Amazing Art -Toothpick Sculpture – COOLEST THING I’VE EVER MADE: EP4

it’s taken me three thousand-plus hours
on 37 plus year span. There’s a hundred and 56 thoudand, thirty seven and a half toothpicks. My day job is I work at a grocery store
as a retail clerk, but my real love is art and creating things. This is one of my earlier creations, Boltar, made out of cardboard and foil. I’ve won a lot of costume contests in
this. When I have time off I love to build toothpick sculptures. This is one of my sculptures that I call Lone Galleon. It has 27,427 toothpicks in . It has some moving parts. It was a fun project. But the coolest thing I’ve ever made is rolling through the bay, 9-foot toothpick sculpture of San Francisco. It has 10 different starting points 5 narrated tours. The main tour I call the Golden Gate tour, which starts way up here at the top. It’s taken me three thousand-plus hours
on a 37 plus year span. There’s a 105,387 and-a-half toothpicks so find the half. This is what my sculptures started out as. My fourth-grade teacher taught us how to build these little sculptures and I just wanted to build
the biggest one in class and then was 14 I had spinal meningitis. I was out of school for a while, started
Rolling Through the Bay. The balls then go out around windmill here at ocean beach take their tour across the golden gate bridge then go behind Alcatraz Island. It has kinetically engineered pathways that go through San Francisco and they tell a story of my family’s timeline or history. The toothpics at made that heart were
thrown at my wife and I 24 years ago coming out of a church. It’s here in San Francisco at the exploratorium. It was in our living room for all these years and now the public is finally able to enjoy it at its fullest. “You like building things?” I come here twice a month or more and I roll the balls down and give my
narrated tour. “You’ll see the balls go in and out of each one of these driveways
of the famous alamo square homes.” The Golden Gate tour was my original and
add to add four more because I wanted the ball to be able to kinetically get
to other parts in the sculpture. The last tour I give is the Mount Tam tour. You fly like an eagle through the majestic redwoods of Mount Tamalpais
in Muir woods. I’m trying to inspire kids to use their
hands, build things make things and maybe there’ll be another rolling kinetic
toothpick structure in this world. (laughs) Rolling Through the Bay, a 9-foot
toothpicks sculpture of San Francisco is the coolest thing I’ve ever made. nice to meet you yeah. You can
show your friends on YouTube!


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