Ancient Astronauts carved in Hoysaleswara Temple? Sculpture Proves Space Travel in Distant Past?

Hey guys, this is the Hoysaleswara Temple
and here we can see a very strange carving: these figures look very similar to modern
day astronauts. They are wearing helmets which cover their
heads completely, and you can see that each person is wearing protective gloves in his
hands, notice the cuffs of the gloves. If you observe closely, we can even see some
of them have wires that go from one side of the helmet and hooked up to a spherical device
at the back of the helmet. If you compare this carving with modern day
astronauts, the similarity is uncanny. Yet, these carvings were created at least
900 years ago, some even say this temple was built many thousands of years ago. The question is, does this carving actually
show astronauts, or does it depict something else? I have asked several Historians and Archeologists
about this carving and they tell me that till date, nobody has been able to decode this
carving. Why? The reason is, Foreign Invaders have destroyed
the top part of this carving, specifically this particular figure who is the main character
in this carving. If you observe carefully, this figure is seated
on a throne, and the astronauts are on the floor begging him. The crouched positions and hand gestures of
the astronauts confirm this, but until we identify the central figure, we cannot determine
what’s going on. So, let’s observe this carving very carefully,
and see if we can find out who he is, for the very first time. On his shoulder, we can see the outline of
a circular weapon called Chakra, which belongs to Lord Vishnu. You can see a female figure sitting on his
lap, and Vishnu is often portrayed with his wife Lakshmi on his lap. This is definitely Lord Vishnu, because his
throne is shaped in the form of a lotus flower, and Vishnu is the God usually depicted on
lotus flowers. I wonder why no one observed these clues to
find the answer until now. So, now that we know that this is Vishnu,
let’s try to decode who these astronauts are. In the ancient Indian texts, this scene is
clearly described. There are two groups of deities at war with
each other: Devas and Asuras. The Devas are unable to defeat the Asuras,
so they travel to a planet called Vishnulokha, and beg Lord Vishnu to help them. This carving perfectly fits the scenario of
Devas begging Vishnu for help. Today historians tell us that all these stories
are just mythology – Devas traveling to other planets thousands of years ago, that would
be impossible because there was no technology for space travel at that time. But this carving shows that such a scenario
actually happened: Because, it shows Devas as astronauts with helmets, wires and gloves,
just like modern day astronauts. What’s even more interesting, the Devas are
carved without these astronaut suits when they are on earth. They are depicted with helmets, wires and
gloves only when they traveled to the other planet called Vishnulokha. If space travel was not possible in ancient
times, how can we explain sculptors carving the Devas with remarkable similarity to modern
day astronauts? So, what do you think? Were Indian Gods real? Or were they merely fictional characters as
Historians claim? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section, I am Praveen Mohan. Thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to
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  • PraveenMohan

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    Yes what you said is right. But The rishi's travels to the Vishnu loka by meditation only. Its my opinion not correct answer.

  • Aruna

    Not sure about this one, I see turbans on their heads and a cloth hanging on their neck and a bracelet on their hand. It is unusual though for them to be depicted with turbans though, they usually have crowns. Could this not be devas but just normal people asking Lord Vishnu for help?
    What is weird is the things they have on their backs, they look like oxygen tanks :0

     The devas do travel to see Vishnu in the stories, but this could be turbans as well, its not like the telescope and rockets u showed before, those were really weird.

  • akshay

    Hey Pravin,
    If they were astronaut they should have wearing pressure suit. They look more like underwater diver as they only have helmets with air supply and gloves.
    And ancient text says Vishnuloka is situated deep under sea, and vishnu live underwater there he rides giant serpent.
    This gives evidence to that scripts.
    And you could make that theory, there is unknown civilization existing underwater.
    Try thinking this way and tell us what more you think about it.

    [ Does not a movie named "Aquaman" inspired with this story😋]

  • Rizwan Ali

    Invader destroy,,, commooon they could hv destroyed the all instead that small part only,,, u r bogus n hindu is shit

  • Derrick Lopez

    It's a demon….

