522 Gun Roving

big beam hi I’m Steve from Fibre Glast today we’re talking about the versatile
fiberglass gun roving available on our website like all fiberglass reinforcements roving
is meant to be used along with resin to create high strength low weight
composites it chops cleanly when fed through our 1171 air chopper gunner for use in most
spray-up systems it can also be used to add directional reinforcement to other
structures to create fillets and spar wing
reinforcement or with a filament winder to create tubes or filament
winding roving wets out rapidly and completely
during fabrication and is most typically used with
polyester or vinyl ester resin you can depend on these solid
characteristics every time you order from Fibre Glast get more information on roving resins
and our chopper gun at Fibre Glast dot com and thanks for tuning in subscribe to our channel to learn more about fiberglass options and don’t forget to like this video

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