Acrylic Painting Demo / Satisfying / Daily art theraphy / Day #45

Hello Today I’m going to draw a birch acrylic painting Squeeze the paint first Squeeze through with a knife Since it doesn’t spread well with a brush, I usually use a knife to apply the paint. I’ll hold the flat brush vertically and straighten it using both sides Squeeze out a little more if you don’t have enough paint Squeeze paint onto the side of the knife blade I’ll draw a mountain with a knife blade I’m going to draw a wooden pole with white paint on this knife The background color is being painted before it dries, so it mixes with white to form a texture. I’ll paint the darker in the same way Take a little bit of modeling paste and mix it with the paint. Modeling paste makes the paint more dull and gives a three-dimensional texture I’ll apply a small amount with the tip of the knife Fast forward .. This time it’s darker ~ If you remove the masking tape you put on, today’s work is completed 🙂 Thank you for watching. Subscribe and like us>ㅁ


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