Age of Empires 2: Seeking Alliances | Comedy Sketch

Ah, see, my companion, we’ve
accomplished our goal. Who are you then? We are the Celts, and we seek an
audience with the king of the
Britons, which I believe is your
civilization. Are you sure you’re not of the
Franks? ‘Cause you look just like
that one. I get that a lot. And are you the one’s what
destroyed my Town Center? That we are. We came upon it and
took it for an enemy building and
thus demolished it. Do you know how long it took me to
build that? About 17 seconds. Even so. Well I apologize, but we did kill
that Frank that was threatening
you. I suppose you did at that. Now what
was it ye wanted? We seek an audience with Harold,
your king with the proposition of
an alliance. Mary, Queen of Scotts
sends me as an emissary to him. Well don’t let me keep you. Actually I was hoping you could
escort me there as I do not know
the way. Nor indeed do I wish for
any of your kinsmen to mistake my
presence as an invasion. An invasion of one? Stranger things have happened. Sire, there is a man claiming to be
an emissary from the Celts
requesting an audience. Shall I
send him in? Hmmm… is there anything important
that I need to see to today? Like,
an enemy army to deal with, a joust
to attend, a feast to plan, an
execution to be overseen? No, your schedule is clear for
today. Well think up some excuse and send
him away. Greetings, your majesty, I am an
emissary from Mary, Queen of
Scotts. I told my courtier not to let you
in, I’m far too busy- Far too busy not planning any wars,
jousts, feasts or executions, yes I’ve
heard it all before. Actually, I might have an execution
after all. Hear me out. Give me one good reason to. On my way to your castle I saw your
army. Ours is thrice it’s size. I’m listening. Our Queen Mary- They’ve got it, you can stop saying
her name now. She wishes to form an alliance with
you. As you know we are currently
neutral- We’re neutral? How do you check
that? We’re neutral to each other but we
are both at war with the Franks, who according to our scouts,
outnumber both of our “great”
nations. Oh, I get it, you think I should
ally myself with the Franks. Far from it! How can ye even
suggest such an idea? You said it yourself; they
outnumber both of us. Aye, but if we were to work
together, we would stand a much
better chance of defeating them. I don’t like the sound of that.
Work. Ach aye, ‘ow ‘ave ye lasted this
long? Mostly luck. And, you know,
starting in my own little corner
with everyone else far away. Well ye aren’t alone anymore as
evidenced by the Franks we
encountered on our way here. You may have a point. Maybe I’ll
start researching stuff. Ye ‘aven’t started researching yet? Well, I researched sappers. Oh, well that’ll make all the
difference in the world. ‘Ere’s my
advice, one neutral to another:
resign. I thought you wanted an alliance
with me. Aye, my queen does, but after
talking to you, I’m starting to
doubt her wisdom on the matter. That’s too bad, because I was just
starting to warm to the idea. Tell ye what, I’ll go report back
to her and see if she still wants an alliance and then either I’ll
come back or she’ll come herself. Seems reasonable. Ha, not even- Thank you for watching our video that we put many hours of work into. If you enjoyed it be sure to like comment and subscribe if you really liked it. But only if you enjoyed it; if you didn’t, feel free to do the opposite of comment, which is “not comment” (evil laugh) So you can see more videos that we put out every single week. I’m the king and I approve this message.


  • brian mcm

    And thus began the long line of recasting unknown peasant lady #3 more than even James Bond

  • Saya, an RPG Creator.

    I have time for him 10 seconds later I dont have time go away
    xD Nice 1.
    I rly enjoyed this video

  • Apple Aya

    11 awesome another gread vid

  • Michael Pothoven

    Horrible Scottish accent, but amazing depiction of aoe2 diplomacy 😂😂😂

    Also, music was nice touch!

  • Carissa Sherman

    I love the special effects in this vid

  • Dimitrios Kantakouzinos

    I did really enjoy this video!

  • Tayyab Sohail

    That was good


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