‘500,000 Toothpick Sculpture’ Sneak Peek | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

– Ten artists remain. However, only one of you
will earn $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. – Nice. – To stay in this competition, you must fight side by side
with your team for every advantage, but, a team is only
as strong as its leader. – And this week,
both of your coaches are innovative
and eccentric artists that tackle things
with their own style. James Vaughn… – And Megan Jean Morris.
– Oh! – That’s sweet. – Welcome back, guys.
– Awesome. – Hey.
– Good to see you. Coaches, your team’s survival
is on your shoulders. Save all your artists
from elimination, and you’ll earn a spot in the Clash of the Coaches
face-off for $25,000. – When I was here, I felt like there was
just no one I could trust. Even your own friends
want to see you lose, so I want to be the person
in the corner for my team. I’m someone you can bounce
an idea off of, and I’ll give you
my real opinion. – To defeat the enemy,
you must know the enemy. So, James,
you’ll coach the women’s team, and Megan Jean,
you’ll coach the men’s team. Go ahead, join your teams. – I don’t feel like coaching
the female team, that I’m a stranger at all. I have three daughters, and all I do
is live with women, so I can kind of get them
to understand my point of view, and not offend anybody. – This week,
we are testing composition. – That’s something
we don’t lack. Composition
is taking multiple elements and putting them in one design so that they have
flow and balance. – For this flash challenge,
you must create an impressive
three-dimensional design one toothpick at a time. – Lord have mercy. I thought I’ve seen it all, but this is
the craziest shit ever. – In this room are nearly half
a million toothpicks. – Oh my God. – What?
– Out of control. – You must work as a team to glue each toothpick
together, weaving a flowing design
of shapes and textures to bring a mind-blowing,
well-composed sculpture to life. – This isn’t a challenge
I would pick. – We are looking for
a three-dimensional sculpture. We are looking for creativity. But most of all,
we want to see composition. Since it is a 3-D image, it should have a great,
flowing composition that, like a sculpture, you could
look at it from any direction and it looks cool. – Work it, girls. – Win this challenge, and
your team will have the power to assign all the human canvases
in the elimination tattoo. – Ooh, let’s get it again.
– We definitely need that. – We really do.
– Yeah. – You’ll have seven hours. – Oh.
– Oh, my God. – This is gonna take
a long [bleep] time. – And your time starts now. – ♪ Somebody grab
a drawing pad ♪ – Guys, come here.
I need to say a couple things. On my season, I won
every single flash challenge until they didn’t listen to me. So, I’m going to tell you
what I know. – Testing composition,
they’re gonna have to create a couple different elements
that play together well so that they can compose
an image. – What if we did,
like, a teepee? – In my mind,
that would be very elementary. – If you do something flat, the idea of composition
isn’t there. – My thought was possibly,
like, a cherry blossom tree. – That was my first thought,
too, was to do a little tree. – Okay.
– Yeah. – This challenge
could be very tedious. This is the kind of thing
that people spend weeks, months, and years on. These guys only have
a few hours. – My initial idea
is doing a castle. – It’s almost the first idea
that someone would have, so to me,
it’s not actually that creative. I’m an artist. I don’t want
to see something I’ve seen a hundred [bleep] thousand times
before. My ideas are more abstract. A shape like this,
just flat tiers, a big ball at the top, right at the pinnacle
of the thing. The ball’s, like,
slightly leaning like it wants to go, and then you just have,
like, one little guy, like, pushing the ball, like,
uphill, trying to get it over. – I just don’t know
how we’re gonna make little toothpick people.
– I was gonna say. – I do.
I’ve thought about it. Like, they’re stick figures,
let’s just expression it. – Ladies and gentlemen,
six hours to go. – Well, how wide are we making
this tree at the base? – Wide enough to be heavy enough to hold the rest
of the branches out. – To show composition
with a tree, it’s great,
because it’s got branches. We can branch out
into all different dimensions, and make sure we make it flow
and look really cohesive. – How will it stand?
– So, if it had roots that were, like, holding itself
onto the table, it will help manage the weight
on this side… – Okay.
