5 Tips for Completing Inktober 2018: Inktober Survival Tips and Daily Drawing Hacks

So this is really an Inktober survival kind of video. I am going to be showing some tips and tricks that I personally find helpful and that I personally use with you guys. I know that some of you are planning on participating in Inktober this year so you might find this sort of stuff helpful. And if you’re not planning on participating in Inktober, then maybe after watching this video you might fancy doing it. So very quickly for those of you who don’t know, (I am sure most of you do, but for those of you that don’t know) Inktober is a 31 day drawing challenge It is created by Jake Parker. I will leave a link to his website, the Inktober website, in the description box down bellow. You can go check it out. And Jake Parker created this challenge to practice his inking and to get into good… into a good drawing habit. So the only rule is that you need to use ink. By that he means like a brush pen or a ballpoint pen, a fine liner, a dip pen, and real ink. The idea is to really practice your inking skills and to get into a good habit of drawing everyday. So tip No. 1: Is to instead of doing 31 drawings, which can sound like a lot, and it is a lot! What I did the very first year that I did this, instead of drawing 31 pages in my sketchbook, Or taking 31 pieces of paper, I took one big piece of paper. It was an A3 piece of paper. And I just drew 31 small drawings onto the piece of paper. And the piece that I am showing you here now, is back from 2015- 2014 something like that. So you have to forgive the terrible drawing because it was a while ago. *laughs* And I just kind of chose a Disney princess theme. And I just drew 31 different drawings, I didn’t fit all the princesses onto one page, but I drew some of the objects. You know Aladdin’s lamp, Mulan’s hair clip And I just drew 31 drawings onto one piece of paper. And I found that was really manageable. And you can create this really kind of cool mural at the end of it. I also think this also a really good idea because
you can take one piece of paper, you can leave it out on your desk and
even if you really only have 5 minutes
to draw something or to doodle something
on some days, then it is very simple to kind of look at the paper
um, and think ooh I can fit , you know, something in there. Or, I can sit down for 5 minutes and doodle something
in the corner there. And at the end you have this really nice finished piece
that you can hang up or, you know, do whatever you want with So I think if, 31 drawings! sounds just too much for you, but you’d still like to participate and get into the habit everyday, then try just drawing… Get a big piece of paper and just fill that piece of paper. And what is also really nice about this, is that as you work though… you can see the drawing growing at the same time. So Um And this goes for your sketchbook as well.
I think if you are doing it in a sketchbook, it’s nice to look back
over the days you’ve completed. It helps to motivate you to keep going. So the second tip that I have is to pick a theme. Now Jake Parker has an official prompt list for Inktober. Um, and the first few prompts are things like, ‘Swift,” “Divided,” “Poison,” “Underwater” “Long,” and “Sword.”
So they’re things that are… that could apply to lots of different things. So they’re quite… You interpret them in any way you want. They’re quite nonspecific in other words.
So, they are the official Inktober prompts and I always like to do these, I mean I didn’t the very first year that I did it, but this year I do want to incorporate the official
prompt list into the challenge because I think that’s part of the challenge it is obviously of course entirely optional and you can always make your own list, but I think having a theme, or a list of prompts is actually very important to doing the challenge successfully, because last year I didn’t have a list of prompts, or a theme and I ended up spending far too much time thinking of what to draw so the way that I think about this is that if you have
fifteen minutes every day to sit down and draw, you don’t want to spend… or let ‘s say half an hour
*laughs* Fifteen minutes is not very long.
But lets say half an hour, you don’t want to spend 10 minutes thinking of what you are going to draw. You kind of, you want to spend 5 minutes, or 4 minutes!
