7 Ways to Use Gelatos

hey guys it’s Ingrid welcome back today
we’re gonna talk about seven uses for gelatos and gelatos are really rich
creamy pigment sticks made my faber castell most of us have these and if you
don’t you’re definitely gonna want some by the end of this video I know it’s
somewhat of a long video but it is crammed packed with information from the
very beginning to the end I’ve got seven fabulous techniques and I’m showing you
lots of different ways to use them on your projects so I hope you’re excited
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click that notification bell let’s jump in blending technique This is the
most basic of all techniques with gelatos you’re gonna basically need some
gelatos a piece of cardstock that has been gessoed and if you don’t know how to
do that I’m pop in a link right here in the upper right hand corner go ahead and
click that and that is a tutorial on how to adjust their cardstock in two
different ways one for texture and one that is completely smooth very easy to
do all you need some gesso, cardstock and something to spread it around
so I’m using a couple different colors here I’ve got limoncello is that really
vibrant yellow and kind of this muted color yellow is she is butter cream not
shea butter butter cream and that right there was margarita mix and I’m pointing
to it saying it’s a little too green because you don’t want to mix green and
red and right here I’ve got some red cherry and that right there was iced
currant that really wasn’t the look that I was going for get some guava and some
mango and some watermelon and then we’re gonna bring in a little bit of blood
orange. We’re gonna use those fancy tools right there your fingers and a spray
bottle now I love the distress sprayer and I’m listing all the supplies below
because you can pull there’s two ways of adding water you can pull short for
little droplets or quick quick bursts and that will give you mist and you can
see right here I’m showing you that there’s no water there see how that
gelatos are not spreading on the gesso surface that’s because you need some
water it’s really important if your ever had a little bit of difficulty with
gelatos that is the key right there adjusted surface underneath which gives
it what it needs to spread and the water key key key ingredient all the supplies
are listed below so if you’re interested in anything that you see me use today
definitely click those links and that will take you to those products now you
can see here I’m speeding this up I’m kind of getting this going in lots of
different ways I ended up adding some extra gelato after I had it all spread
out because it was kind of looking a little odd kind of like you know a
three-year-old did this um which is totally fine because it’s a background
that right there is is blood orange I love that color oh my gosh I’m so in
love with that color it was feeling a little too yellow there so I needed a
little something else but the reason I start adding some more color in here
next is because I decided that I wanted more of that up-and-down motion rather
than kind of you know more abstract kind of going in different directions so even
though that was looking pretty good it needed a little bit more yellow in some
spots and then it needed a couple other colors and some other spots you can see
I kind of sprayed a little water down off to the right to just help me if I
needed it anywhere and then at the very end I brought in some blue which was a
definite mistake which I ended up taking right up with some water and covering
with some blood orange but this is actually really easy there’s no rhyme or
reason here I was just really going for a nice blended look if you’re new to my
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you can see that was where the blue was I kind of took it up and threw some
blood orange down and that was much better now the background is done next
up we just need to dry it so that’s not really gonna completely set it but it
will keep it from really moving around on me as I jump into a couple of more
techniques so heat setting that look at that great texture that is from using
the paintbrush and if you watch that other video of how to add gesso to your
projects I love to use a paint brush because it gives that great texture so
when you actually see this project in real life it looks amazing
so our next technique is gonna be the disappearing gelatos technique and this
is so super easy you’re just gonna be blown away you basically need either a
baby wipe or a wet paper towel I like to use a baby wipe it seems to work a
little better and look at that I cut up my background four different ways and it
was great even though it wasn’t all going in the same direction it looked
really cool you’re basically gonna twist and pull away is what you’re doing and
that’s gonna make all those gelatos disappear where your stencil is look at
that it’s such a cool technique now I am NOT trying to go for perfection here I
want an abstract look the key is to twist your whatever you’re using rag
baby wipe into a new clean area because otherwise you’re just gonna be putting
down that muddy gelato that you’ve picked up that is the most important
take away from this technique and look at that you had a heat set that so that
it dries and this card is so beautiful and how easy was that we did gelato
blending and we created a huge piece of paper for four different projects and
look at that you can do four of those super quick I mean you can really make
some projects relatively quickly with these tools so I’m using that really
great stencil and I’ve got that linked below as well and you can see you have
that texture from that’s what I’m pointing to from the gesso from
underneath where the gelato is just kind of got into those ridges so to finish
this up I’m just gonna edge this with some round espresso and this is an oxide
pad and just trying to get a little bit of you know interesting texture there
