Aaron Draplin’s 21 Tips for a Faster Design Workflow – Class Introduction

– [Speaker] Okay, mic’s hot? Mic hot? Alright. Jimmy, open the door. Open the door! (rock music) – DDC Skillshare number five. Let’s go! (rock music) Hello, everybody, Aaron
James Draplin here, our 5th Skillshare, we’re callin’ this one
seven, seven, seven. It’s tips for before you design, tips while you’re designing, and tips when gettin’ ready
to hand that file off. This is all about
productivity, efficiency, and just making things
faster in your day to day. This is how I work. This is how I ensure that
when I hand stuff off the math is good, the files are tight, the folder structure is nice. This is the stuff that no
one told me 25 years ago. I had to learn along the way. You’re gonna learn it today. This is broken down into three sections, you’ve got the before,
the during, and the after. If you’re digging in that before, you’re not even crackin’ open a document. You’re building the right
documents to go jump into. So, we’re gonna build proper
new document profiles, things that are perfectly
accustomed to how you want to work with colors
and symbols and things. When we get into the during,
the idea of being able to stop yourself mid project just to see where you’re at that’s
a healthy thing to do. I’m gonna give you a number
of tips to go through and just sort of clean
things up a little bit. Now, the final section, the after, that’s when a whole
‘nother set of art forms kind of start, the handoff
is just as big a deal as whatever you made on that page. How do you ensure that that is un-mess-with-able later on? We’ve got seven tips just for that. When you boil this down, I’m a little nervous to even say this stuff, we’re not making something today. What we’re makin’ is a better work flow. We’re makin’ you more productive. We’re makin’ your stuff bulletproof. We’re makin’ that. That’s pretty (bleep) good. (rock music)

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