thinking of that, and most of your time
actually doing the drawing. So I find that if you pick a theme, let’s say that you pick Disney, or you pick Harry Potter,
or, you know, Avatar the Last Airbender or, you pick a favorite movie,
or kind of a universe. If you pick a fandom that’s quite a good way to go. Because, you know with Disney, you could combine the Disney theme that you are personally doing with the official prompt list. It’s very easy to combine them. So you know on the official prompt list you’ve got a word like poison. Well “Disney” “Poison”
You could draw Snow White’s apple or the wicked queen “Underwater” well something from Ariel. “Sword,” you could draw the Sword in the Stone. Um. You know, you could, you can combine the two. But the nice thing about that is, You’ve got your theme, you have your prompt so when you sit down, you are limiting your options so it’s much easier to think of what to draw. And the same for Harry Potter or any other fandom. But if you don’t want to do a fandom theme, then you could pick a something perhaps something
you want to practice more. So you could just like pick “Animals.” You are going to draw animals for the whole of Inktober. And then you have your different prompts to help you think of what animal to draw. so “Swift,” I don’t know, you could draw a lion. “Underwater” obviously is some sort of fish, maybe. And then the prompt “Long,” a snake or something. Or you could do a food! Food could be quite challenging! But again you can draw objects. You could pick a theme that is something you want to practice. And this kind of leads me into the next tip. These two tips kind of go together. Uh The next tip is to not overwhelm yourself with
what you are going to draw. so What I did last year, and this was a big mistake, I decided to pick a theme, I was going to draw full length people in different interaction poses. And this is something that I haven’t practiced a lot of And I over. I over did the. I just. Um. I got myself far to deep. So that on the first day I was so frustrated with what I was drawing, because it wasn’t what I wanted, I redrew that first day drawing three times! And colored it three times! So instead of just spending half an hour doodling a nice drawing, or you know, doing a bit of inking, I’m spending four hours on something! And after three days I was burnt out. I couldn’t
do it anymore. So when you are picking a theme, You can pick something that you want to improve on, but do pick something that you are comfortable with because you have to do it for 31 days! So pick a theme that is quite broad. Something that, you know, you want to draw more of, but not something that you’ve never drawn before, that will be so difficult that you will just end up getting frustrated and upset. And it is good to practice these things, but I think when you are doing a challenge like this, I think you’ve got to make it fairly easy on yourself because you have to keep it up. The next tip is to keep the supplies you are going to use quite basic. And, I like to keep all the supplies in a little bag. And again, this tip kind of goes in with the last three, well, all the tips are kind of linked. But the reason for this one is that, when you sit down at your desk for your
15 minute – half an hour drawing slot you don’t to want spend a lot of that time, either thinking of what to draw, *laughs*
but we kind of dealt with that in the last tip, or thinking of what art supplies shall I use. So at the very sort of basic level, you could just use a ballpoint pen, and that’s really simple. You can have a sketchbook, or big piece of paper and a ballpoint pen, and you are good to go. You don’t have to go out and buy any new supplies everybody’s bound to have a ballpoint pen around their house I have some different inking pens that I like to use. They’re colored multi liners But what I suggest you do is that you limit your supplies. Another thing that I am thinking of using this year are the mozart water brush pens so I am going to be using a couple of waterproof fine liners and then the brush pens to add some color to my finished drawings. But what I am going to do is I am going take the pens I am going to use, I am going to put them in a bag, I am going to put my two or three multi liners in a bag and a pencil. And I am going to keep it really simple like that. Because if I have to draw somewhere else like if I can’t get to my desk one day, but I can draw at lunch time or somewhere else, then I can take the bag with me really easily. I can put it into my backpack. But at the same time if I am sitting at my desk, I’m not going to spend ages thinking, “What color shall I use? What supplies shall I use?” because I already have them picked out. And so that again, saves you time, some of these tips are kind of prep you can do: Picking a theme,
Picking your supplies,
Picking your paper or your sketchbook that you’re using are all kind of prep you can do so that when you get into the meat of the challenge, you are not overwhelmed with
by too many choices. You can keep it quite simple. And then
The next tip is to get ahead a little bit. And this is something that I find that I have to do. And I do this not just for drawing
challenges, but I also do this for YouTube videos. I do this for a lot of things. And that is I like to get ahead by starting a few days early. *laughs*
Now some of you might think this is cheating. I don’t. But what I do is, a couple of days before hand, I may sketch out a couple of the prompts. Maybe not ink them, but I will just take my pencil and sketch out a few days. And I think this is helpful because
when you do the challenge, often the first few days are really fun, you’re really motivated, but by the time you get to kind of day six,
you can kind of feel less motivated, or at least I do, and in 31 days, you are bound to have a day where you just can’t fit drawing in. Or you have a day where you get home from work, you’re too tired. You know, there are other things going on, you’ve got social obligations, whatever it is, I find that if I’ve gone a few days ahead, I’m not too
stressed out about it, because I know that if I have to skip one day, It’s no big deal because I’m a few days ahead. And the same thing, If you’ve got more than just half an hour to draw, you’ve got a couple of hours one Sunday afternoon or something and you are feeling really in the zone, you like what you are doing, then it doesn’t hurt to just sketch a few a couple more of the days. Get a little ahead, because
I think that if you a little bit a head, then it really takes the stress off the rest of the month . and it is much easier to complete the whole month And I do find that if you can get to day fifteen, then you are pretty well on the way to completing the whole month. If you can get halfway, I find that
it is between day five and day fifteen. Those ten days are the hardest, and that’s normally when I’ve stopped, after about day five. um
I think that’s about all that I have for today. I don’t want this video to be super over long, but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video and i hope you enjoyed these tips. And I really hope that they were helpful. These are all things that I personally do, and that I find helpful so I’m just sharing them, and if you guys find them helpful then I am really happy. If you don’t, no worries. Please let me know down in the comments if you have any tips for completing Inktober, or completing challenges or just for daily drawing. Daily drawing tips, because this is what we are talking about here. Drawing everyday, so if you have any personal advice for everybody in the comments make sure you leave a comment down bellow and also I have another video it’s called 5 ways to fill a sketchbook, I am sure some of you guys have seen it but I’ll link that in the icard section of this video, because after you finish watching this one, you can go watch that video because that video has some specific drawing ideas for ways to fill pages of your sketchbook and they can all be applied to Inktober as well. Are you guys participating in Inktober this year? Let me know in the comments down below. And let me know if you have any tips for completing this challenge. So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you guys next time.

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