Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Image Trace & Live Paint Bucket

Hello today We’re going to talk about some awesome features in Adobe illustrator Which are the image trace and live paint bucket wellhow? I’m going to show you today is going to be on some coloring book pages to start off I’m going to show you this coloring book page of superman that I found on the [internet] and When it’s all said [and] done I’ll show you how to effectively trace and color it in illustrator Alright to start off once you have the coloring book page downloaded you’re going to open it with Adobe illustrator It pulls up and the first thing you’re going to want to do is you notice the artboard is smaller than the image so you’re going to go to the artboard tool and Adjust the size of the artboard to fit the image all in then you select the image and We’re going to do the live the image trace first, so you go object image trace make Now you notice the graphic changed a little bit this gives you a little bit of preview before you do it Well what you’re going to do is? go to the image Trace panel click on that and This opens right here the image trace Now I’m going to increase my threshold you now you notice some Lines or There’s openings and gaps you don’t want that when you do the live paint bucket tool So I’m going to increase my threshold to about [230] for this one different iMages May Vary Now that looks like it might be too much, but I’m going to reduce the noise all the way down to one pixel and increase my [paths] and Corners sometimes you want to add strokes and Lower the stroke to like one pixel that adds more details now sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t [I’m] going to lower my threshold It cut it cleans it up a little bit now once I have it looking the way. I want it I just click the expand button now as you see all the anchor point it detects all the lines from the illustration and Creates all the Anchor points and curves, and that’s it using the live trace. It’s officially Transferred from a raster graphic with pixels to a vector graphic with the Anchor points and coordinates Now you can increase and decrease this image size and It never [loses] quality now You can click off of it to deselect it to do the [live] [paint] [bucket]. Tool you select the image and Then you either press K or you go on to your toolbar and choose the select live paint bucket Now the first thing you want to do is you want to have some colors that you know you’re going to use so you’re going to go to your swatches Palette and then click the top, right Open Swatch Library Now you might go to coloring books and choose. There’s different libraries of colors Now this one seems to cover quite a bit now. I’m also going to go and open up the skin tones Swatches you just choose the right tone For the face now. I can’t see very well with the [dot] so I’m gonna hold down command click away There you go, and then you just select the area that you want to pay Make his hair a little bit of a brown tint inside Now the cake. We know that’s typically a red so Just select the areas and make it red same with the s yellow for inside The [s] So yup Mr. Red there? Go back make the [yellow] belts yellow you can make the boots yellow or red But that’s it if you want to get more three-dimensional like I did [on] the first example I showed you you could go to the gradient [panel] click on that and Let’s say I want a gradient of the cake so I’m going to slide that red Put it over the the black and now Gives it a more of a three-dimensional looks like light Reflecting you can adjust these panels with more [cudmore] colors take the white out make it darker be as creative as you want to be with it, but that’s how you use the image trace and [live] [paint] [bucket] [tool] in Adobe Illustrator [when] it’s all said and done That’s what it looks like when it’s finished you

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