#98💥Paint Pouring💖Ghost Bloom Technique 💖Pink Neon🌟

ghost bloom technique with neon paints and negative space – you find the colours and brands in the text below the video has to resort to my husband’s ugly gloves today because my blacks are empty oh … i have to mix my cell activator now you find the recipe from cell activator in tutorial #003 tutorial #003 is shown above as info and you can find it at the end of the video Day light magenta from Lukas and reflex yellow from Amsterdam fluorescent green from Daler Rowney Prussian blue from Amsterdam Brillant gold from Pearl Ex I still had white paint left and mixed a pink one with daylight magenta the paints mixed with pouringmedium by my own, not white and black (with vinyl glue) recipe with instructions can be found in tutorial #003 – will be shown above as info and at the end of the video white basic paint mixed with vinyl glue and water and the black paint too i am painting with my hair🙄 you must be careful, if you blow too much, you can get dizzy 🤪 I put too much white on the canvas🤔🤭 but soo beautiful colours well, didn’t turn out the way I wanted i had no titanium white for the cell activator and you can see that the cells do not become so beautiful – they look like jelly beans 😂 It is not as I wanted but the colors and the flow are beautiful I will try it again 😃


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