  • geekpeekseek

    This is what YouTube platform should be used for. And Praveen Mohan a south indian you should be in some other country where your works will be really congratulated . And here these indians politicians only aiim for money shit.

  • kaviyarasan n

    Really interesting sir.

  • vinay nalkudri

    You are making Hindus proud

  • Mike G

    I agree with ur explanation and yes
    All these mythological stories are true u r doing a great job sir

  • Alka Yadav

    Yes ofcourse hindu gods are in real

    If one had imagined of God how all people craved on rock
    It means they were familiar to these things
    That kind of temples were all over in India but it had been destroy by Muslims

  • Surya Rao Manem

    Gods are real but we can prove if we agree them as aliens

  • saima ajmal

    everytime i watch temples…i just came to know that indians were and are too good in carving….God they have nothing else to do…dirty nude carvings…they call it history….aahhh…wish they learn something about humanity…

  • Maheshwari Venkatesh

    I really amazed

  • Darshan G Reddy


  • Robert Harris

    That is the igigi asking enki to send them back to Nibiru, but he has created human and taken one as his companion. Yes I believe Shiva is Enki and Vishnu is Enlil. Or some combination of Enlil, Enki and Anu = Shiva Vishnu Bhudda

  • Ramesh chandra adika

    Nice brother
    But give address of that temples sir

  • Parul Ankit Sharma

    don't mind sir this carvings are of big vanras who had long hairs on their whole body except face and hand….

  • s ram

    Actually they have covered their head but i could not see that they are wearing astronauts suit.I want to make it clear that they are wearing bangles known as kara (कडा ). Wearing kara is only 50 year old fasion.I wonder that who will wear kara on astronaut suit.Looking for you answer.

  • Summer Brooks

    Where was Vishnulokha? Was that Tiamat?

  • Sanjay Gautam

    Indian gods are real no doubt in that
    But a question in mind that where is vishnulok in our solar system.
    On which planet?

  • Charlie 3:16

    The timeline of events that modern academia claims to be "official record" is an absolute joke. Thanks for your hard work and research Preveen!

  • Elvis Ponari

    My friend i tell you what this is. Just a part of a movie at that time. Pure imagination of the locals. Like our imagination today. The before us use to watch tv on the rocks

  • Elvis Ponari

    Can you make a viseo of what people commented or have though about this stup. Brain storming could bring something out

  • Willy Wright

    Maybe with extraterrestrial case the astronauts flew to India with alien gods in there golden ship of doom

  • history plucker

    We see the atrocities of Muslim Invaders particularly in this temple….
    I live very near to Halebeebu

  • operational amplifier

    praveen mohan ji…..u r awesome guy.
    i hv comparative religion study…..and in our text many such things are there.

    i studied a book whose name is surya siddhanta, in that book integration, differentiation, conic sections many such things i studied.

    in our 6 vedic darshan many such thing i found. law of gravitation, laws of motion, keplers law all those things were discovered by our rishis.

    a book name ravan sanhita, i hv at my home. in that book from copper to gold conversion is there….i m decoding that codes. that's y i forced my friend to learn vedic sanskrit from panini ashtadhyayi and nirukta. when i will be free from my work , i will also try to learn from that friend.

  • Dhananjay Deshpande

    bravo brother. plz keep it up

  • Deep Roy

    All of Sanatan books say truth….but problem is that our science believe that we are superior…..but actually in ancient times, their technology was far far far advance that us….so let's believe that…..hare Krishna

  • lily 714

    That's probably where "modern" scientists obtained the knowledge. Hitler was known to make many visits trying to obtain ancient knowledge.

  • lily 714

    I think ancient man was much more advanced.

  • 新Shrivatsa

    British deliberately destroyed details, and stole our everything, including Vimana, spacesuits.

  • 新Shrivatsa

    3:27 could you photograph/make video of trimurti and stargate that's above them, as well as stargate from below, I believe under stargate is cymatics, frequency.

