A Study of Mountains 🍁 | Sketchbook Story Sunday

hello it’s Lilith, and welcome to
sketchbook story sunday. in today’s video, we’re gonna be looking at how to sketch
based on a photo. the photo I have here, I found in my parents house, and I love the
blue-gray hues. starting out with a box, I roughly estimated the size of the
photograph; because this sketch is a study, I want the drawing to be at a
1:1scale relationship with the photograph. for the concentration of the
study, I want the atmosphere of the colors as a whole to be cohesive. I’m using acrylic wash today using titanium white, viridian green, burnt sienna, yellow
ochre, mint green, and black. my professors always discouraged us from using black
in painting, but I chose black because I knew it would mix a warm grey, as opposed to a cool grey or a cool brown that I would get from mixing brown and dark
green. even though they are complementary, and theoretically creates a true neutral,
this green has a strong tinting strength and isn’t ideal for making greys in the
first place I am keying the sketch with blue green.
this means every color I apply, whether for the sky, or the road, or the snow, the
color will contain a tint of blue green in some way. the term ‘color key’ differs
from ‘monochromatic,’ which means various tints and shades of one hue. here, we are
using multiple hues throughout the piece, but the colors are unified by the blue
green. because the composition is still fairly
blank and white, I knew my first attempt of snow will be inaccurate, simply
because my judgment will be skewed due to the white paper itself, whereas the
reference photo contained very little real white. color exists completely and
solely in our minds, and therefore it’s normal to mix up the perfect color on a
pallet and have it be completely wrong once it’s put down. keeping these things
in mind, I work quickly throughout the piece and often pause to observe the
photograph as a whole instead of just focusing on the mountain or the road or
the clouds. one great thing about art school is that I learned the rules in
order to break them. there is no right or wrong way of working, but my method here
is not academically correct, which is to paint the sky first because it’s the
background, then the big mountain as translucent darks, and then the snow as
opaque lights. today, I didn’t *feel* like painting the sky first! I really wanted
to play with my interpretation of the mountain, since I wasn’t going for
anything realistic, I wanted my drawing to be a drawing. it’s not pretending to
be anything else, and the drawing contains my hand, and my marks.
even if my color is not perfect, as long as the value relationships are correct,
the drawing is still successful. I started to add on different tints of
blue green to give the mountain more definition. another thing I wanted to
experiment with today is dry brush, in which I load paint with very little
water mixed in to create an inconsistent flow. I thought the dry brush effect can
emulate snow dusted on the mountain crest and valleys. again, the road here I knew I wouldn’t
land on a first try; I kind of finessed with it more than I’d like, so it became
quite thick. I did not achieve the icy feeling I wanted because of the opacity. working around negative shape takes
practice, and in this case I am dry brushing around the lights and viewing
the white paper shape as snow. even though this way of working is still
considered positive (because I am not erasing or cutting away the medium), it
can be a bit counter-intuitive at first, but you will be surprised at how easy it
becomes after just a little bit of practice. I squint my eyes slightly to
look at the values of the photograph rather than one specific area. when I felt like I was about to overwork
the whole thing, I stopped my paintbrush and moved to pencil. the marks of the
mechanical pencil was too small, which made the paint marks look too loose, so I
switched to a colored pencil, sticking to the blue green color key. because this is
a winter landscape, I made sure the grass looked stiff and cold, keeping the lines
short, staggering them on top of each other, and having them go in different
directions. it’s important to know when to deviate from the reference image. a
photograph captures light from the physical world and contains that light
on the silver plate. a drawing captures light from my mind my thoughts and my
emotions the image is altered, much like what memory does and becomes unique to
my experience. that’s the magic of art the texture of the color pencil suited
the dried grass better than paint. and because I was more comfortable with
pencil than paintbrush, I was able to mentally pause and evaluate the piece,
observing how the paint becomes more atmospheric as the pencil details came
into the foreground. I am varying my pressure with the pencil,
and I reposition it in my hand often to keep the points sharp. working with white
color pencil is one of my favorite things; I burnish the white on top of the
darks of the mountain, pressing down very hard and grinding the pigment into the
crevices of the paper. I was satisfied with how it made the shadows look
foggier and less flat. after that I went back in with white paint to layer on
snow. since the road is more opaque than I intended,
I wanted a snow to match in opacity and dimensionality. at one point, I thought I
could go in with a middle gray to define the clouds, but decided that it was a bad
idea because it was too distracting, so I pushed it back with more white colored
pencil. then, I move past working from the box I
initially drew to address the rest of the page, to acknowledge that I left a
lot of negative space around the sketch (but I didn’t really feel like filling it
up.) sometimes, it’s okay not to work the whole page of a sketchbook. if I view
this page as an exercise to learn and improve, rather than a final product I
have a much better overall experience and I will likely draw in the sketchbook more. setting high expectations for how a sketchbook should look discourages me
from drawing because I don’t want to mess it up. that’s why I also work in
multiple sketchbooks, so I don’t get attached to one and think that’s
precious, because that will slow down my improvement. and here is the final
product~ the white lines are very subtle, which I
love. I hope you found this video helpful, and let me know if you want to see more
landscapes like this one~ I hope you have a wonderful day or night, and I will see
you next Friday ^_^


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