A Symbol in Bronze: Artist John McCombie Discusses IUP Hawk Sculpture

As luck would have it, and it’s happened many times here on the farm, I’m looking up in the sky and, low and behold,
there’s the pair of Red-tailed Hawks flying that have been here ever since Barb and I bought the farm. Now, maybe there’s a couple generations
of them moving through, but nevertheless, there they were. And I started thinking more
harder about it, and I’m recognizing that possibly there were no, uh, Red-tailed Hawks in the conference. Um, they’re indigenous to our area. They mate for life. There was just–I had a ten-point reason
why I could see that being a possibility. As we all know, it, it’s great to have a trademark, a, uh,
something that stands out and whenever it’s mentioned, it it pulls everything together in a sense of putting
everybody in one place rather than being all spread out. To the bronze it was the ultimate, from what I could read
and what I’ve ever learned and what I’ve understood. So, my total satisfaction becomes, uh, pulled together
whenever I can create the bronze because I know, I know deep in my heart
that, um, that will last. We have a very strong mascot now
that I honestly believe can be fun. Embrace it, and, um, it can be the, uh,
the thing that we’re all looking for.

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