Airless Graco ST MAX II 495 – Which tip to use?

Welcome to the Airless Discounter Videoserie. Today we will talk about the tips for the Graco ST MAX II 495 device. This device is an electric piston pump with a max. performance of 2,1 L/min. The manufacturer recommends a max. tip nr. 525. With this device you can work with paints like lacquers, primer paint, indoor and outdoor dispersions, also a little bit of latex paint. The most usual tips are the ones that cover most of the works, like the 211 to paint small objects with lacquers, and the 511 to paint bigger objects with lacquers. The 527 tip is the most suitable one for primer paint or indoor dispersions. For outdoor works, the ideal tip with this device is the 521, and the 523 for latex paint. We have made a tip info table, there you can see a detailed summary about the different types of tips. The link for this table is now on the screen. About how to choose the right tip, or about the available basic tips, the Graco devices are delivered with the standard Graco RAC10 tips. These are the BLUE tips and the BLUE tipholders. These blue ones are the Graco standard delivered tips. and ONLY these are the ones suitable for this device. The Wagner or Farbmax tips, or other brand tips, DON’T work in this device. A good piece of advice to save some money is to replace the Graco RAC10 or Graco RCX tip system for an alternative tip system of cheaper tips that I can recommend: The Farbmax Silvertip, are available for half of the price. Even though we may use only few tips in a year, let’s say about 5, we can save around 150 euros. If we calculate this costs for some years, the saving starts to be considerable. So, I recommend you to consider this option, this alternative system for this model, economically it’s important. In this link you see now in the screen, there is a complete tip summary, where you will find the most common tips and their current prices. With this link you will get a general and clear idea about the available models and their prices. So, this is a small general introduction, about how to choose the right tips for the Graco ST MAX II 495. In the next videos we will talk again about this device, about the right choice of the filters for this device, the different types of threads, and we will also talk about the cleaning and caring of the devices, as well as how to solve small problems with them. If you have any question, about this or another devices, please don’t hesitate, contact us! See you soon!

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