  • 新Shrivatsa

    Now compare what they left for safekeeping on temples for future generations, which were white and westwashed, stolen, exploited, destroyed facts, to Nasa's 'golden record' for supposed aliens, and some primitive aliens finding it, then after creating everything, destroying any traces of golden records, then calling everything their own original.

  • Mousree Majumder

    I am v interested in our country 's rich mythology n historical ruins n ur videos r making me more intrigued

  • 新Shrivatsa

    Even devas need spacesuit to survive, does that mean they're mortals in pure aryan human body, but below brahman, not even turiya? While Vishnu was not? Maybe that's why they destroyed Vishnu's face, so that to hide how vishnu can live in his loka without wearing spacesuit in face.

  • Uma Rama Krishna Anaparthi

    My namaskarams to you sir for your great journey

  • tharrison004

    If it has to do with Aliens,these Mainstream Archaeologist and Scientist will always deny it,this is the biggest coverup in our history.

  • tiger drum

    They couldn't make screens and memory cards to save that..
    No logic..
    Imagination is not science..

  • 新Shrivatsa

    this along with deliberately defaced arjuna holding bow (being both arrow bow and handheld missile launcher) and missiles, fighting demonic looking nivata kavachas? need to be featured on ancient aliens, both are significant evidence of ripoff, robbery, plagrism of divine technology by east India company.

  • iwantthetruth andnothingbut

    Astronauts… Well that's just beyond stupid. What it does look like to me anyways, is that these are prisoners I …

  • haritha das.u

    If that destroyed carving is vishnu & if these are devas reached in vishnuloka, then some says that vishnuloka is somewhere in deep sea.
    Then could it be deep sea divers in ancient times???
    Don't both Astronauts & divers need mask for survival???
    Or devas are those creatures/ aliens who can survive without oxygen???

  • Ramprasanth Anthikad

    You asked same question which I was trying to figure out. How our epics are telling about parallel universe. Which means they might have experienced when they try to go away from the planet. With out an experimental work, it is not possible. Also to experience parallel universe, requires a speed faster than light.

  • Rajendra Rao

    Our puranas & Vedic do not lie & so do the great technological carvings in our temples which are proof of such technology advancement thousands or even millions of years back..though today's technology is not at all presice in dating the exact time of our historical temples were built & nor even able to decipher the codes of the carvings & meaningful analysis because most of the carvings are looted plundered or destroyed by foreigin ennvaders, it not just about our country prevails all over the world..🙏

  • channel 408

    Seems to me, the hands of the characters,in helmets,are bound, and they are pleading for their lives.

  • Sharma Anubhav

    Yes.. Aliens was our Insecstor…. And they are present on earth till now… Governments are hidding it frm people…

  • Antonio Favaretti

    ….la follia coloniale degli invasori inglesi ha sempre cercato di nascondere la verita' con la distruzione delle sculture in molti templi indiani …e in tutto il mondo. Grazie Praveen

  • Adam does gaming 100

    they were not expecting the worid to be reset the world is not what we think a taught for ye we should all be rich the masses should be haven a abundent life since i come from a long genaration of faters so where is all the money why is there so many poor people for the world to be so old we all should be rich plus where is all our gold that has been mined since time began gone the banks dont have the masses of gold we should have if you want prove to these questions dont hesatate to ask

  • Adam does gaming 100

    they are oxagen tanks

  • Kerylorbs Multidimensional

    Excellent! Oh yes, we have lower technology than the ones here previously, I believe. Homo sapiens biggest flaw is their egos.

  • Sneha Samant

    Where is this temple in India? Please answer

  • sachin Singh

    They wareing cloths in winter

  • Varunyadav 1695

    You are really super

  • vivek sai

    Look at their feet man

  • vivek sai

    Every god is man made and fictional. You are trying to manipulate your followers by showing the carvings. If something you carved on a stone, it doesn't need to be true.

