll definitely use them.

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    I love it ,too

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    Great video!! ❤️

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    Hey super goeie tutorials! Heb me meteen geabonneerd. Ik ben net begonnen met digitaal tekenen en schilderen

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    It is better to use procreate or photoshop?

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    I can´t fill the space the correct wayHelp

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    i love the way you give the tips and love your voice too thank you Flo


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