Adults React to SNL: Trump & Spicer Sketches (Saturday Night Live)

– (reporter) Wall Street Journal. – My favorite part is when she starts
hitting people with the podium. Yes! (laughing) – (announcer) Oh, how we–
– Oh! (laughing) Oh no! – Trump parodies are the best! – The only thing Trump’s made
great again is Saturday Night Live. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ (audience applauding)
– The aliens are stronger than we thought. – Some SNL? – SNL! (intrigued) Mmm. – (commander) The fight for humanity–
– I love Kenan. – I just saw this one. – (commander) Your Commander in Chief
wants to say a word. – Oh no! (audience cheering wildly) – (laughing) (audience cheering wildly) – (derisively) Hmmm.
Donald Trump. – I hate him so much. I don’t even like watching the parodies. – (“Trump”) Now here’s the deal. We are going to beat these aliens because we have got the best military.
– It’s tremendous! – (“Trump”) We don’t win anymore.
– He’s good. – (“Trump”) And the aliens
are laughing at us. – It’s spot on. – (“Trump”) They’re killing us
and they’re laughing at us. – Resurgence of Alec Baldwin’s career. – This was the role he was born to play. – (commander) We know
the aliens are killing us, sir. They just vaporized
the entire state of California. – (“Trump”) So then I won the popular vote? – (snickering) – (Trump) So then I won the popular vote? – Hey! Zing. Let’s go. – He’s just so good at this impression. – (commander) Please,
everyone in California is dead. – (“Trump”) Even Arnold?
– (laughing) – (“Trump”) Even Arnold?
(audience laughing) – Trump parodies are the BEST! (lasers zapping) – (soldier) They’re coming! – (“Trump”) The aliens are already here.
– (chuckling) – (“Trump”) They’ve been hiding
in this country for hundreds of years. It’s a fact. Shape-shifters.
– (laughing) – (“Trump”) They look like
regular people but they’re aliens. Look, there’s one right there. – Oh, that’s coldblooded. (laughing) – (“Trump”) There’s one right there. – (cracking up) Oh my god! – (soldier) What?! I am NOT an alien! – Yes, I love Leslie Jones. – (alien) Humans! – This is like
an Independence Day crossover. – (alien) Take me to your leader! (scattered laughter) – (“Trump”) It’s him!
(audience laughing) He’s the president!
– Of course. – (“Trump”) It’s him!
– Wow. – (commander) No, I’m not! You are! – Wow. I hate–
it seems like he’s like that. – (alien) This is going to be so easy!
– (cracking up) – (all) Live from New York,
it’s Saturday Night! – Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. – That was, like, mmmm, scarily not far
from what he would actually do. – I love these skits. Like, seriously, way too much. It’s helpful. Laugh through the pain. – (announcer) Every man knows her name. – I’ve seen this. – (announcer) Every woman knows her face. – Oh, I’m scared. Who is it? – (announcer) She’s Ivanka.
– (giggling) – (announcer) Ivanka. – She has a little more life
in her eyes than Ivanka though. – That’s definitely not Ivanka.
That’s Scarlett Johansson. – (announcer) Because she’s beautiful.
She’s powerful. She’s… complicit. (audience laughing) – Shots fired. – (announcer) She’s… complicit. – (laughing) – (announcer) She’s… complicit. – (laughing) Wow. – (announcer)
She doesn’t crave the spotlight, but we see her. Oh, how we see her.
(audience cracking up) – (laughing) I like that one. – (announcer) Oh, how we see her.
– (cracking up) – (announcer) Oh, how we–
– Oh! (laughing) No! – (announcer) She’s loyal, devoted…
but probably should have bounced after the whole
Access Hollywood bust thing. Oh well. – Scarlett Johansson
actually kind of looks like her. – Scarlett totally got
that Ivanka smile down, that little smirk, that side mouth thing. – (announcer) The fragrance
for the woman who could stop all this… but won’t. – Exactly. Oh well. I don’t know anything. I’m just here. – It’s scary, if you really think about it
because… it’s all true. But, uh, sometimes you need a laugh. (audience hooting and applauding) – Oh, these are my favorite! – AH YES! The Sean Spicer parody. – Yes! Oh man. This was so funny. – I’ve seen it multiple times because I think
it’s the funniest thing ever. – I’m not even a huge fan
of Melissa McCarthy, and she’s kind of forever
won me over with this sketch. – (“Spicer”) Settle down! Settle down! Settle down! I’m here to swallow gum, and I’m here to– – They did good with her makeup. – (“Spicer”) I’m here to swallow gum,
and I’m here to take names! – (chuckling) (gum scattering) (audience laughing uproariously) (peals of laughter from audience) – (“Spicer”) Okay! Now let me wave something shiny
in front of you monkeys. – She’s so good. – Wow. That’s disgusting. – (reporter) I wanted to ask
about the travel ban on Muslims. – (“Spicer”) Yeah, it’s not a ban.
