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So you have a great idea for a business or
product and you need a logo designed? How do you get started and how much will it
cost? In this video , I show you two ways to get
a logo designed. Stay tuned. Hi, it’s Brian Dixon and you are watching
The Advance Show, innovative shortcuts and actionable strategies to help you dream bigger,
take action, and move forward. Trying to get a logo designed for your product
or service can be confusing and complicated. You can spend anywhere from five to five thousand
dollars and get a logo you love in 30 minutes or 30 days. So what are your options and how
do you get started? Well in this video, I am going to walk you through your two main
options for getting the perfect logo designed just for you. The first option is to directly hire one person
to design your logo.  Here’s is the basic process.
1. Decide what you are looking for. 2. View the designer’s portfolio.
3. Share your vision for the logo with the designer.
4. Pay (or contract to pay) the designer. 5. Wait a few hours or a few months.
6. Review the designs you receive. 7. Give feedback and hope for an updated design.
8. Finalize the design  A direct hire can be risky, because you don’t
have options. When you contract with one designer, you are stuck with whatever they come up with.
And no matter how much you are paying the designer, there are limitations as to how
much they will revise the work until you are happy. 
Here are two great options for a direct hire. 1. A friend or local designer. 
There are great designers living in your local area. They will probably be a lot more expensive
than what you will find online, but you might want the personalized service that only a
local designer can provide. 2. Finding a designer on an online marketplace
Sites like Elance or Fiverr allow you to access designers from around the world. You can hire
someone on fiver to create a logo for you for only 5 bucks. Depending on your product
or service, this might work for you. When making a direct hire, you have to consider
your priorities. Are you looking to build a long term relationship with a local design
firm. Or are you just looking for a quick logo on the cheap?  A second way to get your logo designed is
to host an online contest. Sites like 99 designs or crowdspring take
a different approach.  Instead of starting with one designer and
hoping they design with a logo you love, you start with your idea and designers compete
to create a logo you love. You only pay for the finished design to the
one designer that wins your contest.  An online contest levels the playing field
and allows you to get hundreds of design ideas for about three hundred dollars.  I’ve had many logos designed this way and
absolutely love it. Here’s the basic process. 1. You post a description of the kind of logo
you are looking for. 2. You pay the three hundred dollars.
3. Designers from around the world compete for your business.
4. Here is the key to a successful contest- you give a lot of feedback on the designs
you receive. The more feedback you give, the more designers will compete for your business,
and the happier you will be with your final logo.
5. Choose the winning designer and download the source files. And now, for a bonus tip.
I browse through recently completed logo contests on 99 designs and invite winning designers
to compete on my contest. I send them a nice message that says “I
love your work. Congrats on your recent win. You would be perfect for a logo project I
just posted. Click this link to check it out. I can’t wait to see what you come up with,” 
Sending these messages to designers has increased my contest participating by 300 percent. So what about you? What tips have you discovered
for getting a logo designed for your products or services? I would love to hear about it
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  • Lisa Gillespie

    Lisa from B-school here. Very good video – love the idea of inviting 99Designs designers that you especially like to compete for the chance to come up with your logo! Brilliant!

  • Angela Hager

    Great tips Brian!! You helped pinpoint a lot of the frustration I hear clients report when designing their logos.  Love the contest idea on 99 Designs!


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