5 TIPS to IMPROVE your art! 【Sketchbook secrets that worked for me】

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I’m brushes the bunnies and in this video I’m going to share with you
the five tricks that I’ve been doing over the past couple months that have
improved my sketching enormously and I’m not even joking like I’ve been doing
this pretty much on a daily basis and I’m just seeing some major improvements
so I want to share this with you in today’s video the first tip is actually
related to time and time has been a bit of a trouble for me when I approach my
sketchbook so what I mean by that is when I open my sketchbook and I’ve got a
brand new sheet of paper I can honestly spend hours on one sketch and this is a
normal behavior for me and something that I’ve been trying to correct myself
over the past few months and something that has really helped me is by
conditioning myself to do very very quick sketches so I would open up a new
page and I would say okay okay right now you’re gonna sketch and you’re gonna do
a sketch for five minutes only or a sketch for ten minutes only and I try to
limit myself as best as I could until I move on to the next sketch what this
will do is actually help you build your rhythm faster it will help you develop
your style and the last point for me which is a really really big one is the
fact that it actually helps you experiment rather than have you just
focus on the finer details of a sketch so the trick to these five minute
sketches is honestly keeping it very very loose keeping it messy try to just
stay away from the eraser just draw as you go loosen your wrist have some fun
experiment with a different style just go about and and do whatever you want
don’t worry about the details and a lot of beautiful things can happen when you
just give yourself that creative freedom there’s no more boundaries there’s no
pressures there’s no stress you’re just sketching very freely and
it’s a really really fun thing to do so give it a try let me know in the
comments below if you guys do this on your own and what are your results the next tip that I have for you in
terms of improving your sketching is to actually sketch and draw things that you
have never done before or things that you’ve always wanted to try but you are
too scared to do so or you are too intimidated to do so in this case I
strongly urge you to go ahead deep dive into this topic and you know just
experiment in your sketchbook with these sort of topics that you’re just wanting
to improve on or you you just don’t know how to draw but you want to now is the
time to do it like literally don’t wait just do it now so what you’re seeing
here is me sketching some really horrible looking men and I’ll be the
first one to admit I literally do not know how to draw men and I don’t have
shame in that honestly I’m not afraid to say that and to admit that and that
is something that’s also liberating to think you are learning and you want to
get better at it so why not just go ahead and do it doesn’t don’t don’t
worry about what people have to say just go ahead sketching your sketchbook
and practice these topics so this is what I’m doing I’m drawing men I’m
trying to draw hands as well and combining these two features together
and just trying my best at finding or working with the anatomy even though I’m
not familiar with it so it’s like it’s kind of scary but at the same time it’s
it’s something that is it’s sort of an essential step into the learning process
but at the end of the day the more that you keep drawing the topic that you hate
so much such as hands I know we all hate to draw hands but the more that you
practice this the better you will get and there’s no greater truth than that
because about a year ago I was not able to draw females at all and I practiced
for a year and I got there tip number three is all about
experimentation and this is like literally my favorite thing to do in my
sketchbooks is to actually combine different mediums together I love
drawing with graphite pencils and then adding a touch of the watercolor I think
it’s very beautiful and there’s a really beautiful graphical element to it as a
mixed-media artist who specializes in watercolor and pencil work I do like
using both of these elements together in my sketchbook I have a watercolor
sketchbook and I also have regular ones that I do use watercolor in but this is
something that I strongly urge that you guys do either with marker with
watercolor with acrylic with oil you guys can play with everything but the
most important part is to experiment oh and also is to get messy don’t be afraid
to put things together and seeing if it will work if it gets messy that is the
best part guys tip number four this is to practice your line art don’t forget
about your line art line art is important especially if you’re an artist
who does use line art of course obviously but I think in general haha
stupid the stupidest thing let me just rephrase that if you’re an
artist who likes to add line art to their art you should definitely find
time to work on this entire line artwork so what I like to do is use my older
sketches or a sketch that I’m currently working on and pop out my faber
castell Pitt artist pen and I have different thicknesses where I try to
experiment with different weights and I will try to find a kind of style to it
and this is something I like to just do sometimes when I just don’t know what to
draw then I would go back and do this on top of my sketches also by incorporating
the tips that we’ve already talked about such as speed and experimentation you
can really develop a style very quickly and your hand will get stronger if
you’re worried about having a shaky kind of hand when you’re drawing a straight
line this is something that will help you practice that and you will get
better as go you can also experiment with
different colors of line art this is something that’s really nice I do have a
pink, blue and a purple pen for sometimes if I want to do something a
little bit more creative so these are all different options that you can do
tip number five kind of ties in everything together and this is talking
about background work so I don’t actually have a speed portion of this
video to show you but I did want to show you a kind of a sketchbook tour of the
different types of backgrounds that I was experimenting with so I took the
sketch I colorized it and I tried to add a type of background to it whether that
background was watercolor or if it had some additional embellished gold factors
to it I just tried to add different things the
reason why I put backgrounds as a tip in this video is because I feel like
backgrounds are left out quite easily especially if you’re so focused on
learning how to draw human anatomy I tend to or I got to a point where I just
didn’t develop any sort of conceptual background and this in the future is
something that I really want to do and I want to be able to have a vision for and
a technical way to achieve this if I don’t practice it I will never get
better at it so by trying different colors for me especially with
watercolors to add different colors together see what kind of color
combinations work with the person that I’m drawing and seeing what kind of mood
I can convey is something that’s quite important and is something that I’ve
been actively trying to incorporate in my sketchbooks and honestly since I’ve
been doing this I’ve been seeing uhm that the paintings that I’m doing in
general have come out much better because I’m now thinking about the
overall picture rather than just the subject so thank you so much for
watching this video please do give it a big thumbs up if you did like it it
really does help me share it with your friends and also don’t forget to
subscribe for more art videos or art related videos I want to wish you a
great day keep drawing keeping awesome and we will see each other very soon bye


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