Oh, my sweet chocolate! Come here! Er.. what? ugh…what can’t… no… Aaaaaaah! Oh, phew… it was just a nightmare… Sammy, were you screaming? I had a terrible nightmare! It was awful! What was it about? Tape entangled me all over to keep me away from my chocolate candy! Tape? But that’s not scary at all. That’s what you think. And I’m afraid to go to sleep now… Hmm…Art therapy will help you! Whaaat? Art. Therapy. We’re going to draw! Come on. I’m a… a bit scared… This won’t hurt a bit. Trust me. Come on, take a look. Here’s a large canvas for us. And some paints. And some brushes. First, we’ll draw some colorful blobs on the canvas. Like this. Just a blob. Very easy and relaxing.. .It doesn’t need to be of any particular shape. Will you give it a try? Weeell, alright… I’ll take this color. Dip my brush in it, just a bit! Right… Oh! O-o- oh! Cool! This feels good! So relaxing! I’m glad you like it, Sammy. And I’ll take this color now. Look how bright it’s coming out! And so easy to draw! Have I told you how they painted my portrait during my travels in the Tibidabo? Er… no… It was very difficult! I had to pose for an hour and a half! But in the end ,the artist failed to get my eyes right. Well, portrait’s are hard to draw indeed. So it happens. Uhh…What are we drawing? It will be a room decor painting. Hm… well, it looks weird so far. Just wait. The most interesting part lies ahead. Our painting’s ready. And it’s almost dry. Now I’ll take the tape. Oh no! Why the tape! I’ve just become so relaxed.. and now this! This is masking tape. It will help us to create a masterpiece. Yeeeah? How? Here, take a look. Coming! I’ll stick the tape in strips, like this. Not relaxing… Here… and here… And here…all over the surface. Looks like a pattern…Let me try… Okay. I’ll just take a small piece. There. And stick it on… Done! I didn’t even get stuck! Yeah! Well done, Sammy! Haha! Alright. The tape is in place! Now we’ll need to paint the space between the tape with white paint. Our beautiful colorful blobs – with white paint? Yeah, that’s what tape is for. You’ll see! I’ll take the sponge brush and coat it in paint. Then I’ll apply some white paint right over the tape. No need to get it neat! And some more… Oh! This sponge brush is so easy to paint with! It reminds me of snow… Snow covering flowers… Oooh! I’m Jack of all trades! Ouch! And master of none… Now you look like a painting yourself. I’m off to wash… There, I’m all clean! How’s it coming? All dry. Ready to see something pretty? Of course! Right… I need to carefully peel the tape off like this. Strip by strip. Ohhh! Oooh! This is sooo satisfying, guys! And some more….yeah! Hmmm…Ugh… ah…. um… not… it’s not an easy task! Done! Oh! Thanks, Sammy! Aand the last one. Here, take a look! Oooooh…. it’s sooo pretty! I want to dream of this now! Yeaaah… Guys, did you like this idea for a painting? Give a thumb up if you did and subscribe to Sam’s channel. And if you make a painting like this, send us photos! Bye! Hmmm… Oooh! Shall we be friends?


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