I’ve got an Americana Brown there and that’s burnt umber and I wanted it to be
a little dark I had already done some on the project and it wasn’t really dark
enough so I’m taking some Caterpillar icing on the cake
ink pad smashing that down and getting it to the exact depth that I want it and
then just going ahead and adding a little splatter always want to make sure
to heat set your splatter and look at that a very simple embellishment by
Stampler Asians I love that hello my all-time favorite hello isn’t it awesome
it’s very simple and it’s nice and fat so it’s easy to put down with adhesive I
love how this card came out and the texture
of it is so pretty all right coloring mediums this is a Wow you are
definitely going to want to watch this geladas are super creamy rich pigment
sticks so they are perfect for coloring mediums I’m taking four colors that I
just love they’re really really vibrant and I’m taking just a rounded spatula
well spatulas hey it’s really a palette knife and I’m listed these colors below
you can see here I’m just kind of taking a very very little piece off I was
originally endued on the cardboard but then I decided not to and I’m just kind
of pushing that down and getting it kind of you know even creamier just not in a
stick form and not compact so more smushed I’m gonna do this with all four
pieces cleaning off my pallet knife if I need to in between that colors starburst
and that is one of my favorite gelato colors and I’ve got the orange there
that’s the blood orange and you can see this beautiful beautiful blue so so
pretty I think that’s galaxy I’m not I’m
certain I probably have it listed below you can use any medium that’s whip
spackle by faber castell but we’re gonna use Dreamweaver embossing paste whip
spackle by the way is probably the lightest medium that you could use you
want to make sure your your palette knife is completely clean when you go in
otherwise you will color your paste in there so I’ve got just a little tiny
dollop for each one and I’m just gonna skip ahead here cuz you don’t need to
see me do this with each one but you can see here how I’m just really kind of
making sure that all the white gets is gone and look at how pigmented and
colored that is after doing that usually when you mix something with white it
becomes really really lighter and that’s not really so much the case with these
the pigment really kind of takes over and even though you’re using an opaque
medium it still is really really rich now it is a little bit lighter for sure
but you know what not a whole lot and that’s what’s really
cool about doing this with this particular medium you can do this with
other mediums as well I’ve done it with gel medium you know whip spackle you
know all sorts of mediums you can do this wealth gelatos work really well
when it comes to coloring now I’m making sure that my piece of paper is really
secured to my sense because I don’t want my stencil going anywhere if you want to
you can even secure your stencil down but for lifting purposes I was trying to
make it easy I’m going to start off with the this is Mars which is I’m one of
their you know kind of iridescent colors it’s in there iridescent collection so
it has some sparkle to it I really love all of their iridescent I think the only
one that’s not out of these four is the blood orange this one right here but I’m
picking colors that blend well together and look how beautiful that is that
blood orange just takes on this really interesting hue when you mix it with the
Mars right there and it’s just so pretty on this card so what I’m doing is I’m
basically creating texture over the blended background now I’m cleaning this
off in between because blue and orange they don’t really mix so I just wanted
to make sure that I also had pure pigment sometimes rather than mixed
pigment because I wanted the colors to really shine that’s the Stardust and
that is just beautiful and that one mixes well with everything you can see
I’m mixing it all over the place and wait to see it mixed with the blue at
the bottom and that blue is kind of almost like a purplish blue it’s almost
like well lavender is a purple but this is really more of a blue and it’s just
so pretty mixed with the Stardust it did not mix well with the blood orange as
you would expect because those are complementary colors but I will also
wanted to make sure to leave some spaces where you can see that background I
didn’t want to totally hide that but it’s gonna also shine when we pull this
up and do our reveal you want to lift this as straight as you can because I
don’t want to get the negative space all blurred and look at that is that not
gorgeous and wait until you see the close-ups right here at the end because
the texture that this put onto this card in addition to those brush strokes in
the background was just beautiful now I’m kind of trying to show you here some
of the sparkle and I added some glittery accents
underneath on the card base I also ran the sparkle pen over the awesome before
embossing that look at that texture and look at that pigment I mean you have to
fall in love with this card I absolutely love this card this is such a WoW card
just seeing it in real life it just I mean these pictures are awesome but in
real life it’s even that much better so I hope you enjoyed that
next up the dripping technique and this is a favorite of a lot of people it’s a
very simple technique and it has a really Wow impact especially when you do
it on white but we’re gonna do it over the background and we’re gonna start to
do a mixed-media project so for the dripping technique I’m using some really
vibrant colors I’m starting off with some limoncello and then going into
supernovae some red cherry and then we’ve got some Stardust we’ve got some
blue moon for the blue and for the purple I’m actually using a grape color
there’s also a galaxy which is purple and that’s also really pretty one and
basically what you want to do is you want to kind of lay these on a little
thick this is really really cool on white cardstock but we like I said we’re
