airbrushing the eye

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Hello Ladies! So it’s the end of part 1! time for the eye
tutorial! The Eye tutorial!
I just spat. To get started, you can download this reference
of the eye and this template. So to join in on the fun, why don’t you click
the link.. ..That’s displayed here. Next to my ugly face.
Hello again! So what i’ve got here, what looks like a piece
of blank paper to you actually has a very light outline, of this exact reference here.
So instead of looking at this eye and thinking ‘oh my god’, where do i start?
I always like to start from the darkest parts of an artwork.
The pupil and this darker region around the top of the eye-lid.
Now forget about detail at this stage, just form it like the sculptor forms his rock.
This bottom edge, looks exactly like a soft line.
Choose your height correctly and create the effect that’s going to mimic exactly what
you see in the artwork. So I’ll start airbrushing the eye and I’ll
talk you through it as much as i can while we do it but i want you to pay attention and
see if you can tell which effects I’m actually using.
I’ll start by doing a line on the pupil. Throughout this tutorial you might see me
stepping back from the artwork.. ..What i’m doing is i’m stepping back further
so i can make sure that i’m airbrushing my piece at the right height, to create the same
edge as what i see in this reference, on this artwork.
A blending line. Now there’s a couple of options we can use
for the pupil, as I’ve shown you in previous tutorials, you can do two dagger strokes to
frame the edge, you could do two blending lines – or you could use your hand as a stencil.
Sorry if my fat head is in the way? Might have used that joke already?
Stepping back to make sure my intensity is exactly the same as what i see on the reference
, so i see darker spots here – i’ll do a little more work on these areas.
a line. Remember what i said, just build up your artwork
in light passes, just build it up, you’ve got nothing but time, there’s no need to rush
this at this stage. Just take your time and make sure you’re doing
the effects correctly. Just hit my head.
The perfect example of creating form, is this example here in the eye.
You’ll see it’s this area – don’t move. Now it looks quite confusing and as a beginner
you may look at it and think ‘how the hell do i do that?
We’re just going to create two blends from either side, just to create that triangular
shape exactly as we see there on the eye. That’s the beauty of airbrushing!
This edge here and this edge here- Very lightly going over the same spot angle
away from the eyeball, and you’ll notice that i flick at the end
of the effect, just like the dagger stroke! Just blend it out!
Might use the.. hand as a stencil here on this edge!
These areas here on my eye, are too sharp. The best effect to be used in these areas,
would be what? That’s right! blending lines.
Now for the bottom edge of the eye. This is probably one of the toughest parts
of the eye to pull off as it’s very easy to make the effect too dark.
Notice how i’m getting further away from the artwork as i create the effect.
Adding the areas around the border of this artwork are probably the easiest areas to
create, We just have to make sure that we’re high
enough from the artwork that we’re creating the right shaped edge.
Once you’ve created the basic shape of your eye, then it’s time to start the little important
bits of detail such as the eye lashes! The most important thing to remember is that
you’re executing the effect at the right height. At this stage it looks like all of the basic
shapes are complete, however it doesn’t yet look quite right.
So what we’re going to do is take a big step back and compare how this looks to your reference.
When you’re done, step back, have a look and admire the work you’ve created!
Well done! You’re an airbrush artist! Part two of the airbrushtutor series is going
to go into a little more detail about how to create detail and how to make your artworks
photorealistic. Again if you enjoyed todays tutorial, then
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Thank you! Second thing I just want to say a big thank
you to Texas, you win the award for most views. Followed by California.. and California..
Forget i mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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