  • Rocky

    Your research is incredible..
    But the question is…what has happened to Sanatana Dharma… Why it's being dominated by other Religions now… When in the past Sanatana Dharma was Superior and Supreme…

  • explosivefreak666

    I subscribed today to this marvelous channel.! Mr.Praveen has showed me some of India's ancient treasures, I Néver even heard of nor seen them.! Why aren't we being thought about this in school.?? Lot's of these vids contain structures that are véry recognisable as mechanical or tech. tools. And the perfection & beauty of some tempels are just impossible to do with primitive, crude tools. I am a firm believer that the flesh & blood Gods of ancient India did create all this with machinery, far superiour of what we have today. The reason why : Some things we can impossible recreate éven today with our modern equipment.!!Thanx Mr.Praveen for letting the world see these wonders of old times. it(s unbelieveble that no serious studies are conducted by our "scientists", instead of covering it up, OR telling bullshit storys about these artefacts.!!Please keep up your vids, and show us more of these beautifull tempels, buildings, ànd ancient machine workplaces, singing rocks, and other wonders India has to offer.!!Thank you Mr.Praveen… And may the Gods watch over you and your great channel.!

  • Virginia Bradley

    I believe they are real.

  • TheGreensticker

    astronauts or neck and hand cuffed prisoners?

  • Ramamurthy kumara raja

    Nice one

  • AngelsTravels

    Thanks to you I've learned so much about your beautiful culture and history. Your intelligence, open-mindedness and objectivity add so much professionalism and interest to your videos.
    The "gear" on these fellows reminds me of the historic South American ball game players; they wore cusioned helmets and cusions wrapped around certain areas of the body. The sculpted fellows also sort of look like wrestlers wearing protective gear. Did they have such sports in ancient history in this area?
    India's rich history holds so many intriguing mysteries, your videos are absolutely riveting.

  • Piotr Jerominow

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  • Piotr Jerominow

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    Ancient somethings.

  • Adilio Peregrino

    Maybe it was only a kind of hat.

  • Ravi K

    Vishnu is not in sea. It is paal kadal(milk sea)that is milky way.

  • Suresh Kumar

    It clearly shows advance civilization existed 1000's of years ego.
    We are just recreating old invention once again

  • Ajay Krishna Chaitanya Bokkisam

    very very great bro started watching your channel recently but very inspiring TQ a lot at least few persons are trying to save our culture and history. Really appreciate brother

  • Rhiannon Podlewski

    We r super awesome with an incredible past.
    Sad we are kept from the truth of things. We have a right to know!

    Thank u Praveen for bringing this info to us all 🙂 keep up ur amazing work!

  • raghu raghavendra

    I think they are underwater divers who travelled from the lost city of dwarka(atlantis) submerged underwater to reach their creator vishnu. As the helmet, pipes and things on their back ressembles the modern day

  • PP Capture

    It's seems like great bandage maybe they injured in the war…

  • sanjay azad

    Very good work n the time n your money u spend to reveal these facts that is unacceptable to modern scientists but they can't deny ..

  • sanjay azad

    Plz give me a wtsapp msg i wanna talk to u about some temples here in my city jammu ,, u will find it interesting

  • sanjay azad

    Historians just dont want to accept the facts

  • Жамат Смаков

    Protective helmet, as the rest of the body is not protected. Head and hole protection (mouth, ears, nose, eyes).

    “Although cyanides are a deadly poison for humans, scientists have found that their presence in meteorite matter can help to better understand the origin of life on our planet. The new study indicates that meteorites containing iron (Fe), cyanides (MeCN) and carbon monoxide (CO, another deadly substance for humans) could have contributed to the origin and development of life on our planet. Cyanides, in particular, could play a key role in the birth of life, NASA said in a statement, since these compounds are involved in the synthesis of amino acids and nucleic bases, the "building blocks" of proteins and nucleic acids on which biological life is based. "

    When churning the ocean, Calakuta poison, similar to cyanide, occurred

    The scene can be called Request to Shiva, Nilokant. Or the division of Mohini nectar

    “Fish, sharks, turtles and snakes living in the ocean were alarmed and frightened. The ocean was raging, and all of its major inhabitants — whales, elephant seals, crocodiles, and timings — [giant whales able to swallow an ordinary whale] —to surface. From such churning from the depths of the ocean first rose deadly poison – halahala.

