Actresses Share Real Abortion Stories: The Draw the Line Monologues

♪music playing♪ I’ve always wanted to be a mother. My husband and I were told that my ultrasound showed anomalies And then I found out my birth control had failed I have epilepsy. And an unplanned pregnancy put both my job and my health at risk. The pregnancy was ectopic. The embryo had implanted outside my uterus. I would lose my baby and there
was nothing we could do to prevent it. ♪music playing♪ One of the worst things about getting
an abortion was actually having to
say the word “abortion.” Our only option was to drive across
state lines to Atlanta… I was made to feel like a criminal,
instead of a patient in need of care. ♪music playing♪ In the darkest moment of my life, I was
denied the constitutional right
that gave me options. I was not ready to raise a child with the
care and attention they deserved. ♪music playing♪ I’m Retta,
and I draw the line for Rosario. I’m Dascha Polanco,
and I draw the line for Kayleigh. I’m Mercedes Mason,
and I draw the line for Laura. ♪music playing♪ I hope my girls grow up in a world that
protects the health care they need, regardless of how another might feel
about why they need it. When I’m ready to have children, they will be my gifts. ♪music playing♪ the women I love stepped up to support
the decision I was choosing to make. Because the life they were most concerned
about was mine. Our laws should work to eliminate
suffering, not prolong it. …when exactly one year after my
abortion, I gave birth to a happy, healthy
little boy. ♪music playing♪ When it comes to protecting the
right to choose, all I see are pros. I’m Mary Mc Cormack, I’m Amy Brenneman I’m Elizabeth Banks, I’m Bellamy Young, and I draw the line for Susanne. ♪music playing♪

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