Airbrush Effects : Airbrush Effects: Cracks

Stippling. I showed you that just a few minutes
ago. You take the pop sickle stick and you make big and small and random dots basically
all over and it is faster than just taking your air brush and trying to do them this
way. To make this look like concrete let’s add some cracks to it, cracks me up. Basically
just like the electricity if you took that lesson too or just watched that lesson, nobody
can tell you it’s wrong. Remember this is art and it is only what you see and they can
be really fat and wide and it just shows depth whenever you do that and they can be really
fine. You have got to clean the, always constantly clean the tip of your airbrush to keep it
free of paint and you can make little tiny tiny, really fine, you’ve got to get really
close to it, as fine as you want. Are you done? No, just like the electricity you have
got to come back to it and you’ve got to give it shape. What I’d like to do is come back
with a white and pick a side and just follow that side. I don’t know if it is going to
show up real well on this news print. Maybe the camera and the lighting will pick it up
and just to make it three dimensional just follow the edge. You don’t even have to follow
it exactly. You can overlap and you can bounce off of it whatever you want to do. Now that
looks like there is a big crack in that concrete. Thank you.


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