    O king, when the poison began to spread in all directions and no one could prevent it, the demigods, headed by the Supreme Lord Himself, turned to Lord Shiva (Sadashiva). In a strong fright, not knowing how to be saved, they began to seek his protection.

    The demigods found Lord Shiva on top of Mount Kailash, where he, caring for the welfare of all three worlds, sat with his wife Bhavani. He was worshiped by great saints, eager for liberation. The demigods bowed before Lord Shiva and with great reverence offered prayers to him.

    Prajapati said: O greatest of the demigods, Mahadev, the Supersoul of all living beings, the source of their happiness and prosperity. We have come to take refuge at your lotus feet. We ask you to save us from the burning poison that is now spreading over all three worlds.

    When it comes time to destroy the universe, sparks and flames escaping from your eyes, turn the whole world into dust. But you do not even think about how this happens. In this case, what should you do to upset the yagyu conducted by Daksha, incinerate Tripurasura, or swallow poison kalakutu? Such acts cannot even be mentioned in the prayers addressed to you.

    Srila Sukadeva Gosvami continued: Lord Siva invariably wishes well to all beings. When he saw that the inhabitants of the universe were alarmed by the poison that had spread everywhere, he was filled with deep compassion and turned to his eternal consort Sati.

    Lord Shiva said: Dear Bhavani, look at the dangers of all living things because of the poison that appeared during the churning of the Milky Ocean.

    I am obliged to protect all who fight in this world for existence. Protecting suffering subjects – an indispensable duty of the lord.

    O Bhavani, my beloved wife! Anyone who acts for the good of others is a great pleasure to the Supreme Lord Hari. And when the Lord is pleased, I am pleased, and all other living beings. Let me drink this poison to make happy the inhabitants of the universe.

    Srila Sukadeva Gosvami continued: After saying this to his spouse Bhavani, Lord Siva began to drink poison, and she, knowing the power of Lord Siva perfectly, did not hinder him.

    Then Lord Shiva, full of compassion for all and always ready to act for the good of the world, gathered all the poison into his hand and drank it.

    The poison born from the Milky Ocean, as if in retaliation for insult, showed its strength and left a blue streak around Lord Siva's neck. However, now this band is considered an ornament of the Lord.

    It is said that great people almost always voluntarily accept suffering, knowing the suffering that others experience. This is the highest form of worship of the Supreme Lord, who is in everyone’s heart.

    Hearing what had happened, everyone — both Bhavani [daughter of Maharaja Daksha], and Lord Brahma with Lord Vishnu, and the others — praised Lord Siva, who is worshiped by the demigods and who bestows blessings on the inhabitants of the whole world.

    When Lord Shiva drank poison, a few drops spilled from his palm, and therefore scorpions, cobras, as well as other poisonous creatures and plants took the opportunity and drank the rest of the poison. (Srimad Bhagavatam 18-21,32,36-38, 40-46).

  • Manav Talwar

    Hey Praveen, i have started following you very recently. Your work is just stupendous. i want to make just a little observation on your video. in your description you said that the men sitting by the side of Lord Vishnu are astronauts. But my observation is that, as we all know that Lord Vishnu resides in Ksheer Sagar i.e. it is a place where Lord Vishnu resides along with Lakshmi which is under water in an ocean, so is it possible that these men sitting on there knees are actually wearing Diving Helmets while they are in front of the Supreme Lord?? Kindly reply to my observation..