using the the colored background that we have because I’m just kind of creating a
different layer onto our mixed-media project or mixed-media card actually and
from here now that we have our thick creamy layer at the top we’re gonna add
some water so we’re gonna first start off with a spray bottle and we’re
spritzing pulling this quickly to get a mist and wanting to get you know a fair
amount of water on there and it’s all kind of running together which didn’t
work for me so I needed to come back in with the spray bottle
add a little more water and let some of those drips come down and look at how
pretty that is ah it’s just gorgeous and it’s leaving trails of color and I just
I wanted to tap those off because I didn’t really want them to have you know
big clumpy colors at the bottom but you can see I added mine really really thick
up top so the pigment kind of clumped there so I’m using a water color brush I
sprayed some water down onto my craft mat so that I could just allow that to
run a little bit and you’re just gonna kind of mix a little bit between the two
and you’ll find your happy medium between the layer of gelato that you add
to your project as well as the amount of the more you do this the more you will
find that happy medium and just kind of playing around I’m trying not to overdo
it and I want to get some extra drips in there I don’t like I said I don’t want
to overdo it because I don’t want to take away from that amazing background
we have going on now I do want to note that I left my card pieces longer than
they needed to be and that was really on purpose because I knew that I would be
mostly trimming off this very top layer which is helpful because it gives me a
little bit of play you know if I really really love it I can take it off the
bottom but for me I had a feeling that I would be end up taking a little bit off
the top but look at how gorgeous that is so next up I’m gonna teach you how to
layer and set your gelatos because we want to continue to build up the layers
of gorgeous colors so we’re gonna take a palette knife and actually at some point
I’m going to show you an alternative way of doing this because I ended up
scraping a lot of my color away and that’s the one thing you want to be
careful of I’m taking some matte medium by liquid Tex here and basically this is
usually a glue that I use to you know adhere things down whether it be my dies
or my actual card fronts but in this case we’re actually sealing this layer
so I want to create a nice thin layer and the nice thing about matte medium or
glossy medium is it gives you that matte or glossy shine and but it dries
completely crystal clear and you can see nothing is coming up without actually
setting your gelatos you will be able to rub them off now this is a flower that
you’ll I’m gonna show you how I created and how I colored that but I wanted to
first show you that we’re gonna be layering some extra color here so in
order to do that I need to create some white so I need to kind of get an idea
of where my embellishment is going so I’m adding some coconut gelato down and
the reason for doing this is it’s basically the same as if I were to do
pencils on dark cardstock because I need to have that white so that that color
really pops because I’ve got a lot of color underneath you know and sometimes
you can get kind of a translucent look so next up is stenciling so we needed to
have that foundation in order for our colors to pop so we have that coconut
and I have an idea of where my flowers gonna be so I’m kind of creating leaves
here and we’re gonna end up adding green so again I want to have that white layer
underneath so that green really pops so the green that we’re using is actually
comet and we’re creating some really nice leaves and we’re gonna end up
trying to do a little bit of stenciling over this but it didn’t really work out
the way I had intended now in the corners we’re gonna use blue moon as
well as nebula and we’re also gonna use galaxy which is a really vibrant purple
and it’s got some kind of iridescent sparkle to it which is really kind of
nice so first I’m laying down a foundation of color not trying to be
perfect I want to overlap those I’ve got a
little tiny bit of star dust in there and I believe it was on my finger quite
honestly and you can kind of see it’s got a really nice color to it blues and
purples mix really well together this is definitely a messy project but
that’s okay so we’re gonna go ahead and add a little bit of that color there on
our craft mat we’re gonna place that same stencil down that we used in that
other project we’re going to pick up our gelato with a makeup sponge we’re gonna
apply it through our stencil and basically what we’re doing is we’re a
layering color through the stencil so the positive space of this stencil which
is the part that is cut out is where the colors gonna go and that’s gonna leave a
little bit of you know a negative space there and you can see that the stencil
is kind of being pressed into the under layer because like I said until you
actually set your layer of gelato it really can be moved around and that’s
what that stencil is doing so I’m kind of applying this you know color over
color and kind of mixing them a little bit and just wanting to get I’m trying
to be very cognizant of not overdoing it in the corner but look at how that kind
of feathers out a little bit and it’s really pretty so now it’s time to do it
on the reverse side and just be met up you know for time purposes here and I
really love this little kind of you know these arrows kind of at the ends of this
card it’s really just that little something that’s a little bit special
and it looks really cool you know it’s not over taking the card it’s adding to
the card so now I’ve got that same green and actually you know what now that I
think about that this is actually pistachio green and we’re adding that on
top of there and you can see what I was talking about how it didn’t really
