7 SECRET Messages Hidden in Famous Art

It’s pretty cool when you find an Easter egg on a Blu ray or hidden within a movie, but it’s even more fascinating when you uncover mysterious messages buried in famous works of art. Some of the secrets on our list remained undiscovered for over half a millennia Including a hidden musical score, A mysterious object floating in the sky, And one famous composer’s tribute to a clandestine worldwide organization. Here is our list of the top seven secrets hidden in famous art works. Number 7: The secret of The Last Supper Leonardo DaVinci was a man of many talents. He was an Inventor, Architect, Scientist, Sculptor and of course an Artist. But there’s one more talent, DaVinci is known for which may have been hidden in one of his most famous works The Last Supper and that talent was music. In 2003 Giovanni Maria Paula Discovered that if you draw lines of Musical staff across the painting, to correspond with the positions of the hands of the Apostles and loaves of bread, you uncover a melody that had remained secret for over 500 years. At first the music didn’t make any sense but after remembering that Leonardo wrote music right to left, Giovanni reversed the score. You see, Leonardo wasn’t the only one who could hide things in great art. 6: The secret diagram Michelangelo’s the Creation of Adam is
one of the most iconic images in human history, depicting the book of Genesis
scene where God breathed life into Adam through his fingers obviously because a painting of the Lord
Almighty going mouth to mouth with Adam may have been a little risque for the
walls of the Sistine Chapel. But in 1990, an american physician, Dr. Frank Meshberger, noticed something familiar about the area surrounding god. What is that
weird shape that the Lord seems to be crowd surfing out from? Meshberger
noticed that the border of the area behind God corresponds precisely with a
side profile cross section of the human brain. Here’s the pituitary gland, the frontal
lobe, the vertebral artery, the spinal cord, the pons, the Sylvian fissure, and
the brain stem and if you need further evidence, then consider the fact that at the age of
17, Michelangelo was a passionate anatomy student who dissected corpses from his
local church graveyard to study and that alone will get you on some sort of watch
list so maybe don’t judge that kid in your
class who likes to play with roadkill because he could be the world’s next
great artist. In at 5: Evidence of ancient aliens? Take a look at this image of Dominical Gillan Diyos painting “The Madonna with
Saint giovannino” and see what catches your eye immediately; is it the attractive lady in the center
perhaps it’s the baby with the low-slung slacks trying to give her a high five while the other angel baby checks out
his Jillian Michaels physique, that kid is more ripped than I’ll ever be, or maybe the first thing you noticed was
the strange object hovering in the sky and the dude below it wondering what the
heck it is. There are a number of paintings which
depict unidentified flying objects in the sky but geelen deals is one of the
most startling due to its prominence in the reaction of the guy on the right. He’s looking at a disc-shaped object
which seems to be shining brightly while stepped out in a strange array of Spears, what on earth was Gil and I Oh trying to
show us or maybe Earth isn’t the proper word to
use . Number 4: A message for the Pope. this is Michelangelo’s “The Prophet
Zechariah” and it was painted in the Sistine Chapel in 1512 during the reign
of Pope Julius the second. Now to say Pope Julius wasn’t everybody’s favorite
is a bit like saying people thought the new Ghostbusters 3 trailer looked a
little crappy. Julius the second was known as “papa terrible” and you can
translate that for yourself but Michelangelo wasn’t a fan either and it’s believed that he painted
Zechariah in a way that closely resembles Pope Julius. Now that’s not particularly insulting is
it, sounds like quite a nice gesture actually until you realize one of the
two babies sat behind Zechariah is making a little gesture of its own. See the thumb poking out between the
middle and index fingers, well the Pope didn’t and nor did the Vatican due to it being
placed so high up in the chapel but if they had they would have seen a
little baby making a gesture known as the fig which is an ancient way of
saying and let me get this translation right, *clearing throat* “A f***a you.” 3: Mona Lisa’s secret. So we already know
that Leonardo DaVinci likes to hide musical scores in his work but what
secrets could possibly remain hidden in the Mona Lisa, one of the world’s most
famous pictures of someone being forced to smile on picture day. Many theories have been thrown around
regarding the layout of the picture, such as the idea that Mona Lisa was pregnant
due to the arrangement of her hands, that she may have been a prostitute due to
her lack of facial hair and when the image was analyzed by a doctor he
noticed the Mona Lisa may have been suffering from a tumor in her right eye, a tumor davinci clearly must have
noticed so did he tell her? And that’s not the end of it because
there’s even more to this picture than meets the eye literally, by magnifying her right eye
you’ll see the letters “LV” appear probably a signature but the left eye shows “CE” so whose signature is that? On the
bridges arch there’s the number 72 and beneath the painting itself the number
149 is hidden away. We are able to view to Vinci’s previous
attempts at the painting through layer amplification technology which is how we know about the number
149 and also how we know there’s a whole other painting of a completely different
woman underneath. So who is she and what do all those
letters and numbers mean? Davinci, not the type of guy to put those
things there for no reason so if we don’t know yet probably going
to take us another 500 years to figure that one out. 2: The purial portrait of a president. This is a portrait of former President
Bill Clinton which hangs in the Smithsonian Natural portrait gallery and
its artists Nelson shanks has admitted that hidden within the painting is a
reference to one of the most shocking moments of Clinton’s presidency. See the
dark shadow on the mantle of the oval office just over bill clinton’s right
shoulder, this shadow came from a mannequin which
shank snuck into the Oval Office whilst painting the backdrop when Bill Clinton wasn’t there, the
mannequin was covered with a blue dress similar to the one worn by monica
lewinsky when she most famously helped the president find his lost contact lens
over and over and over. And Shanks claims that this shadow is a metaphor for the stained legacy of Clinton’s time in the Oval Office. Makes you wonder which other famous
presidential portraits of secrets hidden within them. Does Theodore Roosevelt have a teddy
bear in his pocket or is he just happy to see you? And at number one, the mysterious musical
maestro. This is a painting of classical composer
wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he was just 6 years old The painting was created by Pietro
Antonio lorenzoni in 1763 but did you know that the way Mozart is depicted
hints at his membership of the world’s most secretive Society the mysterious
Freemasons. It is well known that Mozart became a
Freemason later in life but does this painting indicate his involvement from a
much earlier age? A hand hidden within the shirt or jacket pocket is believed
to be an indication of one’s dedication to the Masonic cause and whilst many of
his later works do allude to his devotion to Freemasonry, it would be
quite shocking if he had been indoctrinated from the age of 6… Oh wait,
hang on, hidden hand you say like a disembodied
pain spirit hand pointing you towards clicking on our latest top seven
creepiest forest and woods video which you should go watch right now right after you turn on all the lights. I know u want to check that out,Go on go on..


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