Andamios Atlas: Huge savings with our electrostatic Nanogun spray gun | SAMES KREMLIN

My name is Carlos Raul Carrizales Raya. I’m the production Manager of Andamios Atlas factory. Those are equipment that really helped us a lot in saving paint paint and which proved to be very easy to handle for our painters. The Electrostatic Nanogun has been very good since it was installed and the technical support were very good. They explained us all functionalities since the installation, all the manipulation and how to use the equipment! They gave us instruction manuals and tips and tricks to improve the use of the equipment and how to keep it in the best conditions! We began with a new project and we noted 40% of savings in production time and paint consumption! We have had very significant paint savings and we realized the real benefit of SAMES KREMLIN equipment to achieve those savings!

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