Airbrush Effects : Airbrush Effects: Lettering & Drips

We are going to go to another effect that
we had done, the drips. We use this a lot in graffiti style lettering if you want. And
this is something that you have to take and practice with, big fat letters. Another type of drop shadow where basically
you just outline the bottom with a letter and you can fill it in and do whatever you
want. Well let’s come back and make it look like it was like somebody took a spray can
to it or whatever. Basically you are just doing random drips wherever you want to do
it and you can put a little color around the rest of the letters if you want and then you
can even come back in and maybe make it look like it is dripping off the letters too itself.
Just remember there are no rules and you just got to have fun with it because if you are
not having fun you’ll never make any money. Thank you.


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