– (reporter) I’m sorry? – (“Spicer”) It’s not a ban! The travel ban is not a ban,
which makes it not a ban. – (laughing)
– (reporter) But you just called it a ban. – It seems like it’s so exaggerated,
but it’s kind of not. – (reporter) But you just called it a ban. – (“Spicer”) Because I’m using your words! You said ban!
– (chuckling) – (“Spicer”) And I’m saying– – (reporter) The president tweeted,
and I quote– – Dude, he seriously needs
to get off Twitter. – (reporter) “If the ban were announced
with a one week notice–” – (“Spicer”) Yeah, exactly.
You just said that. You need some props?
My words too big? I got to show you in pictures? – Oh man. Get some Carrot Top prop action. – (“Spicer”) …the Constitution
gives our president lots of power, and our president will NOT…
– “Knot.” (groaning) – (“Spicer”) …be deterred… – That’s amazing. – (laughing) He is a turd. – (“Spicer”) …in his fight
against radical moose-lambs. – (giggling) – …moose-lambs.
– (cracking up) What the [bleep]? – (reporter) Wall Street Journal. – My favorite part is when she starts
hitting people with the podium. Yes! (laughing) – (reporter) Wall Street Journal. Uh, are you okay? – (giggling) I think everyone
wants to know if he’s okay. – (“Spicer”) I’ll accept one last question. Yeah, I’ll take this loser. – (chuckling)
– (reporter) Yes… Do you think it was anti-Semitic
to not even mention the Jewish people in this statement? What are you doing?
– (cracking up) The Super Soaker is amazing. – (“Spicer”) This is soapy water
and I’m washing that filthy, lying mouth! – Let’s be honest. That’s how Sean Spicer
takes things in real life. – (“Spicer”) That’s enough for today. Spicy’s, uh, gonna go bye-bye right now. I need a big boy nap. – (wheezing and laughing) – (“Spicer”) …gonna
go bye-bye right now. Need a big boy nap.
– (laughing) – (“Spicer”) Wake me up exactly one minute
before tomorrow’s press conference and live from New York,
it’s Saturday Night! – (reporter) Um, yeah,
that already happened. – (cracking up) – (“Spicer”) Live from New York,
it’s Saturday Night! – (reporter) Um, yeah,
that already happened. – (giggling) – Oh my gosh, dude. – The only thing Trump’s made great again
is Saturday Night Live. It’s been better than it’s been in years. – I love it. SNL, keep doing what you’re doing
regardless of what anyone says. We need this type of humor. – It reminds me
of the Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey days, or the Will Ferrell days. It comes in waves,
and this is on its wave right now. And it feels good. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) So those were
a few recent political sketches from this season of Saturday Night Live. Have you been watching this season at all? – Not at all. Maybe I need to since
they’re pretty funny. – No, I haven’t really been
watching this season. – I have not but I do catch
the clips on YouTube, obviously, because they always get
uploaded the next morning. – We’ve watched it off and on for years. All through the campaign, I think,
is when we really made a point to watch again
because it was just all comedy. – I fell off after Jimmy Fallon
and Tina Fey left. I’m starting to get more into it
because I love sketch comedy. It’s one of my favorite types of humor
and they’re [bleep] killing it. – (FBE) Well, it’s been
on the air since 1975. – Wow, that’s a long time. – (FBE) And some people say
that SNL has become even more popular this season due to the fact
that President Trump has been tweeting so often
about how much he doesn’t like it. – (laughing) Yeah,
they’re just poking him. They’re trolling.
SNL’s trolling the president. – (FBE) Is it common
for a president of the United States to care this much about political satire? – I mean, I don’t think anybody
likes to be made fun of. – There’s always authority figures
that want to silence people who are critical of them. Usually that should be questioned. – Nothing about this entire thing
is usual or common. – No! It’s like they’re letting him just go. There’s no one advising him
and telling him, “Hey, you need to cool it, man. Like, we’re taking
your Twitter account down.” – This dude is a television president. A president has way
more important things to do then to start baby tweeting on Twitter because someone made a funny about him. – (FBE) Finally, SNL tends
to be more left leaning and pokes fun at the right more often. Do you think that making fun
of the president and his administration is okay to be doing,
given how divided the US is right now? – I mean, I’m obviously very left. The fact that it’s so left
does feel like it’s cutting out this part of the country. Can you imagine
a Republican Saturday Night Live? – They’re doing it to make
the audience feel better. – Fair’s fair, right? Everybody has a voice
and they’re using their voice. – That’s what comedy is about. You’re not– I’m not saying
you’re not supposed to worry about other people’s feelings,
but that’s the whole purpose of it. You’re joking. – I don’t think that
they are being unfair. I think what’s happening is Trump
is just throwing material at them. Like, dude, get off Twitter
and then there won’t be a problem. – I don’t think Saturday Night Live
is the cause or will be the force behind even further divide. There’s so many people on both sides
that don’t want to meet in the middle and talk… and figure it out, and it starts at the ground level. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. It is the best episode
of Adults React we’ve ever had. – Subscribe because
we have the best episodes. Everyone says so. The best. – Goodbye. – Hey, guys, Kyle here,
a producer here at FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of Adults React. What’s your favorite SNL moment
from the past? Let us know in the comments.


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