matter that it was there so next up we’re gonna use that same matte medium
and I’m just kind of placing you can see I’m placing quite a bit I placed a
little too much on the card taking a palette knife now what I would
probably recommend is doing it the second way that I show you here towards
the end which is actually using like a key card or an old credit card you can
see it’s very very easy to scrape off that color and you’re gonna want to
clean your palette knife in between you can see how I’m taking the color off I’m
trying to be very very careful to not scrape into my pattern and I don’t do a
very good job I’ll be very honest I left that in here so that you could see how
easy it is to do now you can see right there I just put a huge couple gashes in
that and you’re probably sitting there thinking oh my gosh how do you fix that
well we’re just gonna basically come over it once this is dry and add another
layer and you know what it looks perfectly fine it’s not perfect but
that’s okay a lot of times mixed-media for me it’s not perfect but this card
quite honestly is one of the nicest cards I have ever made in my life and
I’ve been stamping for 20 years that’s saying something this is really a
special card so what you’re gonna do here I’m gonna
to speed this up is I’m just making sure to just kind of get that down I want it
to seal all that white and just really make sure that everything was sealed
there so that nothing comes up I really was struggling there in the corners I
just wanted to share that with you because you know this is real crafting
right here you know it happens to everybody so but that’s okay don’t worry
about that you can go back you can fix it you can try and make it
don’t look exactly as it should so now that it’s dry and you can see here and
this I kind of jumped ahead I’m skipping a step in between I’m going to show you
the flower part in the next section but this is how you do it with the credit
card here so this is just a Starbucks card and this is really more of a not
quite as deep a blade I guess because the other one is more of a pallet knife
whereas this is really more of just a plastic card so it was a little easier
and then I also took my finger it’s very easy to remove that with your finger as
well but you could see how much better that was after I had added a little bit
more stenciling to it and going over it I still have a little bit of a gash on
the one side but you know what quite honestly it added to the card so now I’m
going to show you how to color embellishments this flower that we’re
using is from a really great stamp set I have it linked below and it’s my paper
artsy and I’m using Ranger archival ink you want in archival ink when you’re
doing this you want to make sure that it’s not gonna move with any wet medium
because we’re gonna be adding matte medium to that we’re just gonna kind of
tear that and then I am going to go ahead and cut it out but first we have
to do a little bit of coloring so I’m going to start off with acqua.dolce
which is the lightest blue here and this is just tissue paper I stamped on tissue
paper because I really didn’t want something heavy and I wanted the color
to shine through rather than take over I felt that was really important but also
equally important was I was trying not to add a high layer you know cuz if I
were to use cardstock it would sit so much higher than the layer below but by
using tissue paper which I love to do in mixed-media especially when I’m doing
some zentangling and adding edges and in my art journal you know it kind of
becomes one with the background so I’m also adding some nebula to this as well
as blue moon and blue moon is a really pretty color I should tell you that a
lot of these colors except for the acqua.dolce they are part of the
iridescent so they have that kind of Sheen and sparkle to them nothing you
can see that too well through the actual tissue paper I
just wanted to show you that I fussy cut that out you didn’t have to see that you
all know how to fussy cut and we’re gonna take that same pallet knife that
we’ve been doing this to I’m not trying to set the layer here I’m adding a layer
to actually adhere and it’s funny cuz I ended up ripping this which really was
no big deal because you’re moving things around and it’s very eat right there is
where I ripped a petal is very easy to just kind of position it back in place I
try not to let those little things get to me when I’m doing a project I used to
a long time ago I am quite a perfectionist but I’ve kind of learned
that now that was really nice right there what I do with the pallet knife
I’ve kind of learned to just kind of let that go in the process and a lot of
times these little tiny nuances they totally make the project and you know I
was able to fix it it was no big deal but it’s important now to layer also the
matte medium on top so that it soaks through and that also helps to allow the
gelatos to come forward because the tissue paper kind of fades into the
background and this really becomes one with the actual card front now you’re
gonna have to heat set that and then afterward I ended up adding a lot of
little details now I’m gonna add a separate video where I leave this actual
project a little bit more at real time so look for that in the coming days so
that you can see all the mixed-media little nuances that I do how gorgeous is
that and you can see when I talking about it becoming one with the card
there’s really no raised layer it’s so beautiful and I love the stenciling and
I love the vibrant colors that gelato bring to all these projects so I hope
you enjoyed this thank you so much for joining me today
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that notification bell and I look forward to seeing you in another video
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know what it’s time for you to go run to your crafting table can’t wait to see
what you do be sure to tag me in social media see you next time bye


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