– I think. Hopefully we can
get another guy out of here to keep the women count
above the men count. – Hey, this is
a lot more flexible than the– – Yes, thank you, my dear. – That’s good, Janelle, yes.
– Cool. – You so smart. – We have to make sure there
are three girls in this finale. So, the more girls that we keep, the more likely it is that
that’s gonna happen. ♪ ♪ – Do you think that Oliver
gets splinters in his mouth? – He’s got to. I mean,
you’re using [bleep] toothpicks. – Maybe that’s
why he’s so cranky. He’s got splinters
in his mouth. ♪ ♪ – God, this is terrible.
[laughs] – This is gonna take
a [bleep] ton of these to cover the whole ball. – What are they doing? I don’t know how we’re gonna
show composition, because I don’t even know
what this is. – How strong are these, guys?
Is one of them dry? – Yeah, this one is.
– His is drier than mine. From what I can understand, we’re doing a giant ball,
which is representing a rock, that’s being pushed up
by a bunch of little dudes that’s gonna smush
some guy on the ground, and I think that’s
supposed to be me. What do you guys think
about having a dung beetle pushing up a pile of shit
off the [INAUDIBLE]? – That would be kind of cool. You know what else
would be kind of cool? Not losing again. ♪ ♪ – Three hours left.
Three hours left, guys. [rock music] ♪ ♪ – I’m not gonna lie,
I feel like personality-wise, I click the best
with Jason and Cam, and I feel like I’m getting
a little bit too far in with that friendship. – In the end,
don’t fight for them when it comes down
to our team as women. – What shit are those two
talking over there? I’m trying to read lips. – I feel like
I’m going down a road that I don’t want to go down. I’m such a frazzled person, I don’t even know what
I’m doing half the time, let alone [bleep] trying
to strategize. – The strategy
is not a bad thing. – But when you’re strategizing
against your own team is when it gets shady. – You know I’m gonna be cool
and not freak out, right? – ‘Cause they’re trying
to get us three into the finale. – At the end of the day, my team is the only thing
that has ever come first. But not everybody
can have loyalty or dignity or integrity. – Anything besides
being a scumbag. – Somebody’s gonna get
a toothpick to the neck today. [dramatic music] – What are we doing, gluing
stuff on the side like that? – I don’t [bleep] know, dude. This is like
a “Titanic” situation. We’re gonna put it together
in the end, and it’s gonna [bleep] sink
on its maiden voyage. – This is your final hour,
everybody. – It’s just resting.
Do we care? How are we gonna glue the little
people on the [bleep] bridge? – We get one [bleep] people
on that bridge at this point. – There’s a decent chance
this will fall. – Have it stick out,
like, this way. – It’s little dude time. – Oh, my God, stop it right now.
[clapping] He’s so cute.
I love the cap. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, time is up. – That should be good. – Everybody back away…
carefully. – Fun job.
Awesome. – I thought it was gonna look
stupid, but it looks pretty– – That’s–
that’s dope as [bleep]. Like, little dude catching
the ball at the bottom. [laughs] – Look at Oliver as a robot.
– Boop. – It works.
– [laughs] – We can’t even
get close to ours, and you can actually
touch yours? – I was gonna say,
you can’t even– – What the [bleep]?
– Don’t go by it. Do not go by it, seriously. ♪ ♪ – It is now time
to critique your work. Let’s start
with the men’s team. – The struggle is real in here, and the struggle
is real on there. – The fact that
there’s motion and teamwork, and it’s kind of telling your
story, that’s a nice thing. The little figures are killer. – Where you guys
really do well is your spiral
and the concept of what it is. The pathway’s cool. I like the idea of the figures
there for the teamwork. As far as
thinking outside the box and showing something artistic,
I think you guys do that. – At least I don’t feel
like it’s lame. – I’m happy with it. – All right,
women’s team, you’re up next. – You make
a really beautiful piece. It’s got great dynamics. It does have
a great composition. The limbs have a nice flow. I really like
the root system coming down, looking flat
against the surface and curving
around the corners, and all
the little tricks you used to make this thing
really come together. I can say y’all really made
a beautiful piece of art. – Well, ours, too.
– We made a composition. – Well, we intentionally went, like, you know,
minimalist with it.


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