  • Anibal apunte

    I hope to time travel someday and find the answers to these mistletoes

  • Joe

    Astrology mythology 3:20

  • Marie-laure Girard

    Thanks 😊

  • Reality Fake

    Nijamga Meeru devullura


    This carving says “ and In the future there will be a great hoax saying man will be on the moon And everyone will accept it “
    This is just my theory haha
    Can I prove this ?
    But actually is not the first time I see astronauts carving in stone in Egypt as well

  • Upendra Dusa

    I am a huge fan of your videos but I totally disagree with this one. And this is very misleading. Those look like headdresses and not helmets. Ancients Indian men had long hair and tied it up like buns like women did but to a side. We can see this in Kerala even today where many Hindu priests have their hair tied up as buns. And that wire like things, to me is just a cloth wrapped around the neck where it’s the tail of a turban ( peta in Karnataka ) or pagdi. Because if you see the guy standing and doing namaaskar, his waist has the same wire like thing and that’s nothing but the cloth tied tight around waist.

  • zizoboy heaven

    the artist who carved those people can he not carve thiere space ship first ..because that would be more interesting ..but thiere suites do look like helmets .. how ever i see 2 bodyguards so now it indicate that they were prisoners .. just saying .😎

  • Maira Kurmanova


  • prashant sharma


  • Shridhar Vijapur

    Praveen, Please come to Bagalkot district, Karnataka to explore UNESCO sites

  • india94thcorrupt

    I felt a chill up my spine …..

  • Vishal Shukla

    Western invaders damaged our precious past very badly. I appreciate your work. Keep it up please.

  • Situ Gurung

    I think they already decod and hiding from us…it's look like our ast are begging or praying God …
    And the interesting thing was it's looks like someone is taking pictures of that events…

  • nikki nikki

    I think they are under water with oxygen tank back side because lord lives under water

  • Senthilnathan Ganesan

    Mohan I think the ancient texts explaining space travel and stone cutting and other ancient technologies and medicines are stolen and translated and used by modern powerful groups. That's why you see the resemblance in all your findings. I strongly believe that the ancient texts are still alive and used

  • amalangigkn

    The Gods had extraordinary powers and didn't need space suits to traverse the space,otherwise it would have been seen in other carvings also.Also,their bodies eem to be open.I think,they are just normal humans wearing something like Dupatta around their heads.

  • isy david

    I have a different view of these now, all culturs of the world show that there were giants, half Animal half Human. ext ( E.T)

    but what if there was really , There was E.T on this world and we humans were only primitive slaves or even food for this bizarr Animals ? you see allways these giants and creatures were worshiped by humans. just like slaves do.

    did we humans manage to free our self? and destroy all the Gods and the knowledge that it wont happen again.?

    was it a blessing these gods dont live any more ?
    this would explain why this culture vanished without trace in a short time.

  • anurag bhargava

    Great si.,Puranas are full of ancient inventions symbolising the prevalent technologies in those times.Thanks

  • Brian Barcus

    Another insightful video Praveen – thank you for sharing. I enjoy all of your videos greatly. You make me want to book a flight immediately to India (from America) to see all of the amazing sites in your videos.

  • Enrico Gamboa

    Please get your dates correct. 900 years seems too young for that Temple. That Temple has to be much, much older than just 900 years. Carbon dating will help, maybe?

  • Deepak Anthoni

    Dear Praveen Mohan,
    Have become your fan.
    Really Love your perception and observations.
    It's make me enthusiastic to know more about you like
    Future aims in archeology in India
    Training new generations/ people interested in such works.
    Any financial help you might be expecting from Government or institutions/public.
    Some questions might be personal, if so, plz email me.

    I would really appreciate if you take your research/discovery to next level. With all the current techs available around the world.

  • Tony C Stark

    A lot of black american's like to claim is them on all the statues and its them who built all of these amazing thing's. I think It's all the asian's. They are the creator's, and our God is Asian.

  • NAPAVOL Chandranand Ravi

    From the other side it seems like a prophecy sculptured thousands of years ago for today s man.. travelling in space n meetng Lord Vishnu n Ma Luxmee… 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Because of your videos n knowledge. .now am really inspired to visit ancient temples 👍💖

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    That are not helmets that are Rishes and munis have dhadis begging board vishnu


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