Adobe Sketch: Using Layers to Enhance Words in Your Sketchnotes

Here’s a quick tip in Adobe Sketch about
practicing fonts and using layers. So the first thing I like to do is go, if I
click the touch the gear, and then I’m going to add a grid in the background. So
I usually do this graph. You can change the size of your grid if you want to.
That way I kind of, I have lines in the background and it helps me keep things
straight on the page. And it really is invisible so it doesn’t actually show up
when you export this image. So if I go and I play around with my brush size and
I want to practice writing. A lot of times I don’t really do a lot of block
letters. What I like to do is I’ll write a word with a thicker font and then what
I like to do is I like to add a new sketch layer but I I’m going to touch
and hold and then drag it behind. And then I’m going to do a different color
and then I’ll just write exactly what I just did but this time I’m drawing it
behind so it’s kind of like it’s making a shadow in the background. So, just an
easy way for me to make a nice-looking font using two different colors.

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